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Wally's Favorite Songs of 2019!

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3 minutes ago, Elliott said:

old man no GIF



Well at least you knew the countdown was going to have a great ending to it - and you can focus on Lizzo being #1. 😛 :bobo:

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On 2/16/2020 at 9:51 PM, miss denise said:

 Thanks. :hug:


I don't want to right now. lol this.


- Okay, I see. I know you had stuff to say. "Omggg wow at how you could have seen Sucker in my Top 5. Oooh me saying stuff to make you doubt that. Sorry. :giggle: But maybe i did that to throw you off." ermm.gif.3ea1b4577a77a8b2e47c70ac1b48da50.gif I'm talking about your hating self on them from before. And what? I was saying I like that they do rank this high for you, but I guess I could say love. Okay.  You like that that you hated on them and me ranking them in my Top 6? 😢 Wow. Well oh.  :( Okay, those two I would think you'd like and I see. Yeah, that makes sense... not so much how this all happened with you not liking them before though, but hmm. Yes you did. His voice didn't really change from those songs. Justin's definitely did. I don't get not wanting to like. :closedeyes: I know that now. Okay.  Yeah, that part. ❤️ I do and it is. Yay me.

- Oh my. I don't know how to respond with you always loving surprises. Yes, Maren did even better by being #1 with her first appearance. Oh... wow. Noo, I had this on my list. It was too new for you, not me. Me getting no credit. :broken:  It was and it's weird for me when these things happen. I don't know, but I do. Hmm never thought that. Yes, I do love and yayy these parts. ❤️  I love to run though, but okay.  I do.

- Thank you. Yes, and as I said, I guessed as my first choice for #1 from the entire Top 10. Yes I did. Okay. I see. :( Oh? Juice was really big though, so I wouldn't say the old ones completely took over. Okay, I see. No, no surprise. I think so... well okay, but still awhile ago.  Hmm what? You'd learn the lyrics to songs back then without trying, but not now? lol yes, love that video. ❤️ Yeah, that seems to be the literal interpretation of it. Oh, I never saw that, but interesting. Yeah. "Lol yess they would say the “I just took a DNA test…..” line on many news shows and they would say different lines after it - usually whenever they would talk about Lizzo" On the news? :? I'm guessing you mean entertainment news shows. I didn't even say I loved that line though, just that I could relate to it, but lol thanks. "omggg awwww you with the bling  blnig line. Awww, don’t we all." Um, but this is still about that lyric. "Yeah, I got boy problems, that's the human in me. Bling bling, then I solve 'em"  Yes, thank you. I do see it and it works.  Okay, there is one line about a text, but I mean things like:  "Shampoo press, get you out of my hair. Fresh photos with the bomb lighting. New man on the Minnesota Vikings." That doesn't explain what all that is about. :unsure: lol yes. Yeah. I do love that part. :bobo: I'm not sure. I did hear it a lot, but I don't know. Juice was ignored? I thought I heard it a ton, but maybe it wasn't on radio. :?  Ah yeah, sorry. You did? OMGGGGG this. Wow, I sort of remember, but not even what songs were there. :dead: Oh my yikes. That could be it... sorry, but it did grow on me and I do like it much more now than before.


You're welcome.  Well? I didn't get an answer, so of course I still want one. Oooh... interesting.  Has this happened before? I thought you would include it anyway if it was still big and played a lot in 2019, but I see now. Thanks.  Oh, I was so confused by that response. You could have just said. You're welcome. :hug: Aww this is nice of you to say. omgg that makes me feel good, thank you. bye2.gif.7960d44992e1eeff806cdce1d9856c29.gif



Awww ut nooo. :’(


- Mhmmm yesss I did have lots of stuff to say. LOLOL OMGG don’t give me that face. That’s not nice. :lmao: Lol yea I know I did but just because I ~hate~ someone or something doesn’t mean I can’t love their songs, lol. But lol yea rings have change. Ooooh ok I seee. But yeah you do love that I ranked this high and knew you would. Maybee so. Lolol nooooo I am teasing. I was unjust…. I don’t know what to say. Oooh awww alright, I see. I don’t know. Mhmmm it does Ooh I don’t know i just didn’t like them then but I did like a few of their songs. Oooh I can’t remember Nick’s voice back then but i seee and yea agree with you regarding Justin. Ooh but don’t you have songs you don’t want to like and then you end up liking?? :unsure: Awww you hearting that. Woohoo.


- I just love being surprised. Lmaaooo funny how you brought up Maren there with this fact. :lmao: Oooh awwww alright I see. But awww nooo I wasn’t trying to not give you credit. I give you credit for many many things. I just can’t remember everything. My apologies there. Oooh, awwww you. I wonder how often this has happened to you. 😮 Ooh yay that’s good. Yayyy for loving those parts. Oooh ok yeah you can run but no running away. We’re not having that.


- You’re welcome. Ooh yes I know and so well done on guessing that! :clap: Yayy. Mhmmm. Hmmm it felt like that with me for Juice since the other two songs were even bigger. But I guess this can apply more to Tempo - as TH and GAH completely took over Tempo. So that works. Yess. Oooh awww darn but that’s ok. Awww yesss it sure was. Yes, that’s it.. Or maybe I would try to learn songs lyrics more back then. I don’t know but i don’t really try to at least nowadays. It is really funny, aa. Awww thank you for that. Ooh it is. Yess on the news. Well mostly entertainment news - but they did so on GMA and some other national ABC news shows, usually when they were talking about Lizzo. You should love that line though. Oooh lmao oops, I took bling bling literally like having and using or wanting jewelry or something. You’re welcome. Yessss it does work. I would take all of that as her moving on from this guy that’s wrong her. Like getting that ~old lover out of her way, taking some photos and looking and feeling good and finding a new man. So like erasing the past an moving onto the future. Yayyy I am glad you love that part. ❤️ Oooh hmmmm I see. I know radio stations can be different in every city though. Yeah that was moreso the case with Juice for me - I didn’t hear it much on the radio and I felt I heard it more after its time as her main single. So that was interesting. Awww I understand. Mhmmm yep, Denise…. I KNOW YOU AND KNOW these things. :’( I sooo remember you quoting those songs in the like 3-7 section and saying there were some songs you loved, some you didn’t like and some you were meh on. And I knew what you liked/loved without you saying it. :lmao: LMAOO I do love your reaction to all of this. :giggle: So glad TH did grow on you though. ❤️ 


Thank you! Omgggg lmao sorry but at least you got it now. Oooh I feel like this has happened before. Moreso in older years than recent years. Gahh you are right and lol with you saying this, I do feel bad for excluding EastSide because of tha. I also felt like ES came out much earlier than the crossover songs. Ooh aww sorry for that confusion. Hope all is understood now. I wanted to wait it out a bit. :hug: Omggg awwww you’re welcome. It’s the complete and honest truth. Awww yayy I am glad. ❤️


On 2/16/2020 at 11:15 PM, *Chris said:

Will comment on your last 3, tomorrow!

Still looking forward to seeing your comments. :hug:❤️ 

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On 2/19/2020 at 3:16 AM, Steven_ said:

52. Megan Thee Stallion - “Hot Girl Summer” (feat. Nicki Minaj & Ty Dolla $ign): NHT, but I have heard of the Hot Girl Summer meme. Anyway, this song just isn't my cup of tea. But that's cool that you enjoy this though!

51. Daddy Yankee - “Con Calma [Remix]” (feat. Katy Perry & Snow): I know this song, but I'm more familiar with the version without Katy Perry. But I don't mind her contribution here. It's a catchy song that's fun and dancey for sure. Oh, and the translation for the part you quoted is "Calmly I want to see how she shakes / Move that poom-poom, girl / She's an assassin when she dances / I want everyone to see."

50. Dan + Shay - “Tequila:” "I am not even sure if Carrie Underwood has done that." And why not, Wallace? :broken: Anyway, I don't consider this a 2019 song, but it's cool to see it here on your list. I do like this song a lot, and it might be my favorite Dan + Shay song. Kudos to them on all the success this song helped them achieve.

49. Katy Perry - “Never Really Over:” I like some parts of this song, but there are other parts that make me think could've been done differently. I would prefer a more stripped down arrangement, or maybe just omit the very fast parts in the second part of the chorus and change it to match the rest of the song better? I don't know, but I would like this song a lot more if the arrangement wasn't so busy. I do think Katy sounds great here, and I like the lyrics too.

48. The Chainsmokers - “Who Do You Love” (feat. 5 Seconds Of Summer): I like this song. It does have a cool vibe to it, and it's a collaboration that works (even though I prefer 5SOS's contribution over The Chainsmokers).

47. Jonas Brothers - “Cool:” Yup, they did have a comeback indeed. I do agree the song has a cool, laid--back vibe to it. It's not a song I listened to a lot, but I don't mind it whenever I do here it.


46. Halsey - “Nightmare:” NHT. Yeah, this does have a dark and edgy vibe to it. It was a bit more intense than I was anticipating, even though it's called "Nightmare." I wasn't really feeling this after a first listen, but I don't think it's bad either.

45. Lauren Daigle - “You Say:” This song is so different from the previous song, so it's funny how they are back-to-back on this set. :giggle:Yes, I also consider this more 2018, but I don't blame you for including it here on this list. It's a beautifully written and beautifully sung song. It became very popular, but it's deserving of its success. It's such a great song.

44. Ed Sheeran - “Beautiful People” (feat. Khalid): Yeah, I noticed Ed releasing a lot of songs at the same time. I do like this song though, even if it's not one I listened to as much as other Ed Sheeran songs. I agree about the laid back and airy feel of this song. It's got a nice vibe to it, and I enjoy it whenever I do hear it.

43. Camila Cabello - “Liar:” I heard this on Denise's list. I think it's okay, but it's one that would have to grow on me. I agree that the video is entertaining.

42. Dean Lewis - “Be Alright:” I like this song and featured it on my list last year. I agree that he emotes the song well. I like the lyrics too. It's a sad song, but I like the message of the song. It's better to move on and let go of someone who doesn't feel the same way.

41. Khalid - “Better:” I wasn't sure if I knew this song or not, but it sounds very familiar. His laid back style is cool, and it works well in this song. I do hear what you mean about the mumbling though. But still a good and enjoyable song, and I hear the similarity between this and "Beautiful People" too.


I see you've already posted your #1 song already, but I still plan to catch up on the whole list!

- Ooh yay for hearing about the HGS meme. Aww bummer this isn’t your cup of tea but I understand.

- Ahh I understand you being more familiar Con Calma without Katy. ad you find this song catchy and fun! Oooh thanks for the translation of the lyrics. That all makes sense. :lmao: 

- LOL omggg you quoting that part out. :dead: OK I can’t honestly remember that. I don’t know if Carrie had 4 singles that all crossed over and were played within the same year. That could be it or sometimes, some of her songs I get into really lat and listen to the next year. I know she’s had like 2 or 3 songs on the same countdown in the same year. But don’t worry, I do still love Carrie. Aww I get you considering Tequila more 2018. It was in the sense of how it was released but I got mrs familiarize with it in 2019. Oooh nice that tis is your favorite D+S song as it is for me currently. Yess they have achieved a lot over the last 2 years.

- Oooh interesting comments you have on NRO here. Ooh awww nooo I gotta disagree with you on the faster part because I love that part and that’s my favorite part of the song. :Dead: But i get how that part and the song can be too busy for you. Agree on the last sentence.

- Yayy for liking WDYL and all of your comments here. Iundrstand you preferring 5SOS on here.

- Yep JoBros had a great comeback in 2019. Yess cool and laid back are fitting words to describe this. I understand your comments.


- Oooh interesting how Nightmare as more intense than what you were expecting. 😮 Aww at it not doing much for you on first listen but at least you don’t dislike it.

- LMAO I didn’t even think of that but hahaha yess that is very true. :lmao: Hilarious how that happened. Aww yeah this was another song I heard much more and got familiar with in 2019. Agreed with you on this song being beautifully written and sung. Totally is. ❤️ 

- Mhmmm Ed sure has haha. Glad you like the laid back and airy feel of this song. I get how you don’t listen to this song as much as past Ed songs because the same applies. Agred on the last sentence too.

- Awww I see on your thoughts on Liar. I do think this song is a grower, so maybe you can give it some more listens.

- Yayy for liking Be Alright and having it on your 2018 list. Yess this song is very sad but it does have a good message to it.

- Ahh yay for Better sounding familiar to you. Yeah Khalid’s style is smooth and laid back and this style and these songs work with him. lol loops at the mumbling comment. Yeah I have similar thoughts on those two songs but since I hear and am more familiar with Better, that gave this song the advantage.


Yess I have, and yayyy I am so glad to hear this, Steven! 😄 Looking forward to the rest of your catch up comments! :hug:

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