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Thanks for all the feedback. The next part of this game is to have all the rankers cut one more show, leaving us with our Final 20 shows. However, before that happens, I'll allow five shows to advance straight to the Top 20.


Fifteen rankers advancing fifteen shows to the Top 20 is just too much. If I were to do that, then why bother with months of game play since I could've just allowed each ranker to pick a show from the start and let those shows be in the endgame. However, I'm willing to allow you all have a say in which five shows advance straight to the Top 20. 


1. All rankers will privately message me five shows they want to be in the Top 20.

2. The five shows with the most votes will be in the Top 20.

3. If there is a tie, then I'll have you all vote again between the tied shows.


Since you'll all be choosing five shows, hopefully that increases the odds of one of your choices advancing to the Top 20.


You all have 24 hours from now to send in your votes.


After five shows advance, we will be left with 30 shows eligible for elimination. You all will then cut that in half by having each of you eliminate one show. The fifteen shows that survive will be in the Top 20.


Hopefully you all like this final twist since I wasn't originally going to allow any shows to advance straight to the Top 20. :ph34rwave:

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Killing Eve
Mad Men
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Orphan Black
Please Like Me
Pretty Little Liars
Six Feet Under
South of Nowhere
That's So Raven
The Comeback
The Crown
The OC
The Office (US)
This Is Us




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47 minutes ago, Elliott said:

I've got RapidGator Premium and Google Drive so I gotchu. 😘 

Don't think I heard of RapidGator before? 😮 


39 minutes ago, 1234567890 said:

If it meant no final cuts...

martin lawrence thinking GIF


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3 minutes ago, Elliott said:

It's a file hosting website. :giggle:

Oooh okay.


And ahh this twist is realllyy interesting and cool. I like it. 😮 I hope some faves of mine can get selected.

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Just now, aliasocfan said:

When I know I should make some deals, but I am way too lazy... 

The struggle is real 


sasha banks wwe GIF

:dead: I know this feeling all too well.  But I am sticking with no deals so I doubt any of the 5 I choose will make it oh well.

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source.gif source.gif giphy.gif





The 10th season of RuPaul's Drag Race aired in 2018 on VH1, and it aired shortly after the 3rd season of All-Stars - it was a bit of an overkill as we didn't get a time to process the results of AS3. This season also saw the return of Eureka, who got injured in Season 9. Looking back at it now, the season was a tad bit underwhelming - I would assume due to AS3 just airing and people still loving S9.  I did enjoy the majority of the queens, the runway, and the challenges but the season is far from a being a top favorite of mine. Anyway, here are some highlights of Season 10:


  • The season starting with the queens working the runway in front of previous RPDR queens.
  • Vanessa Vanjie Mateo being eliminated and becoming an instant star with "Miss Vanjie" - references to her catchphrase were made throughout the entire season.
  • Monet X Change's infamous sponge dress, which is still one of the most iconic runway look of the season. 
  • The production tried to create some drama between Aquaria & Miz Cracker but it did not work. 
  • Tap That App: Yuhua don't understand the meaning of ugly while Asia killed the challenge with her ugly face. 
  • The Last Ball on Earth: The queens had to prepare 3 looks where Aquaria, Kameron, and Miz Cracker nailed it. 
  • Monet X Change & Kameron Michaels being the lipsync assassin of the season. And Kameron being the underdog & lipsyncing her way to the finale, literally. 
  • The Bossy Rossy Show: I thought the majority of the queens did. One of the most memorable moments of the challenge was from Miz Cracker whom should have won the challenge. Monique Heart being under the impression that her print for the Diamond & Denim was brown cow stunning.  
  • Blair St. Claire revealing her experience with sexual abuse. 
  • Snatch Game: Majority of the queens did a good job such as Eureka as Honey Boo Boo, Kameron as Chyna, Monet as Maya Angelou. But the real winner was Aquaria who slayed the competition as Melanie Trump. However, shout-out to the terrible performances of Asia as Beyonce (note: stop doing Beyonce on Snatch Game because it never goes well), The Vixen as Blue Ivy - she should have been able to slay it with Asia but they were both struggling, and Monique Heart delivering a terrible impersonation of Maxine Waters. 
  • The Unauthorized Cher Rusical: Kameron Michaels, that's all.
  • Makeover: Miz Cracker slaying the makeover with Chester See, and I thought Asia did a good job as well with Raymond Braun. 
  • American - another great music video; I was addicted with the song. 
  • The final LSFYL were meh. However, Asia may have been the winner if her butterflies reveal would have worked. 
  • Eureka vs. The Vixen throughout the entire season, especially in Untucked. 
  • RuPaul vs. The Vixen during the reunion. 
  • The queens delivering on the runway! 


tumblr_p615snfiGE1tddlqho1_400.gif?resize=500,500 tumblr_p62d05nA8Q1vev4f2o6_250.gif tumblr_p62d05nA8Q1vev4f2o2_250.gif tenor.gif

tumblr_p6lc98djba1rwdw1wo2_250.gifv tumblr_p6sbaxrBa51vev4f2o9_250.gif tumblr_p6sbaxrBa51vev4f2o5_250.gif AW0Umot.gif

tumblr_p7aunwZLVf1rwdw1wo4_250.gifv tumblr_p6s442U0fn1u8nm9do4_500.gifv tumblr_p78zz2ghKT1ws2d4ao1_500.gif aquaria-shapes-outfit.gif?w=367

0574317d93d26f5bf687b8b6d888017e.gif tumblr_p757rbZdPo1vev4f2o4_250.gif tumblr_p7hwyiE0Lz1vev4f2o4_250.gif miz-cracker-teeth-1528612430-1528612432.gif

10cWjaC.gif tumblr_p7va2xsJ4h1vev4f2o4_250.gif tumblr_p7va2xsJ4h1vev4f2o7_250.gif tumblr_p7va2xsJ4h1vev4f2o6_250.gif

a106e09bca1b1e030c52d639cfee013d.gif tumblr_p86lc9Kw2P1vmre6to1_400.gifv tumblr_p881oxo7df1vev4f2o4_250.gif tumblr_p881oxo7df1vev4f2o7_250.gif

tumblr_p8kd2nfRQE1xqttxjo1_500.gif?resize=500,425 giphy.gif tumblr_p8kxem5RMT1vev4f2o2_250.gif tumblr_p9bdzaL6pJ1vev4f2o1_250.gif

tumblr_paduuy2TNZ1vev4f2o2_250.gif tumblr_p9bdzaL6pJ1vev4f2o3_250.gif 22C2B6625E08319B8A8857AD6F0D45AD3EC22567 giphy-16.gif?resize=600,338



tumblr_p5urwuEurC1wooqugo1_540.gif gif4.gif 


1*o22LEGomFTer-KnEPantiQ.gif tenor.gif?itemid=12277640


tumblr_p6kryrzSYj1tddlqho2_540.gifv giphy.gif


 tenor.gif?itemid=11777574 tenor.gif?itemid=11938830


  NeighboringPepperyAustraliankestrel-size_restricted.gif tenor.gif?itemid=11737382


tenor.gif?itemid=11643126 tenor.gif?itemid=13730262





c746dc_4b13bb9e50a84c8fad22dec0f4131e16~mv2.gif tenor.gif?itemid=12219945



sTVykLD.gif tumblr_p7nahregDw1qlvwnco1_500.gifv

Pound the Alarm - Monet X Change & Dusty Ray Bottom


feb-14-2019-21-14-34.gif zbdctuou3nhwdgdvjiz9xsdlvpij7j81qbtx1hvbaztfxvoqrfnbyusdnpcefnip.gif

 Cut to the Feeling - Monique Heart & The Vixen

aydvzueas0mfbf0au1f4fxgg5hksdw12spyp2fe5chqufjpjt7c1xgz7gkp2zxoi.gif giphy.gif
Groove Is in the Heart - Asia O'Hara & The Vixen


New Attitude - Kameron Michaels & Eureka

tumblr_p99q5z9zzR1wk0giso3_250.gifv tumblr_p99q5z9zzR1wk0giso4_500.gifv

Good as Hell - Kameron Michaels & Monet X Change






Season 11 aired in 2019, and the season was filled with queens that killed it on the runway. As a whole, the season was a bit mediocre as it did not give us that many iconic lipsyncs beside a few. And the performance in the challenges were a bit disappointing; the productions were more worried about promoting the romance between two queens. That being said, Season 11 highlights were;


  • Vanjie's return to the competition and having a real rudemption. 
  • Brooke Lynn Hytes being the first Canadian, and slaying the runway week after week. And killing it at the runway, and during the dance challenges.
  • Brooke Lynn & Vanjie's romance.
  • Shuga Cain nailing it on the runway, and being done dirty by the production.
  • Scarlett Envy being delusional.
  • Silky Nutmeg Ganache draining the air time from everyone else.
  • Silky Nutmeg Ganache poor performance in the lipsyncs after saying that she was ready to lipsync. 
  • Soju becoming a meme queen, but not as iconic as Vanjie.
  • Vanjie being hilarious in the comedy challenge.
  • The first 6-way lipsync when Team Mariah lost their challenge because they did not know enough about their overbearing diva.
  • Snatch Game being one of the most underwhelming snatch game, ever.


tumblr_poc7twADX91xd8n0co4_400.gifv tumblr_pnoywoKZVH1qfgaifo4_250.gifvtumblr_po2ju0SkXx1xd8n0co1_400.gifv tumblr_po2ju0SkXx1xd8n0co5_400.gifv 

 tumblr_poc7twADX91xd8n0co5_400.gifv mar-18-2019-15-08-50.gif tenor.gif  

tumblr_pofl7vlmgm1vaqrudo4_250.gifv GiCZfgB.gif tumblr_pokgdi3ud41xd8n0co3_400.gifv 

tumblr_pos5v0kXc81xyhrpgo1_400.gif?w=880&ssl=1 tumblr_pu4myy0p9P1xd8n0co1_400.gifvtenor.gif?itemid=13787419 tumblr_posqs2HfUX1u76v57o4_250.gifv 

tumblr_pp5cf5GlBn1xd8n0co2_400.gifv tumblr_pp5cf5GlBn1xd8n0co3_r1_400.gifvtumblr_pp95tyUMTE1xd8n0co3_r1_400.gifv tumblr_pp5cf5GlBn1xd8n0co4_r2_400.gifv 

remember-ogre-from-tekken.gif FV1bZSz.gif apr-07-2019-19-20-05.gif 

b1d7ab1a8faa9e3dfbf19f0b4036f85e.gif K0yvfe2.gif tumblr_ppu1vboJHA1v3gybk_400.gifv 

 tumblr_ppwpmkJslW1xd8n0co5_400.gifv f1XeSKf.gif tumblr_pq8gnhZ64u1xyhrpgo1_250.gifv  

  tumblr_pqkyfusjRb1v3gybk_540.gif rnFQD41.gif tumblr_pqkyfsVq0N1v3gybk_540.gif   

  0927bae562f8769ef69eae5e8d0f6aa6.gif giphy.gif tumblr_psefpzniIR1xo55p6o1_500.gifv   



giphy-5.gif 73-Ross.gif


05-Scarlet.gif b0cc1fa9a6b88e93b9b70d9cd4deb091.gif


f8204fe8a3b1a23660e3c2309a387aae.gif 67-Mercedes.gif


tumblr_podxhmw2Po1tddlqho2_500.gifv tumblr_podxhmw2Po1tddlqho1_500.gifv


tumblr_ppvdfkwQnK1rbmid4o2_400.gifv tumblr_ppvdfkwQnK1rbmid4o1_400.gifv tumblr_ppvdfkwQnK1rbmid4o4_400.gifv

tumblr_ppvdfkwQnK1rbmid4o5_400.gifv tumblr_ppvdfkwQnK1rbmid4o3_400.gifv tumblr_ppvdfkwQnK1rbmid4o6_400.gifv


tumblr_pqec7ktL4B1qb5qxmo1_500.gifv may-13-2019-22-20-42.gif



X39C96O.gif group3.gif?w=379

Waiting For Tonight - A'Keria C. Davenport, Honey Davenport, Plastique Tiara, Ra'Jah O'Hara, Scarlet Envy, Shuga Cain


tumblr_pqecarINuU1qb5qxmo2_500.gifv tumblr_pqecarINuU1qb5qxmo1_500.gifv

Sorry Not Sorry - Brooke Lynn Hytes & Yvie Oddly


may-13-2019-22-14-30.gif may-13-2019-22-13-55.gif

No Scrubs - Silky Nutmeg Ganache & Nina West (Side Note: Worst LSFYL)


tumblr_pscl0wQDlq1t9797g_400.gifv tumblr_pscl0yT0oe1t9797g_400.gifv tumblr_pscl0zX1hc1t9797g_500.gifv

Bootylicious - Brooke Lynn Hytes & Silky Nutmeg Ganache 
(Included for Silky making a fool of herself)


giphy-3.gif?w=880&ssl=1 tumblr_psd2h1gqM81y6r1hdo7_500.gifv

Edge of Glory - Yvie Oddly & Brooke Lynn Hytes






All Stars 4 aired in 2018, before the premiere of Season 11! For the 4th season of All Stars, we saw the return of 2 beloved queens whom appeared on Season - Latrice Royale & Manila Luzon. If I am being honest, I was a bit disappointed with the queens they chose to return; the season was not my favourite at all especieally the outcome of the season. But some highlights of the season includes;


  • Talent show: I was actually impressed with the majority of the queens especially Manila Luzon & Gia Gunn. The talent show also saw some not some good moment such as Farrah Moan's fall during her burlesque routine, and Jasmine Masters not so funny stand-up. 
  • Kacey Musgraves judging during the "Super Girl Groups, Henny" where Valentina was the highlight.
  • Snatch Game of Love: They tried to revamp Snatch Game which was okay - Manila, Trinity, and Naomi Smalls were the highlights. 
  •   Roast in Peace: A roast of Lady Bunny which did not really have any standout performances beside Manila if I am being honest.
  • LaLaPaRuza to ensure Latrice's returns to the competition, and Gia Gunn should have been brought back due to her lipsync against Naomi Smalls.
  • The Club Challenge was a tad bit boring but it gave us Club 96!
  • Makeover Challenge ruining Manila's trajectory, and Naomi Smalls having the N in C.U.N.T when she sent Manila home.
  • 2 queens were crowned the winners. #joke 
  • Runway was dominated by Manila; looking back at it there was not any standout looks beside hers and a few queens.
  • Monique Heart relying on "Brown Cow Stunning"
  • Valentina living her french vanilla fantasy, and giving us some iconic confessional. 


tumblr_pk4ateCPSe1rnvzjvo2_250.gifv source.gif tumblr_psh3x4h4yK1rx7mj9o4_250.gifv 


tumblr_pn8elsWgHe1rfztr3o3_250.gifv monique-heart-runway-1.gif?w=367 tumblr_pkuo7gie0O1ws5hnbo2_250.gifv  


monique-heart-runway.gif?w=367 84750d26e39c0d2a90406d26a9c060ad.gif 


latrice-runway.gif?w=367 tumblr_plx3b8aDbX1slns15o5_500.gif


naomi-extra1.gif?w=379 tumblr_pn2czuj6or1rfztr3o4_500.gif



tenor.gif?itemid=13215786 tenor.gif?itemid=13215791


tumblr_pjljh5DeSb1w5ze0oo1_500.gifv giphy.gif


tumblr_pmr4eqTpXz1y6r1hdo5_250.gifv tumblr_pmr4eqTpXz1y6r1hdo2_250.gifv tumblr_pmr4eqTpXz1y6r1hdo4_250.gifv

tumblr_pmr4eqTpXz1y6r1hdo1_250.gifv tumblr_pmr4eqTpXz1y6r1hdo6_r1_250.gifv tumblr_pmr4eqTpXz1y6r1hdo8_250.gifv


giphy.gif naomi-smalls-lifes-not-fair.gif?w=367


fwpvazbpgtj31.gif BraveDependableJackrabbit-size_restricted.gif


tumblr_pk5a7x1opA1wga93eo5_500.gifv Dec-24-2018-03-07-00.gif



source.gif tumblr_inline_pk4rxpFkjJ1us65tr_540.gif?resize=480,270

Into You - Valentina & Monet X Change


tumblr_pkh8d2XdDd1rnvzjvo2_r1_400.gifv tumblr_pkh8d2XdDd1rnvzjvo4_r1_400.gifv

How Will I Know - Manila Luzon & Trinity The Tuck


monique4.gif?w=379 monique-heart-lip-sync.gif?w=367

The Bitch Is Back - Monique Heart & Manila Luzon


tumblr_pl796v0Mkt1rnvzjvo2_400.gifv tumblr_pl796v0Mkt1rnvzjvo4_400.gifv

Jump to It - Manila Luzon & Monet X Change


tumblr_plkgpcfLgt1usdtwzo1_400.gifv gia4.gif?w=379

Adrenaline - Naomi Smalls & Gia Gunn



Come Rain or Come Shine - Naomi Smalls & Monet X Change



And now this concludes my write-up for RPDR! If it was not obvious, RuPaul's Drag Race is one of my favourite reality-tv competition and it has been the case for some time. And it is one of the few shows where I religiously follow some of the contestants on social media or support by buying some merchandise. And despite all the issues we may have with the show or the queens, I find it refreshing to see that a show that premiered on unknown network become such a sensation. From winning at the Emmy's to becoming the face of LGBTQ+ for many individuals, I certainly hope this show continues to live one for many years to come - it gives a chance to a lot of small town queens to make it big, and that's the real highlight of the show on top of trying its best at educating our allies about our struggles. In the end, the show is the perfect example of reality TV competition - changing someone's life, whether they win or lose. 

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Veronica Mars






Ok I tried to wait and see if a real fan of the show would do a better write-up but since that was not the case, now I have to do it. Veronica Mars is a show that was pretty famous back in 2004 when it premiered. I remember hearing about the show but never really had the chance to watch it and see what all the fuss was about. The show starred Kristen Bell in what I believe was the role that catapulted her into stardom. The show aired for three seasons before its first cancellation on 2007. A continuation film would be released on 2014, after a fundraising campaign through Kickstarter started by Bell herself. A fourth season of the show would then premiere last year with a total of eight episodes on Hulu. According to its wikipedia page there are no further plans for a fifth season as of now.


The show revolves around high school student, Veronica Mars, that while going through school also works as a private investigator under her detective father wings. Each episode deals with a case that Veronica tries to solve meanwhile also working in a more complex mystery that is developed throughout the season.


The first season deals with the murder of Veronica's best friend Lily Kane. 




The second season deals with the the high school bus plunging off a cliff, killing almost everyone. Veronica tries to discover why the bus crashed.




Season 3 deals with the Hearst serial rapper and murder later on the season. 





The movie is set 9 years after the events of season 3 where Veronica returns to her hometown Neptune to investigate the death of a former classmate allegedly mudered by Veronica's ex, Logan.




The final season is set five years after the events of the film with Veronica now living with Logan in Neptune while still solving mysteries. This season she deals with a case of bombings on several Sprig Break locations that involve suspects from the State Congress and the Mexican Cartel.





The series has a loyal fandom and has also been received critical acclaim especially for its first two seasons. The third season is considered to be the worst reviewed, meanwhile the film and fourth season both received great reviews. 


Like I said, I've never watched this show nor do I plan to as the premise doesn't appeal to me and there's too many seasons already for me to start watching it now. But I know is a beloved series and it looks to be a great show. Kudos to all the fans to helping Veronica Mars to last this long.







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My fave from the lipsyncs that episode is Kitty Girl tbh. I was really impressed by Farrah (who's not known as a lipsyncer) and Valentina (her moves were crisp and precise and funny). 


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Another really great Drag Race write-up @*Chris and it's fun seeing gifs I recognize. :haha: 


Great write-up of Veronica Mars there too @.Rei VM is a minor fave of mine so I am pleasantly surprised it made it this far and happy it did too. I loved what I watched of it but got to watch more of it sometime.

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The Americans




I don't know this show.  So you pair that in addition to the need to be petty and you have this show being cut.  The American's is a spy show that aired on FX.  It was on the station for six seasons from January 2013 to May 2018.  The show stars Keri Russell as Elizabeth Jennings and Matthew Rhys as Phillip Jennings.  Both are a pair of KGB operatives.  The show takes place shortly after President Reagan was put into office.  Look at it now, the show seems sort of interesting, but not enough to regret getting it cut.  Sorry to the couple of fans it has, but 36th place is amazing.  



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3 hours ago, Elliott said:

@.Rei I was going to do a VM write-up today. :dead:


@*Chris Gia has several lyric flubs during Adrenaline. :haha: 

Still love it - not perfect but I remember it the most out of all those lipsyncs. Didn’t really care MoMo and Latrice.

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11 minutes ago, 1234567890 said:

I think you're done, Chris? So amazing RPDR write-ups. I can see why it took so long and admire the dedication it took. :wub: 

Yup, they’re all done now!Thanks Vicky ❤️ 


time to focus on DA - won’t be as detailed cause I Don’t want to spoil too much :haha:

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