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The small town tree lighting ceremony where they all cheer Jake is why he and people of his ilk keep doing well (see Chris K), big fish in a small pond, tends to get the whole small pond pushing and working for them, even outside of their fanbase.

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Okay that was a very heartfelt and sincere performance from Jake. I actually quite liked that and thought that was raelly good from him.


By far my favorite from him and he had a good night. BUT he was still behind Rose and Ricky for me. :*

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1. Ricky - Best Performance of the lives so far, IMO. I'll be shocked if doesn't get PV.

2. Katie - Didn't like it. She's starting to seem gimmicky.

3. Marybeth - Passable, but 100% karaoke. It would go over fine at the bar down the street, but she needs to show some originality on the show, at this point. Bottom 2.

4. Kat - She seems like a sweet girl, but it's time for her to go.

5. Hello Sunday - Cute act, but this is where it ends.

6. Will - At least he was having fun!




1. Katie/Rose - I started typing this 10 seconds into the performance.

2. Jake/Marybeth - It was boring, but adequate.

3. Ricky/Will - I think Ricky struggled a little, especially at the beginning. I could have done without this performance, honestly.

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