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I'm officially back and settled into my home after two weeks of being in the hospital.

Thank you to everyone who reached out during this difficult family time. ❤️ My mom was released from the hospital this evening and I'm staying with her as much as possible. I am so happy she's home an

I'll be taking a break from IDF today. A body has been found. I love you all. ❤️ Please tell your family and friends that. You never know what could happen to anyone of us. I love you, Naya. You did

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2 minutes ago, 1234567890 said:

She is. Does Cassadee even count since she got her start on Hey Sunday?

Considering how she’s doing better than she ever did with Hey Monday or right after her win, yes. A significant chunk of the fans she has nowadays aren’t from back then.

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19 minutes ago, *Chris said:


Quick write-up which will be updated later but I want to save a guilty pleasure of mine. I am cutting The Hughleys which is a show I've never seen -  I apologize to any fans of this show. The show started in the 1990s so kind of makes sense why I am cutting it. It lasted until 2002. It aired on ABC. It follows the family of The Hughleys -  the main character is a business owner and him & his family are adjusting to the life in a white neighborhood. It stars  D. L. Hughley, Elise Neal, Eric Allan Kramer, John Henton, Ashley Monique Clark, Dee Jay Daniels and Marietta DePrima. Is this 100 words? If not, it also moved to the UPN after ABC cancelled so good on UPN for saving it. Will update it later!


I'm a fan of this show.... but I'm fine with its cut at this point, as I saved it a bunch of times and still have bigger similar faves remaining. 😛 


19 minutes ago, Elliott said:

Just look at Riverdale.

Well I mean a lot of shows do. :lmao:


18 minutes ago, ~Tom~ said:

I would love to cut Big Bother (I only watched part of season 15, gross, and Kaitlyn's infamous challenge fail) yet for some reason CGF only wants to nominate the Canadian version. 

He's never watched BBCAN. :haha: I love both shows of course, even though BBUS has a lot of better seasons than you know. So I feel sorry you had to witness BB15. :haha: 


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22 minutes ago, *Chris said:

Also Revenge is one show that got messy, real quick. 


21 minutes ago, ~Tom~ said:

I loved Revenge at first but it went downhill quickly so no issues with it going here. 

Oooh ahhh I had no idea about this. Sorry it got messy and went downhill - but glad it's an okay cut. :haha: 


20 minutes ago, QueenKalie said:

Most of them release music and a lot of it is good even if it doesn't ever make them super famous. Not like I need to listen to only people that make it big on the radio like Wally does 

Now why you gotta bring me in on this conversation in this way? I watch and enjoy The Voice too + have no shame in following mainstream music.


20 minutes ago, Elliott said:

If that was the case with Wally, Tempo would've been higher than 103. :/ #stilljudging



And lol check out my latest set. 😘 

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19 minutes ago, Elliott said:

A lovely example for the show to use.

LOL I was gonna say.... is she a good example to mention? :ph34rwave:


19 minutes ago, miss denise said:

Your favorite. ❤️ 

Of course..... I knew i had to use a gif for that dance and of one of my all-time favorites when saving the show. :haha: I wish I could have found a different gif but no luck.

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This is what should be what’s left: (!) 




The Flash

Grey's Anatomy


Kitchen Nightmares

Nancy Drew

The Great British Baking Show

The Surreal Life

The Only Way Is Essex

The Soup

The Suite Life on Deck

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michelle obama frases GIF

Blep this show although  i do love me some Jennette McCurdy and take her side over Ariana Grande like any day of the week so for her alone I am sorry for this cut but the rest of this show? it's a no my friends. So unfunny, so lame, so not cool and yes I have seen it because the little kid I used to baby sit had a weird obsession with this show and the main actess Miranda Croscove? I think that is her name I am too tired to google this right now because I need to save Glee before someone cuts it. that didn't age well


 anyway this show was odd to me and sorry Freddie, you suck. Sam is the only redeeming part of this show


Saving Grey's Anatomy

Edited by *Diana
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you give a show some time when it starts to go downhill (it has a chance to recover right?) but at some point you have to cut your losses and just look for a better show to watch. My fave example of that is Homeland

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