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I Can See Your Voice US FOX Wed 8pm

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Ugh, I had a feeling Broadway Belter was a good singer and would've went for it; however, walking away with $20,000 is absolutely nothing to sneeze at. As for the rest, I was right about Poet, Singer/Songwriter, and Harpist but off on Boxer and Surfer. Overall, four out of six were good singers; at least she got rid of the bad ones early.


Hopefully @miss denise will enjoy the duet when she watches it. 😊

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The contestant did so much better than the last two! The Jesse effect. :giggle: 


It's a shame she didn't go for the money in the end, but I obviously understand why. At least she got to keep her earnings. ❤️ Broadway Belter was so good! Yayy for singing with Jesse. :wub: SO HAPPY HE WAS ON THE SHOW! :wub:  His smile lit it up. :wub: 


Also, Poet had me SCREAMING. :dead:  And this moment at the end when the judges gave their final thoughts: "Yvette." "No, not participating." "Yvette. Yvette."  :dead:

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On 11/11/2020 at 10:06 PM, Teraginn said:

I've known about Eric, aka Broadway Belter, for a while now. Discovered his Broadway showcase videos years ago and I always thought he was very good and underrated. Glad he got on this show, hopefully he'll get more attention now.





Wow, he is good. 😮

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On 11/15/2020 at 3:48 PM, FunkyFrankie said:

I thought about you when he was on. Lol


Thanks. :haha: 


19 hours ago, thevoicefan12 said:

Prediction: Queen Of Goth, Flower Child, Dr. Jazz are good singers


Ooh. :shiftywave:  I personally have no idea, but am getting bad singer vibes from Tennis Champ and Taekwondo Instructor... for no reason at all. :lmao:  We'll see. 

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34 minutes ago, istersay said:

amazing, I hope he gets more recognition from the performance




:yes: That would be great. If the response in this thread is any indication, people are very interested in him now. :haha: 


"As you've never seen before"? 😮  Ken singing. 😮 :dead: 

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