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I'm very disappointed with that song choice and Brooke just gutted her chances of advancing. The posts and clues she's been giving us was MAJOR trolling. 


"Bad Habits"? Wtf, she slayed it tbh like go off girl but like....


I'll vote obviously, but it's not our fault if she gets cut tomorrow. Just be prepared to get her through peeps.

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Since its not posted yet in this thread.


I admit, again, it was a good vocal performance. Although its just the hype she was surrounding this song choice with. So many other songs could have actually told such a message.


I thought maybe "I Was Here" Beyonce, was a possibility. I thought it fit her clues and hints. Wanting to leave a legacy and showing that Brooke truly made a difference in her life(she is making huge differences already, slaying and showing Native representation) but "Bad Habits" was.... really a bad choice. 


Or of course a Christian song, even if overdone: "Break Every Chain" could have been a HIT. Intense vocals, amazing build-up. So much in this she could have done.


Or even go with "My Heart Will Go On" I thought I found a clue that she would potentially do this song.


But I guess Brooke went with her new style and wants to show that she's a bop-pop artist now.... Good for her, but on this show it'll be tough to advance. 


Also its funny how she closes her Semis shows(like on The Voice S13 too)


However I will say while Brooke has restricted her voice to be cleaner(less wild, more precision) I loved her on Season 13 TVUSA better. She had plenty of moments and was more consistent. If she advances, I'll gladly vote for her again, but I thought she missed out on a lot of potential on this show. Especially when she improved her voice from 4 years ago.


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Hey yall, I have been making my own statistics research and trying to see how everyone fares.(Mainly for Brooke lmao)


FB isn't doing much lmao, so I decided to try Google Trends to match its accuracy as much as I can.


https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?date=now 1-d&geo=US&q=%2Fg%2F11hbgq84b5,1aChord,Northwell Nurse Choir,Victory Brinker - Here are the comparisons to the other vocalists, with Brooke of course.


Being at least 2nd place of them all, having a higher peak than even Victory, I think its a good sign. Pimp spot could very well help her as well, I think she'll at least get the AGT version of Instant Save. But be prepared to vote for her tonight! You got 30 minutes from when it starts, then if she's not voted through, she'll have to rely on the judges so try to be there for her.


I even looked at her trends against the other acts(just to see if they cared for them over the vocalists)


https://trends.google.com/trends/explore?date=now 1-d&geo=US&q=%2Fg%2F11hbgq84b5,Josh Blue,Chapkidz,Lea Kyle,Peter Antoniou - She's faring well here too. About 2nd place behind Josh the comedian.(lol he's cremating everyone though, he could win tbh.)


Overall she's about 3rd in the running, I think she has enough to try for the Finale spot(even with the song choice lol)


I think its Top 3 or 4 as PVs, I forgot(I don't quite know this show that well, but I'm learning) 


Take it as you will, but I'm proud of Brooke for slaying with some.... choices for songs, so if she doesn't move on then ROBBED, but at least she got to come on and continue to slay for us once again. 

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1 minute ago, QueenMae16 said:

Brooke advances despite that song, Minivan actually made the right choice.


Well done Brooke, now hopefully she slays it next week and ends her run with a bang.

I totally forgot that AGT was on until but I am so happy she made it. I just hope her song choice for finale isn’t an Ed Sheehan song lol

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Congratulations to Brooke! Well done.


two things -


I wonder how the audience demographic differs from The Voice, geographically and otherwise. I've seen some things about TV but not about AGT.


Did everyone get the ad for the new Kacey Musgraves album during the show? I'm curious if it was regional or national.  I can't recall the last time I saw a standalone album ad during prime time, but maybe I've been missing them.

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