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1 hour ago, *Chris said:


And vinyl. 

There's no better feeling than receiving that physical copy of an album of an artist that you love, especially when you pre-order.

Okay cool. For CD's I dunno I have a couple laying around somewhere I just thought it wasn't really worth the hassle. It is a nice way to support your favorite artists though so that's good. I personally invest in other type of merch like shirts and other stuff that I will get more use out of. And of course going to as many concerts as I can those are always fun.

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Easy On Me has grown on me so much. I loved it from the beginning, but it was also a grower and just hits different now. Anyone going through a difficult time in a relationship or that has can relate. It's our song. ❤️ 

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Track listing:

1. Strangers By Nature

2. Easy On Me
3. My Little Love
4. Cry Your Heart Out
5. Oh My God
6. Can I Get It
7. I Drink Wine
8. All Night Parking (with Erroll Garner) [Interlude]
9. Woman Like Me
10. Hold On
11. To Be Loved
12. Love Is a Game


Target exclusive bonus tracks:

1. Wild Wild West
2. Can’t Be Together
3. Easy On Me (with Chris Stapleton)

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  • 1234567890 changed the title to ADELE - 30 OUT NOW!

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