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Keeping Up with Scotty


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Fast foreward to about the 35 min mark for Scotty . This was recorded when Avery was about 3 months but posted only recently . 


Worth the listen ....turns out 1 has family that are neighbours with Scotty in Linville ..!! LOL 

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What an amazing group that came together for Abby ....❤️


About last night! It was one for the books! QDR was able to help be a part of a huge surprise for Abby Norris of Clayton for her 16th Birthday. Abby’s life is precious just like us all, but her condition will not allow her to do things that most of us will be privileged to do. Abby has Osteogenesis Imperfecta, a very rare disease that causes brittle bones. After hearing about her story and how much she has impacted the community through advocacy and much more, we had to help make-her-wish come true. Abby loves singing, performing, spending time with her friends, and being the life of the party! Her spirit is infectious and she leaves everyone she meets with a smile! After we aired her story on QDR one morning some of our listeners camed together and helped her family surprise Abby for her 16th Birthday party. It was a huge night that would not be possible without some amazing people! Thank you to Jason Michael Carroll for performing free of charge, Parker’s BBQ in Wilson for donating all of the food, Riccobene Associates Family Dentistry and Hometown Realty for providing the rental of The Clayton Center, Scotty McCreery for sending a personal video to Abby, plus a signed guitar, councilman Thompson for presenting Abby with a special award from the town of Clayton, legislature Donna White for having Abby recognized before the general assembly, and to everyone who helped make it all come together, thank you. There are just too many people to thank! QDR cares and we will always show up for our local community! Listen to Mike and Amanda in the morning tomorrow at 6:11 and 8:11 for the full story!

On a personal note, Amanda here, this is what I love the most about this job, and I will forever treasure the life changing experiences like this, that I have with our listeners.

Thanks special assistant producer Gray for working on your night off, I told ya, “it won’t be wasted time.”

We cannot wait to get to “work” in the morning!

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I’ve partnered with UScellular for their Locally Grown, Locally Live campaign to show them some of my favorite places around Garner, North Carolina.
FULL VIDEO from YT ...
I’m excited to give you a chance to create new memories with me at Summerfest Music Festival in Milwaukee on July 8th! Click here to sign up for a chance to win the VIP Fan Experience: https://locallygrown.uscellular.com/
Rules: http://bit.ly/3Er5bTW
💡 Learn more about the UScellular here: https://www.uscellular.com/findUS

❤️ Enjoyed this video? Let me know in the comments! —————————————————————————


Scotty McCreery’s Story: 00:00 - Intro 00:02 - What is special about Garner, NC? 00:17 - What can you gain by putting your phone down and being present in the moment? 00:43 - Who is Gary Epperson? 01:15 - How does Garner, NC support you?

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Posted by All Access ...


  • Scotty McCreery Teams With UScellular For 'Locally Grown, Locally Live' Program

    by Jeff Lynn
    March 27, 2023 at 8:46 AM (PT)
  • credit-jeff-ray-2023-03-27.jpg

    McCreery (Photo: Jeff Ray)

    For the second straight year, USCELLULAR is presenting "Locally Grown, Locally Live," showcases for six national emerging Country artists from USCELLULAR-served communities, teamed with TRIPLE TIGERS RECORDS' artist SCOTTY McCREERY. Featured this year will be GREYLAN JAMES (KNOXVILLE, TN), KALIE SHORR (PORTLAND, ME), COREY KENT (BIXBY, OK), HAILEY WHITTERS (SHUEYVILLE, IA), and MORGAN WADE (FLOYD, VA). 

    The promotion kicks off TODAY (3/27) with a sweepstakes that runs through MAY 28th. The participating artists will all perform on the USCELLULAR Connection Stage at SUMMERFEST in MILWAUKEE on JULY 8th. Fans can also engage with the artists through a dedicated website at LocallyGrown.UScelluar.com, an original SPOTIFY playlist, and on USCELLULAR's social media channels. On APRIL 5th at 8p (CT), McCREERY will host an "Ask Me Anything" INSTAGRAM Live session, where fans can ask questions and interact with him. 

    McCREERY said, "I love how USCELLULAR is creating an opportunity for me and other artists to stay connected with fans in communities across the country. The amazing people in my hometown of GARNER, NC, helped give me my start in music, and it’s great to see that USCELLULAR is working in a similar way to show how they are committed to enriching the communities they serve."



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Surprise (not) - JellyRoll won the category where Scotty competed.  CMT might as well have announced it in neon lights the other day. he also won the Male Breakthrough Artist category.


HARDY and Laney W won collaborative video of the year.  (I actually thought this was a valid win).  Of course, this means the Video of the Year will go to either Carrie or Kane B and his wife.  I'm guessing it's Kane since he's co-hosting.

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Sorry ..cant find 5MM thread ....just going to post this here ...5MM has been surfacing more and more on Tik Tok recently ...




Trying To Understand TikTok? Maybe You Just Need ‘Five More Minutes.’

Scotty McCreery CD Cover

A few weeks ago, when Scotty McCreery noticed videos using his single “Five More Minutes” popping up on his TikTok “For You” page, he thought his fans were tagging him. “Then my friends started texting me, saying, ‘Dude, your song’s a viral trend right now,’” he tells Country Insider.

“Five More Minutes” recently reached No. 9 on TikTok’s all-genre U.S. Top Tracks chart, with more than 367 million views of more than 230,000 videos featuring a clip from the song. It’s the first time McCreery’s label, Triple Tigers, has had a song on the chart.

Triple Tigers VP of Marketing Laura Hostelley started seeing increased activity on the 6-year-old song in late March. “I got notifications there were increases in Canada and the United Kingdom and the Netherlands and the United States,” Hostelley says. “That’s when we started to dig in and see the impact this was having.”


McCreery wrote “Five More Minutes” with Frank Rogers and Monte Criswell two weeks after the death of his paternal grandfather, Bill McCreery, in 2015. The singer’s first single after signing with Triple Tigers, it started a string of five chart-topping singles and inspired a pair of Hallmark holiday movies.

The organic trend has TikTok users showing life experiences they wish could have lasted “five more minutes” or sharing videos of family members, friends and pets. “I think the most popular one shows a very old dog, and the text said, ‘She didn’t know it was going to be her last nose boop,’” Triple 8 Management VP of Marketing, Allison Bostrom says.

According to Hostelley, the trend reached an inflection point when a user uploaded a template with the song clip to a video-editing app called CapCut. “Once you get into that app, as people are browsing templates to use on TikTok, it goes to a new level organically,” Hostelley says.

According to Hostelley, the song’s popularity on TikTok led to a resurgence at DSPs, as well. At Amazon Music, streams since March 14 more than doubled those of the previous three weeks. Spotify saw a similar spike, with more than half of the streams coming from user libraries rather than editorial or algorithmic playlisting. Apple Music listeners began streaming “Five More Minutes” more than McCreery’s current single, “It Matters to Her.” And 38,000 people have Shazamed the song during the past four weeks, up from 2,900 over the four weeks previous.


McCreery eventually joined the trend, posting a TikTok video of his paternal grandfather on Tuesday. “I wrote this song for my Grandpa years ago and it’s always been one of my favorites,” he wrote in an accompanying caption. “It’s been incredible seeing all of your stories using this song on here.”

Trends like this provide an easy way into TikTok for radio people who have yet to master the platform and don’t know what to post. Rather than having to start from scratch, they have a topic proven to resonate with other users. It involves a song the country audience already loves from an artist they already know. In this particular case, it also comes with a template for editing videos and thousands of stories to reference as examples. Finally, the trend offers a natural tie-in to the station and an easy call to action for listeners to share their videos.

“If they can use the trend in a way that makes sense for the station, that would be great,” Bostrom says.

Hostelley suggests connecting the trend to McCreery songs being played on the radio — whether it’s “Five More Minutes” or “It Matters to Her,” which is closing in on the Top 10 — then directing listeners to TikTok or other social media platforms where they can view a video. “Playing the song and talking about it on air makes a lot of sense,” Bostrom says, “especially given the number of users on TikTok that listen to the radio as well.”

McCreery recommends personalities watch for country songs trending on TikTok and create their own videos as a way to engage with their audiences. “It’s awesome that ‘Five More Minutes’ has been getting so big in the last couple of weeks, but maybe next week it’s a Luke Combs song or a Maddie & Tae song,” he says.

“You write songs hoping people will connect to them. The song’s still popular in our shows, but to see it get a new life on a new medium with new people connecting to it, that’s awesome.” — Brian Mansfield



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Previous Certification(s) | Date(s) Category Type Certified Units Genre info.png
MAY 5, 2017 3x Multi-Platinum | April 17, 2023 SOLO Digital 3 Million COUNTRY
  2x Multi-Platinum | January 16, 2020
  Platinum | May 21, 2018
  Gold | February 9, 2018







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...and this is one of  the funniest  I have seen ......

Blue’s never really been our color anyway.






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