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Decided to check this out. It was pretty decent for the most part.   I was happy to see Shannon win it all after gambling on the Stylist because it certainly wouldn't have been a great first

don't think anyone will care if it's in here   I'm excited for both shows this week

6 hours ago, FunkyFrankie said:

This show is part of The Masked Singer?! 😮

from the article on Deadline about the show/producer



", and his current plans for spin-offs, including The Masked Dancer and I Can See Your Voice.

DEADLINE: The Masked Singer has become a pop cult" 

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Just now, taylorkat said:

I said yes first, then thought no.  I was right with my first guess.

I wasn't sure, Nick got it right too didn't he?

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so this format is different than the korean one, first round was only between 3 of the contestants, the SK one it's all 6

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Just now, Teraginn said:

I like how in all versions of this show, the suspects are told to stand their as emotionless as possible as the panelists talk over them. 

lol that must be the hardest part

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