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Xfactor22’s The Voice S17 Redo

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  • 2 weeks later...

Xfactor22’s Voice Season 17 Redo-Battles Episode #3: “IDF’s Nightmare: A [Mostly] Countrifried Episode”




Ed Sheeran: I enjoyed both of you, but I really liked Kyndal’s interpretation.

Ava: After discussing with Taylor, we agree with Ed and are advancing Kyndal


Camila: This was pretty good. I don’t know who I’d choose

Stevie: Both of you have strengths, but I’m gonna advance Josie.


Taylor: Me and Ava thought this was a great performance but were moved by Ricky so much

Stevie: I have to advance Ricky.


Camila: This was nice. I preferred Elise

Ed: Both were great so it’s hard. I advance Marybeth



Taylor: We thought both sounded lovely. Ava said she prefer Max but I preferred Hello Sunday.

Ed: I’m advancing Max

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Xfactor22’s Voice Season 17 Redo-Battles Episode #4: “Believing” [/b]


Stevie:I enjoy Preston’s style but adore Calvin’s tone

Ed: I pick Calvin


Ed:Both have their strengths but I prefer Gracee

Camila: Gracee wins


Ava:You guys did I decent job but we both feel like Alex did better

Ed:Alex wins

Stevie steals Jessie


Camila: WOW, incredible. I prefer Melinda but Kat did awesome also!

Taylor: After discussing with Ava, we advance Kat

Camila steals Melinda

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Xfactor22’s Voice Season 17 Redo-Battles Episode #5: “Give It All You Got”



Stevie:I enjoy both but I wanna see more EllieMae

Camila:EllieMae advances to the knockouts


Ava:Both did great. I liked Marina better, but Taylor preferred Khalea

Stevie: I think Khalea dove into the emotion better, but Marina was good too. I pick Khalea



Stevie: Myracle, you’re tone is infectious. I like your voice and style Cali

Camila:Both of you are great, but I’m going to pick the voice we don’t hear much of on singing competitions. Myracle wins


Stevie: Hmm, I think I preferred Royce on this, but Zach did well even though this song was out of his wheelhouse.

Camila: I pick Royce.


Camila:Interesting choice. I fee like Matt did stronger, but that could be because this song fit him like a glove. Joana’s talent is undeniable though.

Ed: Matt wins

Ava and Taylor steal Joana







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KO round 1 

1. Marybeth Byrd “Remember You Young” vs.  Brooke Stephenson “Stars”

Marybeth wins


2.  Royce Lovett “She Loves Control” vs. Melinda Rodriguez “You Are Not Alone” 

Royce wins. Stevie and Ava/Taylor attempt to steal Melinda. She chooses Ava/Taylor.


3. Khalea Lynee “Nobody Knows” vs. Lauren Hall. “Turning Tables”

Khalea wins.


4.  Rose Short “Workin’ On It” vs. Katie Kadan “Who You Are”

Katie wins. All other coaches attempt to steal Rose. She picks Ed.

KO Round 2


1. Ricky Braddy “Confidence” vs. Jake HaldenVang “Gravity” 

Ricky wins


2. Mendeleyev “The Sound Of Silence” vs. Jared Herzog “Bubbly” 

Mendeleyev wins. Stevie steals Jared.


3. Kiara Brown “You Belong With Me” vs. Jessie Lawrence “Attention”

Kiara wins.

4. Max Boyle “Fix You” vs. Matt New “ DJ Got Us Fallin’ In Love”

Matt wins 






KO Round 3



1. Alex Guthrie “Budapest” vs. Calvin Lockett “If We Never Met” 

Calvin wins. 

2. Dane & Stephanie “I’ll Stand By You” vs. Destiny Rayne “It Will Rain”

Dane & Stephanie win.


3. Zoe Upkins “Keep On Loving You vs. Kat Hammock “Your Song”
Kat wins. Camila steals Zoe



1. Will Breman “Wild Things” vs. Injoy Fountain “Price Tag”


Will wins.  Camila and Ed attempt to steal Injoy. She chooses Camila

2.  Ricky Duran “Waterfalls” vs. EllieMae “What Part Of No”


Ricky wins. Ava/Taylor steak EllieMae


3. Gracee Shriver “Temporary Home” vs. Myracle Holloway “The Way I Am” 


Gracee wins.  

4. Steve Knill “See You Again” vs. Josie Jones “Girl In A Country Song” 

5. Kyndal Inskeep “Scars To Your Beautiful” vs. Joana Martinez “Lonely Generation”


as you can see there are eight  Ko steals. 

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Working on getting caught up. Once I get two playoff shows completed here, I’m making an official redo schedule, so I won’t delay any longer than I have.  At least the bright side to having two spring breaks is time to catch up on my redo. 

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Finishing S17 Timeline (I am using phone reminders to stay on top of the updates.)

Top 24 Episode 1:Team Ava/Taylor and Team Ed- May 13 4:00 PM
Top 24 Episode 2: Team Camila and Team Stevie-May 14 6:00 PM
Top 20 Episode 1: Team Ed and Team Stevie -May 15 12:09 PM
TOP 20 Episode 2: Team Ava/Taylor and Team Camila -May 17 1:00 PM
Top 16 Episode 1: All Teams -May 20 5:00 PM
Top 16 Episode 2: All Teams-May 21 6:00 PM
Top 13-May 24 2:00 PM
Top 12-May 25 6:00 PM
Top 9: May 28 7:00 PM
Top 6: May 30 4:00 PM
Top 3 Finale -June 4 3:00 PM
Finale Results-June 6:00 PM 
NOTE: While using my phone reminders means I won’t get behind, there is no guarantee I will not get ahead of my scheduled dates. 
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Xfactor22’s Voice 17 Redo Top 21 #1: Swap Twist and  Team Ava/Taylor and Team Ed 


            Before the performances start, a twist is introduc ed. Int this twist, rather than the coach's deciding the fate of their contestants in twists, the contestants will decide their own fate. Each team has have at least one contestant swapped for someone on another team the rules are

1. Each team has to have a deciding swapper (meaning asking another contestant to swap with them) once and only once, meaning there can only be four swap exchanges total

2. The contestant the deciding swapper asks on each team must agree to be swapped

3. Other than no more swaps after the fourth deciding swapper receives an agreement from the swap receiver, there is no limit to how many receiving swaps a team can have. 


Swap results:

1. Kat swaps with Dane & Stephanie

2. Marybeth swaps with EllieMae

3. Zoe swaps with Myracle

4. Kiara swaps with Calvin


Now on to the show:

1.    Dane & Stephanie “Unwritten”

  2.  Matt New “Lips Are Moving”
3.    Joana Martinez “Underdog”

4.     Rose Short “Wanted” (OneRepublic)

5.    Marybeth Byrd “Just TP See You Smile”

6.     Zoe Upkins “Everytime I Close My Eyes”

7.    EllieMae “Die From A Broken Heart”

8.    Mendeleyev “Safe And Sound

9.    Melinda Rodriguez “Endless Love”

10.    Kat Hammock “Malibu”

11.    Will Breman “Ain’t No Rest For The Wicked”

12.    Kiara Brown “When You Say Nothing At All”


Results in an hour

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Sorry for my lateness. First and only time it will happen from this moment on.


Xfactor22’s Voice 17 Redo Top 24 #2: Team Ava/Taylor and Team Ed  Results/Team Camila and Team Stevie Perform




The two people eliminated are.....EllieMae from Team Ed  and Marybeth Byrd from Team Ava/Taylor


Now on to Team Camila and Team Stevie

1.    Katie Kadan “A Thousand Years”

2.    Kyndal Inskeep “House Of The Rising Sun”

3.     Myracle Holloway In My Blood

4.    Gracee Shriver “Stuck Like Glue

5.    Jared Herzog “Dancing With a Stranger”

6.    Ricky Braddy “We Believe”

7.    Calvin Lockett “Secrets”

8.    Josie Jones "Folsom Prison Blues"

9.    Injoy Fountain "Confident"

10.    Khalea Lynee "Foolish Games"

11.    Ricky Duran "Mind Is A Prison"

12.    Royce Lovett "King Of Wishful Thinking"







Results and Top 20 performances to the schedule catch up will be up soon. 



Btw, why did this get moved to the games sections?







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Xfactor22’s  Voice 17 Redo: Last Catch Up Day.

Top 20:Team Ava/Swift and Team Camila Cabello

1.    Will Breman “So Am I” by Ava Max

2.    Gracee Shriver “You Keep Me Hangin’ On by The Supremes (Janelle Arthur Version)

3.    Joana Martinez “Ooh Child” by Hall & Oates

4.     Injoy Fountain “Stressed Out” by Twenty One Pilots

5.    Royce  Lovett “Perfect” by Ed Sheeran (Conkorah version)

6.    Myracle Holloway “The Way I Am”-Acoustic by Charlie Puth

7.    Melinda Rodriguez “Africa” by Toto

8.    Ricky Duran “Arms Of A Woman” by Amos Lee

9.    Mendeleyev “The Rose” by Bette Midler

10.    Dane & Stephanie “I’ll Stand By You” by The Pretenders

1.    Katie Kadan “Praying” by Kesha (Adam Christopher Version)

2.     Kyndal Inskeep “More Hearts Than Mine” by Ingrid Andress
3.    Matt New “I Choose You” by Sara Bareilles

4.    Kiara Brown “You Don’t Bring Me Flowers”  by Neil Diamond and Barbra Streisand

5.    Josie Jones “Any Man Of Mine” by Shania Twain[/url]

6.    Zoe Upkins “no tears left to cry” by Zoe Upkins

7.    Ricky Braddy “I’ll Be” by Edward McCain

8.    Calvin Lockett “Stand By My Girl” by Dan Auerbach

9.    Kat Hammock “September” by Eath, Wind, and Fire

10.    Rose Short “Kings & Queens” by Ava Max 

The people we say goodbye to in each team

Ava/Swift: Mendeleyev

Camila Cabello: Gracee Shriver

Stevie Wonder:

Ed Sheeran:

I’m going to start doing the reminders that I said I would do so I won’t have to do another one of these catch up days again. 

Anyways team standings:

1.    Will Breman
2.    Joana Martinez
3.    Melinda Rodriguez
4.    Dane & Stephanie

Team Stevie:
1.    Katie Kadan
2.    Josie Jones
3.    Kiara Brown
4.    Ricky Braddy


Team Camila

1. Myracle Holloway

2. Injoy Fountain

3. Royce Lovett

4. Ricky Duran


Team Ed:
1.    Kat Hammock
2.    Rose Short
3.    Kiara Brown
4.    Zoe Upkins



This means we say goodbye to Calvin Lockett, Matt New, Mendeleyev, and Gracee Shriver. They will sing us out. 

Calvin Lockett, Matt New, Mendeleyev, and Gracee Shriver “Someone You Loved”

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