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America's Got Talent


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I'm disappointed Malik Dope and Max Major missed out on the finals. :(  I didn't take much notice of Malik in the earlier rounds, but this performance amazed me. :omg:  



I always liked Max and mentalists in general. Oh, and would have liked Jonathan Goodwin to advance too. :( 


There are so many singers, so will see how it goes.... I wouldn't be surprised to see Brandon Leake take it all.

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Overall it was an underwhelming show tbh. And poor Roberta on her song choice, still did what she could though. Archie and Kenadi did pretty good though, also Cristina.....

Cristina was the performance of the night, if she doesn't win, Roberta should win. 


But now for the Trophy to be handed out tonight! Hoping Broken Roots doesn't get the southern vote enough to win.

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15 hours ago, QueenMae16 said:

Smh, Roberta and Cristina got robbed! whatever, onto next season then.


Queens don't need to win this show tbh. They will slay without that win and tragic contract.

ugh yes cristina was robbed so hard... i dont even know who won but since i know its not daneliya, roberta, or cristina, i know there's an issue

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Episode 1 Acts

Keith Apicary -  He's probably a joke act


Lil Hunter Kelly - Kid Comedian


The Canine Stars - Dog Act


Brian Pankey - Juggler


Katie Kusicial - Comedian


Sethward - YES he's back for the third time



Mr. Cherry and Chikki - Record Breaking dude

Peter Rosalita - Kid singer


Aidan Bryant - Aerialist

Dustin Tavella - Country Singer

Gerald Kelly - Comedian


Elektro Botz - Dance Group



1achord - vocal group


Ellariya and Karina - Acrobat duo



Northwell Choir 


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