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Can we get Craig on the US show immediately?

I had a feeling they wouldn't stay on YouTube for long.  I was surprised the first 2 episodes stayed up long enough for all of us watch them.     I finally found a place to watch the episode

5 hours ago, Elliott said:

Someone please tell me when Dami gets eliminated because I’m still bitter over her beating Taylor Henderson. 🙂 

I'm also bitter about that too, but she is the weakest female contestant, so who knows...

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Only seen Dami's dance from Week 2 so far. 


She was terrible, the dancing was very pedestrian, so I sadly agree with Craig's score. I'm kinda surprised as usually the young singer contestants are usually decent movers and often have a bit of dance experience. Cha Cha Cha seems like a good dance for someone like her.


I do think that she and her partner are mismatched size-wise, he is tiny. Doesn't make them a good couple to watch.

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Putting comments in spoiler for those who haven't watched:

Claudia & Aric - Salsa - This was as a tribute to Claudia’s friend who passed away a couple of years ago. She said in the package that she and her friend had done some social Salsa in the past, so I was a bit surprised at her routine. She handled the lifts and complex moves well, but some of it felt stiff, lacklustre and the movements seemed a bit timid. CRH seemed agree - he said that it lacked fluidity. Not too bad for Week 2 though.

Judges’ scores were 5,7,7 = 19. My score: 4


Christian & Lily - Cha-cha-cha - Did not like this choreo, too much wasting time and too much Disco for a Cha Cha. Christian can dance but he is very tall with long legs and his movements can look a but awkward as a result. Found him and his comments after the dance to be quite off-putting. CRH claimed that it was like “watching a bad drag act”, only to be promptly shut down by Sharna. I feel that they could do with watching some videos of a successful tall male contestant such as Milo or Calvin Johnson to see how to improve.

Judges’ scores were 3,6,6 = 15. My score: 3


Ed & Jorja - Viennese Waltz - My connection was kinda patchy for this dance so I may have missed some things but I think that Ed is mismatched with this style of dance, too serious for his personality. Technically abysmal - awful and robotic rise and fall (too much of it), looked off-time, bizarre legwork (thought the bottom half of his legs were going to snap off from the way he was moving), I feared for Jorja’s life during the lift, there was no flow, no elegance, terrible posture, it was aggressive (like watching Allison Holker’s attempts at ballroom again!), he seemed to be rushing certain steps. Could go on.

Judges’ scores were 2,4,4 = 10. My score: 1


Dean & Alexandra - Tango -  Bad footwork, awful posture, stompy, rushed (just like Ed), heavy movement and full of gapping. However, the one positive is that he did sell the dance and got into the characterisation. At least he improved a bit after his bizarre Cha Cha last week before he ended up going home.

Judges’ scores were 3,4,5 = 12 . My score: 2


Dami & Shae - Cha Cha Cha - I was expecting her to be great at dancing, especially with the Cha Cha so this was disappointing. Stiff, clunky, stompy, pedestrian, the Cha Cha walk was non-existent. There was a lift which isn’t allowed in Cha Cha. I also think that she and Shae are mismatched size-wise, she isn’t large (although fairly long legs) but he is just so small that they look awkward together and I think that this exposes her lack of technique more.

Judges’ scores were 2,4,4 = 10. My score: 2


Beau & Megan - Foxtrot - First comedy VT alert! A trip to an iFly skydiving simulator for Beau to get the idea of glide. No idea why the judges rated this highly. Not catastrophically bad like Ed (and to an extent, Dean) and he did OK with the choreo (not enough content though) but no sense of elegance at all, still very stiff, forced and robotic movements.

Judges’ scores were 5,5,6 = 16. My score: 3


Not seen the other dances yet, my connection cut out. All I can say so far is #TallMenProblems - the men all seem to struggle as a result of their height (Christian is OK but the others are awful). 

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Finally got around to watching the Week 2 show, so some thoughts.




Claudia & Aric - Salsa: Not too fond of Claudia getting two Party Latins for her first two dances, especially when I feel she could improve on these styles later on the season. Aww Claudia’s story of her close friend that she did Salsa dancing classes with that passed away 2 years ago was really sad. :( This was a really ambitious, fast and fun routine from them. Great choreo from Aric here. Claudia danced this very well and brought lots of fire, rhythm and energy to the dance. I thought she had some good hip action in there. There were some good lifts in there although one of the landings of the lifts seemed a bit shaky. I can see the comments about her posture not being right as she looked a bit hunched over and hmm Craig saying some of her foot placements were random whig I didn’t really get. Craig’s 5 was too harsh so I agree with the 7s from Sharna & Tristan.


Christian & Lily - Cha-Cha: This was a fun routine and Christian definitely felt more in his element in this dance. He had a lot of fun and looked like e was having a blast - especially with his excitement of dancing to Kylie. Omgg his comments of “giving the gays everything they wanted and then wanting to dance in gold hot pants but was struggling with the straight white male viewership” and all of those comments.” :lmao:  Okay I did think Christian had fun here but I did feel some parts seemed a bit too bumpy and lacking rhythm and hip action. He does have those long limbs and didn’t really control those that well here but that’s something he can work on in the future. I guess it lacked power. I did think he did decently with the partnering and connecting with Lily. Craig’s 3 was way too harsh of course, but i was stuck between a 5 and 6 here.


Ed & Jorja - Viennese Waltz: And pretty much like Claudia, I’m not a fan of Ed getting two ballroom dances for his first two dances but oh well. Samuel Johnson telling Ed “you were much stronger than I was in my first week.” Why you out here lying Samuel? 😘 LOL Ed’s “Jorja will be dancing the Viennese Waltz, and I’ll be standing in close proximity.” :dead: With how funny Ed is, it’s funny how they’ve given him an intense and dramatic VW, which does not suit him. This definitely reminded me of a not as good version of Danny/Oti’s VW with the drama, intensity and the song choice. I give Ed for getting into that intense character and not being so extra with the facials - but the dance was tough to watch. He had a terrible frame with bad hunched over posture. And his dancing  and footwork was really rough and aggressive - I know the song called for it but it didn’t have that elegance and smoothness needed for the dance. I did feel the dance was too dark, intense and like Sharna said it did look like Ed got too intense where it looked like he was gonna kill Jorja. :fear: I do like Ed as a person and hope he can improve on his dancing. Looking forward to seeing how he does with Latin but don’t have too much hope for him there. 


Dean & Alexandra - Tango: Ooh I liked that they used “Teeth” for a Tango as I imagine that song/dance combo, but…. I wish it could have gone to someone better. :lmao: Good thing for Dean, this dance was an improvement from his Cha-Cha for sure. Sadly, it still wasn’t good. He had bad bent and hunched over posture and the frame didn’t look too good and thee was such a lack of body contact. On the plus side, he didn’t do a bad job performing and getting into the character. OMGG I was wondering and thinking Craig would have given his Cha-Cha a 1 last week and he confirmed that with his judging. :haha: So Dean lucked out as he would have gotten an 8 instead of an 11. Not too good but at least he made an improvement. 


Dami & Shae - Cha-Cha: Aww I can’t help but find Dami adorable in  her intro videos with being so shy about being sexy. :haha: But oooff, poor Dami….this Cha-Cha was really rough and awkward. She was definitely quite stiff and lacked hip action and her footwork and steps seemed stifled and stiff. I do think she tried having fun in there but she also seemed timid - and yeah I can get the dancing by numbers thing and it seemed very walky.


Beau & Megan - Foxtrot: Uhh OMGG this version of “Sign of the Times” was terrible and distracted me SO much. Yikes, soo bad. :dead: As for Beau, he definitely improved more with the Foxtrot. I feel he has some potential, but there’s something about him that is really tame and little in his movements - he still needs to do some more exaggeration and showcase extensions. Wow Sharna said it ith how he needs to take bigger steps and how his small steps/dancing makes it look like he’s under dancing. It felt like that here again. But this worked better with the Foxtrot and his ~under performing works with this style. His frame seemed decent. This is another dance that is about a 5/6 range, so the 16 was fair.


Chloe & Gustavo - Charleston: Ooh wow Chloe pretty much nails this Charleston. She was soo OTT and animated with the facial expressions but she sold it perfectly well and was having so much fun with this dance. Her dancing was really great an on point and they were so perfectly in sync together. I do see what Tristan meant about the dance being a little too cautious in parts and some parts could have been more ambitious. Chloe’s technique was strong and really good - and yeah she nailed the dancing and characterization. Well done to her getting Craig’s first Fab-u-lous too! I’m shook Tristan gave the lowest score.


Angie & Julian - Tango: A definite nice improvement from Angie with this Tango. Her VT was showing how she couldn’t get into character at all but she did that quite well in this Tango. I did like the Ice Queen theme and character she had here. She did bring the character and passion well into the dance and had good sharp footwork and attack, although some parts did seem a bit walk in the steps and her shoulders in her frame is still a bit of an issue but still improved. 


Travis & Violeta - Cha-Cha: Well dang, last week I was singing Travis’ praises with his VW last week and thinking he had a lot of potential but then…. this Cha-Cha happened. :dead: And it’s a completely different story but for the worse. Maybe Travis is a ballroom boy and will struggle with the Latin. Eek Traivis was really stiff in this Cha-Cha and his performing was very timid and low-key that even tat couldn’t brin g his dance up. He was very stiff, pedestrian and seemed very concentrated on trying to get the steps right and didn’t seem to be having fun while performing the dance. He was also off timing. Violeta was smokin’ hot once again. I’m hoping this dance was a fluke and he does better next time.


Celia & Jarryd - Foxtrot: LOL Celia’s comments on the Foxtrot being her favorite dance as she doesn’t have to make eye contact or have to do hip action. :lmao: And dangg Celia comes out really surprising me once again and slaying it with this Foxtrot. Wow Celia was quite a hot foxy lady in this dance. She brought the sass and attitude to the character here and se was so smooth and graceful while dancing in hold. She had a good frame and very good footwork. She was good on the side by side sections and that ending was quite hot. I love how she can be this quirky awkward person but really turns it out on the dance floor. :omg:



  1. Celia & Jarryd - Foxtrot
  2. Chloe & Gustavo - Charleston
  3. Claudia & Aric - Salsa
  4. Angie & Julian - Tango
  5. Christian & Lily - Cha-Cha
  6. Beau & Megan - Foxtrot
  7. Dean & Alexandra - Tango
  8. Ed & Jorja - Viennese Waltz
  9. Dami & Shae - Cha-Cha
  10. Travis & Violeta - Cha-Cha

(I would say 5/6 are interchangeable)


Ooh, I didn’t expect the Judges Save to happen with the Bottom 2. Oh wow. 😮 So Dean & Alex and Ed & Jora was the Bottom 2, which I think was fair based on the two weeks of combined dances. Dean did improve more than Ed this week but I think Ed has moore overall potential, so I am glad all of the judges saved Ed as I would rather see more of him. I wasn’t a fan of Dean but I respect the improvement he made this week.

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Scores + Thoughts on them.


Chloe & Gustavo - Contemporary: 7/9/8 = 24

Claudia & Aric - Quickstep: 7/8/8/ = 23

Beau & Megan - Contemporary: 6/8/7 = 21

Travis & Violeta - Paso Doble: 4/6/5 = 15

Angie & Julian - Foxtrot: 3/5/6 = 14

Christian & Lily - Foxtrot: 7/7/7 = 21

Dami & Shae - Contemporary: 8/9/7 = 24

Celia & Jarryd - Samba: 4/6/6 = 16

Ed & Jorja - Jive: 6/7/6 = 19




Super happy to see Dami take a big improvement in scores like that - +14. I was not expecting that. Happy Chloe and Claudia are continuing being strong an doing well. Happy to see Beau and Christian making nice improvements. Thinking Christian will be the best guy even though this is the weakest group of guys in a DWTS/SCD show this year - in the sense of no really solid/great male dancer yet.

  I do want to see Beau and Dami prove themselves outside of Contemporary. Sad Celia took a big dip but not too surprised it happened with the Samba. Really surprised Ed scored so well on a Latin - but then again a Jive suits his personality.


I guess The Bachelor fanbase isn’t really strong in Australia. I remember one of their Bachelors was a second boot, I think - and now the same applies to Angie. Based on her scores this week, seems like a fair decision - although Angie and Travis seems like a toss-up decision. Sharna and Craig saved Travis while Tristan saved Angie.

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Finally got around to watching the Week 3 episode!


WEEK 3 Most Memorable Year Thoughts


Chloe & Gustavo - Contemporary: Chloe’s most memorable year was 2019 which was the year she decided to believe in herself. Aww Chloe taking about her mother’s cancer battle and how hard that was on them both. Aww Olivia’s comments in the intro video and Chloe’s to Olivia were all so touching. :’( This was a really beautiful and touching routine. I felt this dance had a lot of freeness and letting it go’ness feel to it. Chloe’s dancing was very elegant, seamless and fluid. I do think the dance was a bit too heavy on the lifts and I would have liked some more side by side moments but the dance was lovely with good storytelling and connection between them. Her technique was really strong. Ooh yikes, she had a rib injury while doing the dance? She still did a wonderful job.


Claudia & Aric - Quickstep: Claudia’s most memorable year was 2018 where her brother experienced a positive change from his schizophrenia. Aww her story of how this was really terrible for him, so aww glad he’s better now. It’s weird seeing a Quickstep on MMY night but i like seeing a happy dance this week as it changes the mood (in a good way) for a bit. I thought this was a really cute and adorable dance. It was nice seeing this happy feel good side from Claudia which came off so natural for her. The actual Quickstep was pretty good for the most part. There were some parts she seemed a bit loose in her frame and out of sync with the footwork. I get the raised shoulders and lack of body contact too. The performance/storytelling was stronger tun the technique. I think with more practice time, this could have been even better. Shockingly, I agree with Craig’s 7 over the other judges 8’s.


Beau & Megan - Contemporary: Beau’s most memorable year was 2012 when he married his wife. Aww they had a cute love story of when they met as teenagers and ooo I love “Show Me Love.” Interesting hearing a different version of this. This Contemporary also had more of an uplifting positive approach and feel to it. This was definitely Beau’s best dance so far. I felt he was much more expressive in his movements and his facial expressions/performance. I know he gave it his all in the past but in those other dances, it didn’t show but it showed here. He’s still not a proper technical dancer and his movements does show he’s still a beginner but he did well for being a beginner. I do think and get how the dance lacked fluidity and flow. Oooh and lol that move of them throwing out the confetti at the back of the stage reminded me of Karim’s Showdance. Obviously I’m not saying Beau’s dance was as good as that one. But this dance had a nice and sweet feel to it.


Travis & Violeta - Paso Doble: Travis’ most memorable year was 2010 where his team won the AFL Grand final. Well the Paso Doble is definitely a better dance for Travis over the Cha-Cha. omgg that loud thumping/banging music at the start where it got really loud scared me. :Dead: I do love “It’s My Life” so yayy for that song choice. Even though this Paso was better than his Cha-Cha, I do think this could have been stronger. He’s a strong, masculine and looks the part of the dance - but I did feel he was quite wooden and stiff with his partnering dancing and kinda like dancing by numbers. He did have an unsureness on his performance quality on those parts too. The part where he took Violeta’s dress of and did the cape work was quite good and definitely the best part from him. Like the judges said, there was a lack of shaping and spanish lines in there. Violeta in that outfit is wow though. :omg: Lol these judges giving al different scores yet I find myself agreeing with Tristan who middles out the scoring, haha.


Angie & Julian - Viennese Waltz: Angie’s most memorable year was 2018 when she lost her grandmother. :( Aww her dancing to “Unforgettable,” which was a song they played at her grandmother’s funeral. :broken: The sentiment and emotion of the dance was really nice, sweet and touching. I did feel the dance was lacking in grace and fluidity - like it kinda had a stop-and-go feel to it rather tan flowing through each movement and her frame wasn’t too great. Emotionally and story-wise, it was nice although technically it wasn’t too great. :( Wow Tristan said everything i felt here. Aww her losing her puppy the same year too. I do think it’s kinda annoying she got 3 ballroom dances in a row with no Latins.


Christian & Lily - Foxtrot: Christian’s most memorable year was 2004 where he went to DisneyLand. Ooh wow this standouts and is so different from all of the other MMY themes, but then it tied in with his story of wanting to be the Princess of wearing dresses and embracing his feminine side. So with that, that does tie in with his life story. This was definitely Christian’s best dance so far. Although I did feel this dance had some really good and some awkward moments. He danced and moved with a great sense of grace and elegance and had nice lines and flow in his movements. And aww he was really so happy and living his life, having a blast on the dance. I did think his frame and hold looked awkward, as he was kinda bending down and it made his posture look weird on parts. Aww his father crying after his dance was very sweet.


Dami & Shae - Contemporary: Dami’s most memorable year was 2013 when she auditioned and won The X Factor Australia. Oh and she chose “Hero” as that was the first song she sang on XFAU, for her audition. Aww nice to see her FaceTiming with her XF mentor, Dannii Minogue. But whoa…. who is this Dami that dance this dance and where has se been hiding? :omg: This was by far her best dance and Contemporary suited her wonderfully. She was very free, fluid and expressive in her movements and she definitely emoted that dance with a lot of heartfelt and vulnerable emotion. She clearly loves the song and connected so well with it. She showed off really good technique too. I am proud of her for achieving this dance and hoping she can do well with her future Ballroom and Latin dances.


Celia & Jarryd - Samba: Celia’s most memorable year was 2002 where her mother showed her what being an independent woman is about. That was also when Celia learned to fly a plane. Oooh nice that Celia is dancing to “Independent Woman” although I’m scared for her dancing a Samba. Okayy I see Celia channeling her inner Beyoncé with that outfit. I give her credit for trying that…. but it didn’t really work for her for me here. She did try her hardest ut she did seem uncomfortable and awkward and not like 100% into the character. The Samba is a hard and challenging dance….. again she tried but I think it was wayy too much and difficult for her to master. She had a lot of messy technique and messy moments in this and it did lack the Samba bounce. I also agree with Sharna, that something felt missing from her in this performance - compared to her past ones where she owned the characters.


Ed & Jorja - Jive: Ed’s most memorable year was 2006 where his career in radio and entertainment blossomed. It’s nice to see Ed doing a Latin dance, and lol I thought his Latin would be worse than his ballroom and i had #lowstandards here but this ended up being his best dance. Ed is a funny guy with a ig personality, so a I’ve would suit his personaltiy. Omg his facial expressions are SOO extra, it’s hilarious. It’s so hard to keep him seriously wit those facials. :lmao: OK I did think this dance had a wildness and lack of refinement in it - like eh would be a little forceful in the partnering sections. But he had some good wow moments like were he flipped and lifted Jorja and his side by side kicks & flicks were sharp and really good. This was the first time where I felt he was really having fun and enjoying himself. Very nice improvement from Ed.




  1. Chloe & Gustavo - Contemporary
  2. Dami & Shae - Contemporary
  3. Claudia & Aric - Quickstep
  4. Christian & Lily - Foxtrot
  5. Beau & Megan - Contemporary
  6. Ed & Jorja - Jive
  7. Celia & Jarryd - Samba
  8. Travis & Violeta - Paso Doble
  9. Angie & Julian - Viennese Waltz


So the Bottom 2 was Travis & Violeta and Angie & Julian. I do think this decision is a toss-up with Sharna saving Travis, Tristan saving Angie and Craig breaking the tie of saving Travis. I’m mixed on this because I liked Travis more on Week 1, Angie more on Week 2 and then…. pretty much a tie on Week 3. I think Angie probably has more potential although if Travis does another ballroom, he could have more untapped potential there. So hmm. I am annoyed we never got to see a Latin dance from Angie though.

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Week 4 Latin Night Review:


Loved the opening Argentine Tango group routine number that featured Sharna. That was a really hot dance! 


Beau & Megan - Salsa: Wow Beau’s schedule is really crazy with how he’s doing while still doing DWTS. Beau’s Salsa had a fun African safari feel to it. It definitely had a fun hot feel to it to kick off the show and get the true Latin night. I do think Beau did an impressive job with the lifts and he did perform and looked like he was having fun with this Salsa. But he was also quite stiff and lacking the rhythm, hip action and freeness of movements that was needed for the Salsa. I think if he had more time to practice, it could have been stronger. Not as good as his Contemporary but probably his better of the Latin/ballroom dances.


Ed & Jorja - Paso Doble: Lol Jorja’s comments to Ed on trying to make this Paso less comical, had me cracking up. I definitely figured this would be Ed’s biggest challenge as the Paso is the complete opposite of his personality. :lmao: But whoa this was the biggest surprise of the season. Ed was really dramatic, powerful and intense but not tooo intense where it got scary. I do think some of his facial expressions are a bit too much. But he was really solid on a technical level with great shaping with the Spanish lines, some good partnering and he provided a lot of dynamics in his character. He did a lot of slides which seemed a bit much but a really good dance. Quite surprised Craig gave an 8 like the other judges. The 8s were fair but do think a 7 would have been good from him.


Chloe & Gustavo - Argentine Tango: OMGG yikes that rib injury Chloe got and was shown in her VT looks very painful. >.< Ugh I feel sooo bad for her - and having an AT is not gonna make that any better. omgg another AT to “Hands to Myself” is so wow. :haha: But uh not only that but this dance was a very carbon copy of Jana & Gleb’s iconic AT - with the bed scene, shower scene, choreography and just everything. :ph34rwave: Sadly this dance was a step-down from Chloe’s previous dances. She seemed quite hesitant and not so sure, and with her saying she forgot some steps, it makes sense. I did feel like some of her footwork wasn’t as sharp and strong as usual and yeah there was some cautiousness. She does have nice lines and showed it at times but there were mistakes and some clunkiness at parts - and also there was lacking chemistry from them.


Travis & Violeta - Samba: Lol Travis getting 3 Latin dances in a row and a Samba now. That is really quite harsh for him. :haha: Yikes at him not learning the whole dance with even 2 days to go, and aww sucks he has a flu too. With his Cha-Cha and the video saying he might get through and finish the dance, I definitely worried for him with this Samba. He got through it so that’s good. Sadly while he did the best he could, his Samba was rough and not so good. :( He was very hunched over in his posture which was bothering me. I felt he didn’t bring the performance level and it was actually one of the dullest Sambas there was…. I felt no sense of fun or joy from him. Technically, it wasn’t too good either. The judges were quite nice with their comments though understandable with what he’s gone through.


Celia & Jarryd - Rumba: Lol Celia’s “We’re doing the Rumba, because of course we are.” :lmao: Poor Celia. But awww she really surprised me with this Rumba. Celia really connected with Jarryd and and really nice chemistry with him in this. Her dancing was very fluid and elegant, and wow she had some really impressive leg extensions and lines in there. Loved that part where she ran and jumped towards him. which was such a wow moment. She did need and lacked the proper hip action, but besides that it was really nice.


Dami & Shae - Samba: Lol Shae’s alter-ego as Alejandro getting Dami into the Samba spirit was so hilarious. :lmao:  Ahh gah sadly Dami is not really good at these party Latin dances, and yeah this dance was an obvious step down from her Contemporary. But with how hard a Samba is, this was an improvement from her Cha-Cha. She seemed to channel the fun party flavor of the dance. LOL Craig’s drunk at a party dancing comments. :lmao: I could get that….. but Dami actually really performed and went crazy with it and had so much fun with the Samba. Sadly the technique wasn’t good and she was quite messy and stompy in her footwork - and yeah she was lacking refinement in her movements.  But I appreciate the fun and how she let loose she had here.


Claudia & Aric - Rumba: Lol it was funny seeing how silly and how difficult it was for Claudia to get into that Rumba, but wow she really brought it and turned it on so beautifully here. Her dancing was very elegant and graceful ad she had really good technique throughout the dance - with the partnering and the footwork she provided. Hmm interesting comments of it being beautifully danced and executed but lacking the chemistry (from Sharna) - I guess I can get that and yeah more chemistry could have made it better - but still thought it was good. But it was a really gorgeous dance and Claudia’s best yet for sure. 


Christian & Lily - Paso Doble: Oooh the Paso is also a challenge dance for Christian, and wow this episode has really giving challenge dances to pretty much, everyone omgg. :dead: It is cool Christian got to do a Paso to a Lady Gaga song. It was very dramatic and extra. I think he danced it well with good shaping and he had his own kind of aggression and attitude, which suited with the song and drama of it. Some of his partnering, mainly in his posture, was still kinda awkward to me. He did have some masculine quality here and still got to keep in his feminine quality, so it had a good mix there. I did mostly enjoy the dance and he did well.


Team Samba: This Team Samba dance was fun but not too good technically it was okay overall. Dami was even worse in this Samba were she was very stiff and messy. Beau kinda had a fun solo but all I remember was that impressive he lift he did. Again impressive but not much dancing. Celia coped and did okay on her part - and was better and more fluid this time around. Claudia did standout as the best but her section was so short. Props to her being in front on the girls dancing section.


Team Paso Doble: Interesting how this group has 3 men celebs and 1 female celeb, and aww Chloe loving the role of the Queen. But ugh her rib injury affecting her in this rehearsal too. I feel sooo bad for her. >.< Gah with how bad her injury is, I fear that she is gonna have to drop out soon. With that said, I thought Chloe did a fantastic job as the Queen of the dance and all of the male celebs - Ed, Christian and Travis did a really respectable and strong job in this dance. She was a standout and led the dance well. Travis was probably the weakest link but he was much improved from his other Paso. Ooh yes I agree with Tristan that this Paso from Christian was even better than his solo Paso. And yeah this team had it much easier doing a Team Paso over a Team Samba. Ooh wow congrats to Jorja and Gustavo on getting married the prior weekend…. and still managing to do the show. I did feel the two 9s were deserved here.




  1. Claudia & Aric - Rumba
  2. Ed & Jorja - Paso Doble
  3. Celia & Jarryd - Rumba
  4. Christian & Lily - Paso Doble
  5. Chloe & Gustavo - Argentine Tango
  6. Beau & Megan - Salsa
  7. Dami & Shae - Samba
  8. Travis & Violeta - Samba


Group dance rankings:

  1. Team Paso Doble
  2. Team Samba


The Bottom 2 was Chloe & Gustavo vs. Beau & Megan. For this week, definitely not the right Bottom 2 (and lol Dami and Travis would be the last two saved) but it could have been worse. But yikes, Chloe landed in the Bottom 2 with last week’s votes from her Contemporary…. that is very telling and scary that her vote support is really low. Thankfully all of the judges saved Chloe, which was the right decision. I’m really worried for how long Chloe can go on and i hope her rib heals. As for Beau, a bit sad to see him go as I felt he was slowly improving but I guess  he wasn’t improving fast enough.

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Oooh Amanda beat me to it. But since I came up with my write-up,, I will still post it. :haha:  


Week 5 result:

Dami & Shae vs. Travis & Violeta were the Bottom 2. They also did a Cha-Cha dance-off.

  Sharna voted to save Dami, Tristan voted to save Travis. Craig had the deciding vote to save Dami. Travis & Violeta were eliminated.


I think this is a fair elimination, as I felt Travis was the weakest dancer overall. I guess his good Week 1 Viennese Waltz was a fluke.

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Finally caught up on the latest episode so gonna post my thoughts! Omgg I love this Back to School theme - and omggg the hosts in their school uniforms has me cracking up. :dead: 


Ed & Jorja - Cha-Cha: Wow it’s really surprising to realize how Ed topped the leaderoard last week (though with the inclusion of his group dance). Omgg him asking the same girl to the prom twice and her dumping him twice - him going to that formal alone twice. Awww poor Ed. “Teenage Dream” is perfect for this high school theme show. And aww this dance was really cute and fun. This suited Ed well as he got to be cheeky and have fun with this and it suited Ed’s personality where he was having a blast with the dance. It wasn’t maybe technically profound, lacking hip action and there were some mistakes I saw, especially towards the end - but he had some of the straight leg action going on. It wasn’t terrible, not great but an okay fun dance.


Claudia & Aric - Tango: The punk rock theme was really interesting and unexpected from Claudia. It seems she had fun playing the rocking rebellious character here. At first i was unsure about it because she seemed to start off shaky or with the wrong/some kind of awkward footwork. So I wasn’t feeling it for like the first 10-15 seconds but it got better as it went along. She had a good frame and footwork throughout, but it did seem like it was lacking some fineness and was a bit erratic/too much? OMG I am shocked that Craig loved how untraditional this was and gave an 8 and the other judges gave 6’s. What in the world is going on? :dead: Overall it was good but I think she could have done better.


Dami & Shae - Waltz: Aww it’s nice that Dami got to dance with “Come Away with Me,” her favorite song from high school. Aww this was a really pretty and sweet dance from Dami. I thought she did much better and showed more growth from this Waltz compared to her VW. She does still need to work on getting her frame position better and her shoulders do raise up and that is her weakness, but i thought she moved and danced in quite a nice and elegant way. And true that she is more expressive through her hands and movements.  Improvement is definitely noted.


Chloe & Gustavo - Cha-Cha: Glad Chloe is getting on the mend with her injury! Aww it was cute hearing how Chloe was such a huge fan of Moulin Rogue and how her friends would make music videos to it. Danggg Chloe looked reallly hot in this dance… wow. :omg: I thought this was a fun, hot and cheeky Cha-Cha. She was very flirtatious and had a lot of fun with this. I thought she danced this Cha-Cha decently for the most part  and showcased beautiful lines throughout. It did seem a bit hmm, I guess a bit of wildness to it and lacking fineness or something? I can notice about the lack of straight leg action she had but she had decent hip action. Something was off but it was fun. Ugh at some fabric of her dress getting caught in her heel for the last under the leg move…. ugh that is frustrating. But Chloe handled that well with her improvised hopping. :haha: Yikes Sharna & Craig saying she’s been staying in the same level. I can get that as it does seem like she’s plateauing and not as strong as she was in Weeks 2 + 3.


Travis & Violeta - Quickstep: Hmm this was kind of a rough Quickstep from Travis. I feel like he had fun with tis and this was one of the dances he performed best and had fun with. But his frame was awkward/bad, lack of timing and there was a lot of gapping and his footwork was out of sync a lot of times from Violeta. Sadly, it was a realllyyy rough dance. And Travis hasn’t been able to match his fairly good VW from Week 1 at all. :( Ooh wow Violeta was a really hot Sandy - assuming this dance was a Grease themed dance. Yikess at those 2’s and 4’s at this point of the season.


Christian & Lily - Contemporary: Aww wow so strange how Christian was mad and teared up about his last week’s Paso, which was quite decent. Ahh it’s nice for him to have this vulnerable and emotional Contemporary routine considering the tough time he had in high school. This dance isn’t your ~typical school theme routine, but i don’t mind that. Christian has been improving each week but this was definitely his best dance by far. I would say it was his breakthrough too. He really moved and danced this like a dancer - and we never saw this serious and vulnerable side o fhim, but it was great to see here. But yea Christian moved with such fluidity and grace in his movements and showcased a lot of pretty solid Contemporary technique in there. He really let loose, emote and the chemistry he had with Lily was beautiful and touching. Really beautiful and stunning dance and I can look past him dancing to Lana Del Rey.


Celia & Jarryd - Salsa: Aww at girl mocking her dancing in high school. But it’s good she gets to ~redeem that and do this Salsa. Oh wow Celia really surprised me wit this Salsa. She really brought the flirty and sassy nature of the Salsa, and she was quite hot in the dance. 😮 She had great rhythm, energy, good legwork and partnering. It’s crazy because she was so nervous and frighten of these sexy Latin dances but she really mae this work. Ooh and she was terrified of the lift but she handled that well. She looked and came of very confident here too.



  1. Christian & Lily - Contemporary
  2. Celia & Jarryd - Salsa
  3. Chloe & Gustavo - Cha-Cha
  4. Claudia & Aric - Tango
  5. Dami & Shae - Waltz
  6. Ed & Jorja - Cha-Cha
  7. Travis & Violeta - Quickstep


Actually kind of a rough night. Only really enjoyed the Top 3 dances - though 4-6 were fine but not memorable.


Disco maraton thoughts:

- Gosh this was insanely difficult to watch and keep track of everyone. :dead: I don’t think I got any real complaints about the results. I do think Chloe maybe deserved to last longer than 3rd out.


I do agree with Christian winning this though. :omg: He was definitely living his life and having the absolute biggest blast of his life. He was really slaying this Disco marathon - having so much energy, dancing lots of content well and he was just fantastic here. Celia was great and worthy of 2nd here too.


Okay soo there was a Bottom 2 Dance-Off between Travis & Violeta and Dami & Shae.Um….. MY GOODNESS, this season is absolutely killing these celebs. A full routine, a 3 minute Disco Marathon and a Cha-Cha battle? That is SOO much! :dead: 


Okay thoughts. OMGG Dami was a complete HOT MESS in this Cha-Cha…. omg she was so bad I wanna cry. :’(  She was very lost and completely forgot a good section of this dance. Uh then she ~recovered for a bit but not really. She was really stif and wooden and Shae really had to drag her. She looked terrified and seemed like she was blank through the whole dance. It was reallly heartbreaking and definitely a lack of noticeable rehearsal. :broken: Travis was pretty stiff and had a number of mistakes, but at least he performed and had more fun with this. He partnered Violeta well, remembered  some steps, had fun and he easily won that Dance-Off. So the judges saving Dami based on this dance-off alone, was all kinds of wrong. But based on everything they danced overall, Dami has been stronger so i am fine with Sharna & Craig saving her - but Tristan was right on saving Travis just based on this dance. OMGGG I am crying at Amanda calling Tristan (the judge) “Travis” two weeks in a row. :dead:


Well Travis managed to last 5 weeks, and that is pretty generous for him making it this far. He’s a nice and likeable guy and he had a nice and great farewell speech. It’s a shame that his VW from Week 1 was his best and only good dance, and I thought he had potential - but sadly he never recovered from that. :(  

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Ooh also said from last week’s show for tomorrow’s show - two big things. Courtney Act is guest judging! And there is the Judges Team-Up challenge - where the judges will choreograph and perform with the Top 6. Here’s the a preview of it with spoilers….





Team Craig - Chloe & Gustaovo and Christian & Lily

Team Sharna - Claudia & Aric and Celia & Jarryd

Team Tristan - Dami & Shae and Ed & Jorja


Tristan definitely has the weakest team with Dami and Ed, although oth have had a strong dance in them. Craig’s and Sharna’s teams are pretty even.

As far as individual dancers, Christian & Lily have a Quickstep.



Ooh and also stated.... 

Due to COVID19 we will not have a studio audience this Sunday, however, our celebs have worked very hard and still need your support. 
Show your support on social 7.30 Sunday.

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Bottom 2 Dance-Off result.


Ed & Jorja and Chloe & Gustavo were in the Bottom 2.


Tristan and Sharna voted to save Ed, meaning Chloe out therefore Chloe is eliminated. Craig would have voted to save Chloe. Sad to see Chloe go but she's been pleateauing these last few weeks (while Ed has shown improvement), due to her rib injury  - so it's probably for the best. :( 


Also Celia got 10s for her Charleston, so looks like she has the standout dance of the night.

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Thanks Wally!

41 minutes ago, *Wallace said:

Bottom 2 Dance-Off result.



  Reveal hidden contents



Ed & Jorja and Chloe & Gustavo were in the Bottom 2.


Tristan and Sharna voted to save Ed, meaning Chloe out therefore Chloe is eliminated. Craig would have voted to save Chloe. Sad to see Chloe go but she's been pleateauing these last few weeks (while Ed has shown improvement), due to her rib injury  - so it's probably for the best. :( 


Also Celia got 10s for her Charleston, so looks like she has the standout dance of the night.



Ugh it’s Emma and Sasha in the bottom two all over again, this time with married couple Gustavo and Jorja 😢

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I read that Christian’s father was tested positive for the virus and he found out after the show, so he is currently self-isolating (he does not believe he has been exposed however) and everyone involved with the show is also self-monitoring atm. :( 

Edited by *Lily
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1 hour ago, Ariel1989 said:

Thanks Wally!


  Reveal hidden contents

Ugh it’s Emma and Sasha in the bottom two all over again, this time with married couple Gustavo and Jorja 😢


You're welcome! :hug: 


14 minutes ago, *Lily said:

I read that Christian’s father was tested positive for the virus and he found out after the show, so he is currently self-isolating (he does not believe he has been exposed however) and everyone involved with the show is also self-monitoring atm. :( 

Gahh wow, that's so awful to hear. :( Wishing the best for Christian's father and hope Christian doesn't have it. Gah this is all so crazy.

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