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On 9/14/2021 at 9:07 PM, ptebwwong said:


FYI: It is estimated that Kacey Musgraves this week will be the #1 Billboard Country Album with about 71k SPS. If she doesn't have a big drop, her #'s can effect the upcoming releases on Fri.


I think iTunes preorders seem to be cumulative. Generally, the first row of preorders all-genre (10 in each row) all seem to chart well on iTunes. These are the following notables releases on Scotty's album release day, genre, & where they are positioned (in order).



- Lil Nas X (pop) 1st row

- Daughtry (rock) 3rd row

- Spiritbox (rock) 3rd row

- Thrice (rock) 5th row

- Scotty (country) 6th row, #7 country preorders

- Carly Pearce (country) 7th row, #8 country preorders

- Laine Hardy (country) 7th row, #9 country preorders

- Jameson Rodgers (country) 13th row, #18 country preorders


Scotty is the top country preorder on iTunes out of everyone on 9/17. However, Carly is releasing her new single tomorrow (a duet with Ashley McBryde) which is receiving an iHeart radio deal so I can see that attracting more preorders/buyers.



Amazon orders include old/already released albums in their ranking. Generally, if an album is in the Top 10 in Amazon country before release date there is a likelihood those albums sell over 10k such as Chris Young, Kacey, etc.


- Jameson Rodgers #89 country, #619 all-genre

- Carly Pearce #17 country, 94 all-genre


Amazon not listing Scotty's album under a genre was never fixed so there's no #'s.


As I expected, I think Carly's going to sell well. I wouldn't be surprised either if she is the featured artist this week on one of the streaming services main country playlist.



Updating these #'s:



- Carly just released her new single (w/Ashley McBryde) & got an iHeartradio deal. She was on late night talk show, Jimmy Kimmel last night (performed last single "Next Girl") so it's not surprising her #'s did increase & is now ahead of Scotty. Scotty did seem to increase his position in the all-genre preorders. The bold is where their current position is & the regular font is their position as I posted previously.


- Scotty (country) 6th row, #7 country preorders 4th row, #7 country preorders

- Carly Pearce (country) 7th row, #8 country preorders 3rd row, #6 country preorders

- Laine Hardy (country) 7th row, #9 country preorders 7th row, #10 country preorders

- Jameson Rodgers (country) 13th row, #18 country preorders 15th row, #22 country preorders


I only updated the country artists. 





- Jameson Rodgers #89 country, #619 all-genre #203 country, #1,613 all-genre

- Carly Pearce #17 country, 94 all-genre #12 country, #53 all-genre


BTW, Laine Hardy's new album is a digital only release.

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HDD usually comes out with album #'s projections after a day of sales. The only predictions they made were based on Lil Nas X which is currently at #1 on iTunes (and has been since release on Fri.). His projections are at 130-140k total activity. Only 17-20k is predicted as sales (rest is streaming). 



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This was briefly mentioned in last night's Billboard Country Update. This afternoon's Country Aircheck email has more info.


Gone And Dunn It: Following iHeartMedia WDVI/Rochester, NY's flip from Hot AC to Country yesterday (CAT 10/25), SVPP/Upstate New York Tias Schuster confirms that Julie Dunn will remain in place as PD. Dunn also programs Country WNBL, which she took over in 2016 (CAT 5/11/16), and Top 40 WKGS in the Rochester cluster, as well AC WYYY, Top 40 WWHT and Country WBBS in Syracuse. Rounding out the airstaff with The Bobby Bones Show in mornings and Jeremy Newman in afternoons will be Dunn in middays and Rock WAIO/Rochester, NY afternoon host Megan Carter covering nights. Reach Dunn here.


I think this new flipped station is a possible Billboard/Mediabase station especially since it's iHeartMedia.


FYI: In last night's publications, there's a long article about WNSH & it's problems that led to its flip such as not enough revenue & its market problems (15th place in NYC market).

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I read today that Brandi Carlile's single that was submitted to the Grammy's as an Americana song...was switched by the Grammy's to the pop category.  Brandi has always considered herself a roots/Americana writer/singer....and I thought she was, too.  Brandi was disappointed by the change.  Funny, they can arbitrarily switch categories when they are in the mood, apparently, but still put songs that are clearly not country in that genre without hesitation.

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10 hours ago, tfortexas said:

Are any of you Ohioans in the path of those tornadoes?


It appears that the tornadoes hit in the Cleveland area. Prayers up for all of those affected!


[It'll be windy here in Cincy today but tornadoes are not predicted.]

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4 hours ago, drdeb said:


It appears that the tornadoes hit in the Cleveland area. Prayers up for all of those affected!


[It'll be windy here in Cincy today but tornadoes are not predicted.]

From the live-feed I was watching, the bad stuff seemed to just miss Cincy.  Those tornadoes stayed on the ground for hours and were still going strong when I went to bed. 

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47 minutes ago, drdeb said:








This is a dream realized for Lauren after many years of hard work and commitment to the Opry.       


Instead of taking this news as a GOOD sign that your Scotty's invitation cannot be too far off, you're kvetching over something good happening for someone else!


So, what is it that you require?  Has Scotty not given you enough to enthuse over in the past few years, or do you need nothing good to happen for Lauren to be satisfied?






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2 minutes ago, sinycalone said:

So, you came here "expecting" no positive responses...but there really were no negative posts either.  Not sure why you visited the board, actually.  


Well, the "expectation" was based on negative comments I'd seen elsewhere from known Scotty fans, so, there ya go.       Doesn't take much reading between the lines when you know what people's biases are.   

What I don't understand is why Lauren's successes stick in the collective craw of you and your buddies when things are going so well for Scotty.....

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On another note, Chris Young tweeted that some porch pirate stole a large box from his front porch.  It contained a 50 lb bag of dog food for Porter.  I am sure that was not what the thief was hoping for....hope he got a hernia lifting it.  As someone tweeted to Chris, I hope that thief takes it to an animal shelter rather than just trashing it.

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Moving right along here ... Time to read about  the Opry and other related venues regarding  ticket purchases going foreward . Since alot of us have attended the Opry/the Ryman to see Scotty .Comments on this post on SCM site is interesting regarding people who have already had bad experiences and hyped prices...


December 17, 2021

AXS Partners with Grand Ole Opry & Ryman For Exclusive Ticket Sales



The Opry Entertainment Group has partnered with global ticketing company AXS to become the country music company’s exclusive ticketing partner moving forward. This means that all ticketing for the Grand Ole Opry and the Opry House venue, the historic Ryman Auditorium, as well as the Opry’s “Ole Red” Blake Shelton-themed venues in Nashville, Gatlinburg, Orlando, Oklahoma (Tishomingo), and soon Las Vegas (2023) will now run solely through the AXS platform.

AXS is the ticketing arm of AEG Presents—one of the largest live promoters in the world. It is a similar relationship to the one between Ticketmaster and Live Nation. The Opry Entertainment Group hopes that partnering with AXS will also facilitate greater collaboration with AEG Presents.

“This partnership with AXS will allow us to deepen our relationship with our customers across our venues and provide them a secure, safe and convenient way to access all of their OEG tickets in one place,” says Scott Bailey, President of Opry Entertainment Group. “This partnership was created with our future in mind and opens doors for us to collaborate with AXS and AEG on a deeper level as we expand our offerings and continue to grow our business.”

Bryan Perez, the President and CEO of AXS adds, “The Opry Entertainment Group is the jewel in the crown of one of the greatest music cities in the world. AXS will super serve these landmark venues and their customers with our suite of state-of-the-art technologies and marketing solutions, enabling each property to tailor their ticketing experiences and maintain the individual identities which make them so iconic in Nashville and beyond. We’re thrilled to partner with such a seminal brand as we build out our presence in the city.”

AXS is promoting that the new deal will give fans the ability to access the company’s “AXS Official Marketplace,” where tickets can be bought and sold on the same platform. It is this platform that recently drew the ire of fans of the Turnpike Troubadours and others as buyers were unable to purchase face value tickets at the Red Rocks Amphitheater in Colorado, only to see tickets immediately appear back on the AXS platform through resellers at exorbitant markups. Fans also attempting to purchase ticket to Zach Bryan’s Ryman Auditorium performance on February 10th, 2022 faced similar frustrations.

It is not clear at the moment if the AXS deal will ultimately extend to the Moody Theater in Austin as well. The Grand Ole Opry’s parent company, Ryman Hospitality Properties, is currently under contract to purchase the “Block 21” development in Austin for $260 million, which includes the 2,750-seat Moody Theater where Austin City Limits is taped and ACL Live events happen weekly.

Though tickets are regularly available for face value to Grand Ole Opry presentations, The Ryman Auditorium—similar to Red Rocks in Colorado—is considered a destination venue, drawing fans from around the country to see marquee performers in an intimate and historic setting, creating a premium for tickets. Music fans will now be using the AXS platform to secure these tickets.

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