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America's Got Talent


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18 minutes ago, QueenMae16 said:

I got the trends as of right now:(1 hour post show, CDT time, EST just ended)


https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?date=now 4-H&geo=US&q=%2Fg%2F11hbgq84b5,Dustin Tavella,Josh Blue,Northwell Nurse Choir,Aidan Bryant 


Brooke is actually faring quite well, her peak is the 2nd highest from all the potential winners tonight. I know the nurses have the sob story going for them, but the fact Brooke beat them this time(as last time they actually won the peak matchup) could say a lot about tomorrow.


Josh Blue is once again, beating everyone pretty hard. I think he will win, but I hope Brooke cuts through with the casual votes.


I think it will be a fun result tomorrow. If Brooke even makes 3rd or Runner-Up, I will be happy for her and I'm just glad she got to show us her voice.


Real quick, this was a HUGE step up from last week for Brooke, I think the song was the best of all her lives and her performance-


Omg she deserves that win, but I will accept a Top 3 position at the bare minimum or else Minivan I'm COMING for you....(with a heavily worded letter)

This is so awesome! I would love to see Brooke winning, but a runner up won't be bad for her career too. I just hop producers would sign her up because she truly deserves. 

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17 minutes ago, sydneysam said:


We LOVE to see it. I swear if a record doesn't sign Brooke after all of these- then I don't know what their problem is lol. She's got all the goods of being a popstar

2 minutes ago, TheFreeman said:

This is so awesome! I would love to see Brooke winning, but a runner up won't be bad for her career too. I just hop producers would sign her up because she truly deserves. 


Agreed with both. She needs to be signed 4 years ago, and she's been doing a lot more radio-pop stuff on this show. She deserves to be bigger.


I'm still glad that she even auditioned in the first place, I thought it could be difficult to get on Minivan's side again, but the fact she has a chance to finish high is brilliant for her. So proud of how far she's come.

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There is certainly some good talent, but though she may lose to the more Vegas-show types, the 9-year-old opera singer is probably the most deserving based strictly on talent & ability. It's ridiculous what she can do & how well, in spite of being so young.

But people may vote more for something like the kid hanging & spinning in mid-air.

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Almost time for results! Like The Voice though, it'll be at the last 15 minutes of the show lol.


I think based on trends and overall performances, I have some predictions(I'm still figuring this show and vote indicators out, so this could be off but its what I can manage right now)


Top 5 - Aidan, Brooke, Nurses, Josh, Dustin:


I think this is obvious, they all did well on trends and received Top 3 PVs in their semifinals weeks. If a dark horse or two would cut through, I see Dustin and/or Aidan being cut for Jimmie and/or Lea but its unlikely.


5th Place - Aidan Bryant: Natural talent, but he didn't do too well in indicators last night. Unless if casuals come through, I think his peak is up to 3rd.


4th Place - Dustin Tavella: Average magician, but great storyteller. Dustin didn't do too high either on voting indicators. I think if Minivan eats his sob story up though, he could peak at 2nd.


3rd Place - Nurse Choir: I was tempted between them and Brooke, it could go either way, but let me just say that declining on trends even with the pimp spot, doesn't look too good for them. If Minivan eats it up though, I think they still have a shot at winning, peak is 1st, likely 2nd or 3rd.


2nd Place - Brooke Simpson: Brooke has kept killing and slaying these flops like they are afternoon snacks, her numbers and support has been surprisingly well-received. I still think she could finish lower because of Minivan not supporting the type of songs that she's been doing, but if she keeps getting high support, then she has a real shot at finishing in the Top 3. Its a low shot, but her peak is 1st, however likely 2nd/3rd.(Well done either way Brooke, we are proud of you!) Lowest placement - 4th, but unlikely.


If on percentages for Brooke. I see it as: Top 5 - 95%, 4th - 35% Top 3 - 65%, Runner-Up - 50% Winner - 10%(I pull the percentages just out of nowhere tbh, but I can't really estimate well but here it is lol)


1st Place/Winner - Josh Blue: Josh has been well liked as well, very high numbers every week from what I have seen. His performances have been getting the crowd dying of laughter as well, he's easily in the Top 3 at least, or else trends are lying lol. Since he is likely to win, I'll say his worst placement is probably 3rd. 


Remember, casuals can very well play a factor just like on The Voice. This is just the numbers I have been collecting over SM and of course, Google Trends(which is accurate for the most part even if only using it a few times) 


I think I'm confident in the overall placements though and Top 5 at least. However I'm excited to see how the results go(and if I flop in my predictions.)


Anyways, Brooke performs again with a guest! So technically one more performance and we can happily just enjoy her placement finish. Happy watching folks!

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