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The Voice 17 ● Live Finale Winner Chosen ● Discussion

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Rose! :wub:


Her duet with Yolanda Adams is going to be INCREDIBLE. :omg: We won't deserve!


adam just performed bohemian rhapsody on idol's finale last season

Ooh true, but I feel like Idol doesn't have as many Idol alums it needs. :haha:

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is there an apple music bonus recipient this week?


According to rules there is a bonus for both original and cover song combine but for some reason they stop mentining the winner a couple weeks ago.

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ROSE & YOLANDA JUST KILLED THAT. :dead: We are not worthy of this epicness! :omg:


Well, he'll be another undeserving winner in a long line of undeserving winners on the show.

Yep. :closedeyes:


i think they're satisfied with just carrie tbh xD


yolanda adams is hella tall omg :fear:

True. :haha:

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