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Request, Request, Request -- and Vote!

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SCOTTY and YOU TIME won the HeatSeaker Video on Hot 20 Countdown @CMT    🥰

2/24  You Time #5 on KRTY ...😄

Colleen Whitney   @colleenyw · 6h  

4 hours ago, sinycalone said:

Glad to see You Time is staying near the top of the Hot 9.....but just getting that spin every week night is the real goal.


It sure is with so few voting.....many nights I have to wonder how he got a spin at all with only 5-7 particitpating. I am just thankful for any spin each night..😍


.I vote then I have to go to bed cos its so late..EST


Thank goodness for Colleen and Linda from west coast👍




I wasn't able to watch CMT this morning for 12 pack ..so have no idea if You Time was placed there. But just found out its repeated tonight at 7pm ..so will try and remember to check !!😄 Unless anybody else tuned in and knows!!!

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You Time #4 on tonight’s Hot9at9 Thanks







..Voting page for 12 Pack Countdown has been down since last Friday .........unless its reconnected before Friday will be interesting to see the results !!


I thought it was an issue with me but the gals that vote on WSG  plus Carol  (sinyacalone) mentioned it also. Nobody mentioned it here so wasn't sure what was going on.

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