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The Voice 17 ● Live Finale Winner Chosen ● Discussion

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Jennifer Hudson may just be the best vocalist of our generation



If Jennifer was sitting in one of those chairs rn, she would be throwing all of her shoes at herself.


And it would be 100% deserved because she's amazing. It's a shame that America didn't really like her on the Voice.

Yess, 100% :haha:


Ugh I loved her as a coach on this show.

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She'll have three of the worst wins in the history of the show...she should be very proud :haha:


I definitely agree. Brynn was so mediocre. Chevel was Top 4 but not The Voice (and I had her on my fake Team), and Hoot, well he is the best of her 3, but still not what I would call The VOICE. No versatility. They made my Katie sing all different styles of songs!!

Still gonna hold 10% hope!

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