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Rank the T8's Semifinal Performances!



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  1. 1. Best Solo of the night!

    • Hello Sunday - Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing
    • Jake Hoot - Desperado
    • Kat Hammock - Somewhere Only We Know
    • Katie Kadan - Lady Marmalade
    • Marybeth Byrd - Before He Cheats
    • Ricky Duran - Let It Be
    • Rose Short - I Want to Know What Love Is
    • Will Breman - Locked Out of Heaven
  2. 2. Best Duet of the night!

    • Hello Sunday/Kat Hammock - We Belong
    • Jake Hoot/Marybeth Byrd - Up Where We Belong
    • Katie Kadan/Rose Short - Express Yourself
    • Ricky Duran/Will Breman - Your Love
  3. 3. Best Overall!

    • Hello Sunday
    • Jake Hoot
    • Kat Hammock
    • Katie Kadan
    • Marybeth Byrd
    • Ricky Duran
    • Rose Short
    • Will Breman

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Rose - would have been perfect if it wasn't for the stupid backdrop they chose

Katie - letting these other artists breathe, queen of selflessness

Ricky - this could've been a moment...but it wasn't quite there


Jake - he got some pr training for sure...

Marybeth - not enough stage presence

Hello Sunday - chelsea's growth is so stannable, but myla...

Kat - this is too much and too little at the same time



Will - abominable



Katie/Rose - deserved better...

Jake/Marybeth - aww cute


Hello Sunday/Kat - sunday in a hammock...

Ricky/Will - ricky deserved better






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Rose :icecream:



1. Rose



2. Ricky Duran

3. Katie Kadan

4. Kat Hammock

5. Jake Hoot

6. Will Breman



7. Hello Sunday



8. Marybeth



Forgot duets oops


1. Rose/Katie

2. Maelyn/Rod - Idc if this isn't the right season



3. Jake/Marybeth

4. Ricky/Will

5. HS/Kat

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1a. Ricky - Best Performance of the lives so far, IMO. I'll be shocked if doesn't get PV.

1b. Rose - This was just as good as Ricky's. It's a tie for me.

3. Jake - He was better than he's been the last couple weeks. It was karaoke, though. If I'm going to say that about MB, I need to be fair here.

4. Katie - Didn't like it. She's starting to seem gimmicky.

5. Marybeth - Passable, but 100% karaoke. It would go over fine at the bar down the street, but she needs to show some originality on the show, at this point. Bottom 2.

6. Kat - She seems like a sweet girl, but it's time for her to go.

7. Hello Sunday - Cute act, but this is where it ends.

8. Will - At least he was having fun!




1. Katie/Rose - I started typing this 10 seconds into the performance.

2. Jake/Marybeth - It was boring, but adequate.

3. Kat/Hello Sunday - Kat showed a little more power here at times. Was this great? No. Better than the one in 4th? Hell, yes.

4. Ricky/Will - I think Ricky struggled a little, especially at the beginning. I could have done without this performance, honestly.

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1. Rose Short - "I Want to Know What Love Is" <3

2. Katie Kadan - "Lady Marmalade"

3. Jake Hoot - "Desperado"

4. Kat Hammock - "Somewhere Only We Know"

5. Marybeth Byrd - "Before He Cheats"

6. Hello Sunday - "Don't You Worry 'Bout A Thing"

7. Ricky Duran - "Let It Be"

8. Will Breman - "Locked Out of Heaven"



1. Katie Kadan and Rose Short - "Express Yourself"

2. Marybeth Byrd and Jake Hoot - "Up Where We Belong"

3. Hello Sunday and Kat Hammock - "We Belong"

4. Ricky Duran and Will Breman - "Your Love"

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1.Rose Short-That was slayage. Honestly it was the only solo that had good vocals AND didn’t have me saying in my head “this is good but it’s getting dull now.” I hope that’s enough to get her the public vote but her number 1 fans are going have to rally together to make it happen, cause we all know the demographics, unfortunately.



2. Kat-Rewatching this, this is the only performance of Kats where I got bored into it. She has a pleasant voice and it was good, but it wasn’t as good as her previous performances



3. Will-This wasn’t the best demonstration of everything he can do but still it was a great vocal, and entertaining.

Still voting for him #BlueCrew all the way


4. Jake- At the beginning of it I was thinking “where has this Jake been since the pre-lives season”, but I kind of got tired of it through the middle. Nonetheless he’s making the finale.


5. Ricky- This had the right idea on paper. But Ricky just lacked the powerful grit and persuasion to pull it off effectively. There are so many covers of this song that it’s hard to do this song justice anymore. I enjoy Ricky a lot, and enjoy this song, but the combo is a no for me.


6. Katie Kadan. Objectively this is the best of the night. Subjectively it’s one of my lesser favorites. However she did well and made an absurdly cheesy song less cheesy. I’m actually now buying the assumption that going first is the new pimp spot, because once someone sees their favorite perform, they might be likely to not oh much attention to or even completely ignore the following contestants . She’s like my fifth or six favorite contestant right now, mainly do to song choices. Nonetheless she’s winning.


7. Hello Sunday—oof . I feel bad for them. This was a mess. It was entertaining though. The whole setup looks like something you’d find in a broadway show. This was definitely a bus, but they had potential if they had been given almost any other song.


8.Marybeth Byrd-: It was better than some duets tbh, but rewatching it made me see how it was compared to most of the others. . It was the best she’s been for most of the lives, and she’s good, but yeah this wasn’t that good.





1. Kat Hammock and Hello Sunday-I like Kat a lot but she didn’t do too well here. Hello Sunday did surprisingly well after their solo performance wasn’t great. I don’t know if this paring is enough to boost Hello Sunday up of knock Kat down a few pegs based on the performance. This is my favorite duet just because I enjoyed How HS sounded here


2. Katie Kadan and Rose Short- Objectively the best. However, while a Katie and Rose duet seemed like a no brainer on paper, their voices have drastically different styles that they don’t mash to well together. And the song choice wasn’t the best fit for Katie’s Voice.


3. Ricky Duran and Will Breman-I was expecting more energy from the both of them, but they both did a good job, and were pretty even/complimented each other well. Will carried the attitude of the song more, and the vocal tricks of the song matched Will closer than Ricky, whereas Ricky carried the guitar playing more. They both were even, but could’ve used more energy.


4. Jake Hoot and Marybeth Byrd

This was just ok. It was a bit boring but Marybeth did sound great here. However Jake sang louder than she does, so that drowned her out sometimes.


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Fun start to the night with Katie (though not her best, I feel it was good that she did something different, otherwise all her performances were starting to blend together), and then a lovely performance from Kat (NOT perfect by any stretch of the imagination, but great song choice and her best performance since blinds). Then it all sort of went downhill from there, starting with the very bland 80's duet form Ricky & Will (Wonder Woman deserved better!). Ricky redeemed himself on his solo, and delivered the mid-show standout the show sorely needed at that point, yet I was left just wanting that little bit more from his performance (this has been a pattern he needs to break in order to win it all). Then the Rose/Katie duet happened and they blew it out of the park. Yes, it wasn't "Like a Prayer" but in hindsight, that might have been perceived as a controversial choice? So, express themselves they did. And it was FUN with a capital F, and empowering, and kinda eclipsed Ricky like he was a reed in the wind (not completely a knock on Ricky, just that the difference between 99% and 90% is super obvious on a show like this). THEN, after a few more nondescript performances, "I Wanna Know What ROSE Is" happened, and ended the show. Yes, the former front-runner known as The Hoot had the advantage of actually closing the night, BUT also the unfortunate short end of performing after the main act. An afterthought almost, such that "Desperado" (performed nicely/adequately) was an apt moniker.




1. ROSE :wub: : Better than "Big White Room" and "God's Country", yes? Yes, YES! What does it say that she has (measurably) the Top 3 performances of the season, including NOW two in a row? It says WINNER, to me (regardless of whatever happens from this point out, since this is The Voice = Uncertain Outcomes R US). After tonight, color me a ROSEBUD for life.

2. Ricky: It was the right song at the right moment. He delivered so much professionalism, but I want MORE. More raw PASSION from Ricky, more surrender to the song and the moment, more spirit, more x-factor something... that's missing. Is that too much to ask from such an accomplished and talented singer? I think not. Blake needs to help him figure out how to unleashed that final 5-10% that's still stuck in THERE.

3a. Kat :wub: : Loved her tonight, LOVED the song. She'll have her detractors, but for me she has the x-factor that I feel is missing from someone like Ricky. I'll be honest though. I reckon she's 2 or 3 years from the finished article, in terms of going up against the likes of Rose and Katie. The experience gap is just too glaring to ignore, and it's not just performance experience, it's life experience. She did her best tonight, at this stage of her fledgling career, and I'm good with that even if it's not enough to ultimately win.

3b. Katie: It was good, the song was okay and FUN (see general comments above for more).


5. Jake: He did nothing wrong, apart from having to go after THE MOMENT. His song alone will probably earn him the streaming bonus though. So he was in the best position tonight (the pimp spot), then not the best. But when the dust settles, he'll overall probably be in a great position to move forward regardless. The only tiny wrench in his works is potential four-way vote splitting, but I think it's gonna take a lot of that to unsettle him.

6. Will: He did his best impression of Will, but on a song that at the end of the day just wasn't Will enough. I'd like some of the ease of performance, the looseness and authentic raw quirkiness of Will fused with Ricky to create my perfect male Voice contestant.

7. Hello Sunday: Valiant effort. A for that, A for likability, C for everything else. Too many missed notes and too much overall messiness (still, though this was one of their better performances) to be truly worthy of advancing.

8. MaryBeth: She needed to be perfect, or close to that, to even have a chance of advancing, but she choked at critical moments of the vocal. It wasn't bad bad, but this did her no favors. I'd be very surprised if she escapes the bottom 2. MB's capitulation was actually good news for Jake, since she was going country tonight. She didn't even get a country song for their duet though, which thankfully was actually one of the better ones of the night.




1. Rose & Katie "Express Yourself": They DID, splenDIDly. Best duet of the night by a Madonna mile.

2. Jake & MaryBeth: PRETTY vocals from both. Better vocals on this than their solos from both, particularly MaryBeth. This was undeniably just really nice.

3. Kat & Hello Sunday: Again, valiant effort from the girls, all three. Great song fit, especially given the theme and the odd pairing. A for effort, A+ for the set, B for vocals (Kat & the girl without the buns; C for the one with).

4. Ricky & Will: Good song, but TBH this was disappointing for me. Just bland and lacking the required real and raw rock energy of a "live concert" performance, which was what it needed to resemble in order to work as a true moment. Instead, it was a missed opportunity.

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1. Rose Short - “I Want to Know What Love Is”

2. Ricky Duran - “Let It Be” 

3. Jake Hoot - “Desperado”

4. Katie Kadan - “Lady Marmalade”

5. Hello Sunday - “Don’t You Worry ‘Bout a Thing”

6. Kat Hammock - “Somewhere Only We Know”

7. Marybeth Byrd - “Before He Cheats”

8. Will Breman - “Locked Out of Heaven”



1. Katie Kadan & Rose Short - “Express Yourself”

2. Marybeth Byrd & Jake Hoot - “Up Where We Belong”

3. Ricky Duran & Will Breman - “Your Love”

4. Hello Sunday & Kat Hammock - “We Belong”

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1. Rose Short - She slayed, I really hope she will be in the final, because she deserves it the most

2. Katie Kadan - I loved her as always, she's incredible and she never disapponted me

3. Ricky Duran - He improved a lot, and tonight he was spectacular, I hope he will be in the top 3

4. Will Breman - I love his attitude and I like the risk he took by choosing such a difficult ballad

5. Jake Hoot - I like his voice, but he do always the same things, he's overrated

6. Kat Hammock - I didn't like her, as always

7. Marybeth Byrd - She has been overrated since the beginning, but for she has always been not that special, and tonight she proved it

8. Hello Sunday - Nice choreography, but the vocals were terrible most of the



1. Katie & Rose - I love them both, they did a wonderful job and I'm so proud

2. Ricky & Will - I love the chemestry between the two and how they fuse their instruments, beautiful performance

3. Jake & Marybeth - I have to say that I like them for once maybe, it seems like a Beauty and Beast duet

4. Hello Sunday & Kat - It made me cringe a lot

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1. Rose - She sang with her voice, and her heart. It was real. It was genuine. It was a master vocal.

2. Ricky - His personal best and one of the top 5 performances of the season imo. Also felt very genuine.


Those 2 made the night for me.


3. Jake

4. Katie


Big gap here.


5. Marybeth

6. Kat

7. HS

8. Will


Rose/Katie and MB/Jake were decent duets. The other 2 not so much.


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Here we go...


1. Rose Short [A] - She's such a phenomenal singer. She knows how to hold back and not oversing, she has tremendous phrasing choices, and she can sell any type of song. She'll likely have the same fate as Kyla Jade, but as long as she makes finals, I'm happy.


2. Jake Hoot [A] - This was the Jake I expected to hear in the lives after his knockout. I know Desperado isn't a country song, but Jake's version is the type of country music I like listening to. This might be the performance that seals his victory though... :wacko:


3. Ricky Duran [b+] - I finally figured out why Ricky hasn't been clicking with me as much as I'd like him to. He's just not the singer for these types of shows. He'll be much better in the studio and I believe he has the artistry to make great songs. Not the biggest of him on the show, but excited to hear his originals. :D


4. Hello Sunday - I feel crazy for putting them in front of Katie, but damn this was a blast to watch. There was a harmony in there that was pretty on-point as well. Chelsea really shined on this one, and Myla was... better than usual.


5. Katie Kadan - Not gonna lie, this was her weakest performance to date. But I think that has most to do with the song. Didn't really allow her to show off how great she was.


6. Marybeth Byrd [b-] - I expected much worse, but this was pretty decent, she doesn't really have the personality to sell the song though.


7. Will Breman [C] - I've been a fan since the beginning, but BlueCrew, let's be real. It's his time to go. :wave:


8. Kat Hammock [C-] - She was more on pitch than usual, but this was soooo boring. Felt like it went on forever. :sleep:


Didn't listen to the duets.

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1. Rose Short - Performance of the season :wub:

2. Katie Kadan - Slayage as usual <3

3. Jake Hoot - First performance of his I enjoyed :thumbs:

4. Hello Sunday - Not perfect but really entertaining

5. Marybeth Byrd - My favourite from her in a while

6. Kat Hammock - Very pretty

7. Ricky Duran - Solid as always but a little dull

8. Will Breman - A mess




1. Katie Kadan & Rose Short - QUEENS :wub::wub::wub:

2. Marybeth Byrd & Jake Hoot - Jake sounded terrible in the beginning, yikes. Aside from that it was good.

3. Will Breman & Ricky Duran - It was fine. Ricky ousting Will for sure.

4. Kat Hammock & Hello Sunday - They were both out of their element here.

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Honestly last night was a good night overall imo


1. THE Rose Short - Her emotions last night were on point, no need to cry, I felt everything, what a stellar performance, hope it's enough to get her to the finale hoping she can sing for the IS tho so I can get one more iconic performance

2. Ricky Duran - Finally man... You've been on my top 3 all this time but you always failed to give me THAT moment and last night you did, he deserves it so much along with Rose.

3. Jake Hoot - I'm sorry but whenever he sings soft songs he sounds great, reminded me of how good he was on his battle and i'm not a stan of his but facts.

4. Katie Kadan - Despite hating this song, she completly crushed it, no unecessary screams like Without You/Rolling In the Deep, simply perfect and professional.


This four are the finale we deserve tbh, even tho I'd rather have someone like Will on the finale, these 4 have been consistent and better than the rest overall.


5. Will Breeman - Despite his vocals were a bit shadowed by the song his guy never fails. this song must be one of the hardest to sing live while trying to keep up the show, he entertained us, he danced, he was having a blast, his chances are very slim but if my top 4 doesn't happen, I wouldn't mind seeing him there instead.

6. Hello Sunday - This was not their worst, harmonies were much better and lol Chelsea kind of slayed that beginning.

7. Kat Hammock - First time I did not get 100% bored with her, actually liked this a bit.


8. Marybeth Byrd - A bad song for her and it showed live... Sorry

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