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I'm officially back and settled into my home after two weeks of being in the hospital.

Thank you to everyone who reached out during this difficult family time. ❤️ My mom was released from the hospital this evening and I'm staying with her as much as possible. I am so happy she's home an

I'll be taking a break from IDF today. A body has been found. I love you all. ❤️ Please tell your family and friends that. You never know what could happen to anyone of us. I love you, Naya. You did

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Glee really wanted to be progressive, interesting, and a good representation of the outcasts of high school and of life, but they failed almost every step of the way. They had a good first season! I will certainly give if that! However, it all went downhill from there, the plotlines got messy as hell, and some of the content was just borderline offensive. Truthfully I have not seen most seasons of the show! I've heard what happens and have done my own research. So if some moments are better in context than they seem please let me know and I'll edit my writeup. A buyback's inevitable so I'm sure all you fans will bring it back anyways lol. The ableist school shooting episode is pretty much what put the show over the line for me, but it's not like that was its only straw. Sue Sylvester is truly a monster who is treated like a joke even though I'm reading that she literally drugged and raped the principal and blackmailed him. The school bully is secretly gay and dates the kid he bullied's ex boyfriend and we're supposed to be okay with that?? A student gets suspended for not wearing an outfit the Mr. Schue wants her to wear for a number because she's not comfortable with it?? These are just a few examples of some major problems the show had. I have to go to a meeting but if you all need more reasons why this show is f*cked and deserves to be cut I'll gladly edit them in later. And it's flatout bad after arguably the first two seasons. Like it doesn't need to be cut just for being problematic as hell. The show stopped being good. It just did. I gave it three seasons so if anyone wants to argue it got better after the third...I mean I guess you can try but is that really the case? Lol I highly doubt that based on what people who actually like the show have said. It should have ended after the main kids graduated and then MAYBE it would deserve a much higher placement. But 2 (more like 1 and a half) decent seasons out of 6 does not warrant a high placement. Along with the COUNTLESS other issues it has.


Save Big Brother Canada

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3 minutes ago, Alex95 said:


They had a good first season! I will certainly give if that!

But 2 (more like 1 and a half) decent seasons out of 6 does not warrant a high placement.

Not even that much. In typical Ryan Murphy fashion, it was messy as hell after the first 13 episodes when they kept trying to appease all of the fans.

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Just now, *Chris said:

For a show you guys hate or barely seen, some of you sure have lots of emotions regarding it. 

And if your points is to make us feel bad for liking it then lol. 

I mean you supported me laying out my reasons for cutting The Big Bang Theory. It's nothing personal and you don't need to feel bad for liking it. I just think you should understand why people dislike it and felt it needed to be an early cut.

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Just now, 1234567890 said:

Elliott watched and I thought liked Glee so why is he jumping on this hype train? :dead:

I also watch The Voice.


I hated most of the second season, and while I liked parts of the third and fourth seasons (come to think of it, I think I stopped watching around the middle of season four), I wouldn't say I loved them. The only episode I saw of its last two seasons was the tribute to Cory Monteith.

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Just now, 1234567890 said:

I'm sorry for you. :dead:

Only because of Kelly. :broken: And when there's nothing else on TV. Otherwise, I just watch the performances on YouTube since it takes about 5 minutes with how little time they spend on the contestants.

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8 minutes ago, Alex95 said:

A buyback's inevitable


10 minutes ago, *Diana said:

so like will there be a bring back? asking for a friend? 🥰


8 minutes ago, *Wallace said:

I've been asking this ever since Everybody Hates Chris got cut. :dead: I am sure there will be though.


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