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Television Shows Rankdown

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I'm officially back and settled into my home after two weeks of being in the hospital.

Thank you to everyone who reached out during this difficult family time. ❤️ My mom was released from the hospital this evening and I'm staying with her as much as possible. I am so happy she's home an

I'll be taking a break from IDF today. A body has been found. I love you all. ❤️ Please tell your family and friends that. You never know what could happen to anyone of us. I love you, Naya. You did

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2 minutes ago, QueenKalie said:

It was his choice I just copy and pasted it over so he gets the blame :haha:

Lol dang, you're harsh throwing your partner under the bus. As a team, you should all take the blame together. 😛

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4 minutes ago, Elliott said:

How many times did you throw @Solaris under the bus in the second DWTS rankdown? 🙂 

Only once and that was when the game was ending. And then I threw myself under the bus afterwards. :P 


And usually at the end of the game, you reveal your game secrets and plotting. :haha: 

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The Flash
Big Brother Canada
The Bachelorette
So You Think You Can Dance
Gossip Girl
Grey's Anatomy
Kitchen Nightmares
Wizards of Waverly Place
Nancy Drew
Samantha Who?
Rules of Engagement
The Great British Baking Show
The Surreal Life
The Only Way Is Essex
The Soup
The Suite Life on Deck
The Hughleys

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frustrated selena gomez GIF


I haven't seen it, but since Selena Gomez stars in it, I'm sure it's horrible.


According to Wikipedia, Jake T. Austin is also in it, and apparently he's a big enough douchebag that not even Victoria likes him. I do know that David Henrie is in it, but more on that later. A Disney sitcom, Wizards of Waverly Palace ran for four seasons and... 110 episodes, WTF? I see that 65-episode limit thing Disney used to do (So Weird and Lizzie McGuire deserved better) was long gone by this point.


The show is about three magical siblings competing to win custody of the family's magic. That plot line doesn't make sense to me because... why would't they each just keep their powers? Wouldn't their parents control the family's magic? What happens when they're all married as adults? I need answers to these questions, but not really because I don't care. Apparently it was a popular show and won awards, as well as spinning off two movies. It seems like it did well because it came out admits the Harry Potter hype. Let's hope these creators aren't transphobic!


Also David Henrie is in, which I knew of from frequently seeing these gifs back when Tumblr was a thing:







So in conclusion:

new york i know his dick is big GIF


SAVE: Rugrats

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3 minutes ago, Alex95 said:

Nothing personal y'all just like with my Big Bang Theory cut! Just had to be done and I'll explain why!!

Because the Karofsky/Kurt storyline in S2 was absolute horsesh*t that never should've been approved?

Because Will was too close to his students?

Because it made Lea Michele famous?

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