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Keeping Up with Scotty


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If you missed this mornings interview..








Scotty McCreery joined the morning show this AM to have a little fun and answer rapid fire questions. Here's the full interview:


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Today's "Best Of" The O.G. with just wants State to bring home something.

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https://bit.ly/2wEN90A           ...click here for call in interview which I think was recorded ..but still fun !

Mobile phone







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23 minutes ago, tfortexas said:

that doesn't look like Scotty's legs, but who knows



 All is well..Its actually Andrew Robinson or 'BIRD' as they call him. Just saw a pic from yesterday and hes wearing an ankle brace..and hes sporting a slight beard also.

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Scotty McCreery
· 1h
I'll definitely be watching Brad live on Facebook at 9:00 PM ET (8:00 PM CT) with the Bud Light Dive Bar Tour Home Edition. Will you? Hmmm...I wonder if he could use a guest? I may have to give him a call... https://twitter.com/BradPaisley/status/1246159770983243777



















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