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"Let it Be" is a perfect song in which to have a moment.


Hoping that Ricky can have one. I haven't been wowed since his Blind.


Sounds good in rehearsal, but still looking for the moment in the actual performance.


Be good, Ricky, but don't do too much.

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VERY pretty duet from MB and the Hoot. Jake sounded smooth and warm on the song, and I reckon MB definitely redeemed herself. Not enough to save her, but she'll be happy with that performance vs. the other. MUCH better duet than the Ricky/Will one.


Wow, Ricky's gonna play both the piano and the guitar! Cool and impressive!

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Marybeth really should've done this for her solo. I wouldn't be worrying about her as much if she had.



She was MUCH better on this. Maybe she needs to stay away from country. :ph34r:


At this point it looks like both Marybeth and Rickie will be totally done before Rose's first performance. Jake also gets two performances in the second half

Queen Rose! :wub:


Marybeth sounds beautiful...


jake is eh...can't believe someone so blah is winning...


oh wait yes I can

UGH Same. :dead: :|


omg that was so so pretty :wub: my first Jake Hoot performance that I loved!

I wouldn't go that far to say I ~loved it from Jake, but agree with you on the rest of this. :haha:

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