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Scotty and Gabi 2020

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Scotty McCreery Shares Quarantine Plans for Anniversary With Wife Gabi



Scotty McCreery and his wife, Gabi, celebrate their second wedding anniversary on June 16, though their celebration will look a bit different this year. "We’ll have a little quarantine-aversary," McCreery told KMLE. "I’ll probably get the grill out, grill us up some nice steak, and we’ll have a good at-home dinner."

The American Idol winner is one of hundreds of musicians off the road due to the coronavirus pandemic, and he joked that Gabi never expected him to be home this much. "When we first started dating, she was all like, 'I’m glad you’re on the road because I’d get sick of you if you were here every day,' and here we are." McCreery was scheduled to be on the road with Chris Young on Young's This Town Ain't Big Enough Tour, which was to start at the end of May. Young recently canceled tour dates through August, though it's increasingly possible that he will have to scrap the whole run due to the pandemic.

"It's all love," McCreery told KMLE. "I think that's the main thing to take away from all this craziness. Spread love. That's what folks need and we need more of it out there nowadays. Be good, be kind, be nice and hopefully we'll get out of this mess sooner rather than later, because I need to play shows, I'm craving it." Along with Gabi, McCreery has plenty of time to spend with the couple's dog, Moose, who they brought home in early 2019. "We definitely want a family down the road, and Moose has definitely given us a lot to work with," he said. "He’s a handful to say the least."


McCreery and Gabi married in June 2018 and McCreery shared their wedding day in "This Is It," the music video celebrating their relationship. "The first look was a big one for me. I wasn’t sure I was going to tear up until then, and then it all kind of all hit me," McCreery told The Knot. "Seeing her walk down the aisle was another." The video features footage of the couple's separate preparations for their big day, their first look, the ceremony and reception. "They did a great job with capturing all the emotion," the 26-year-old said. "I hope fans see how fun of a wedding it was. The music video is very documentary-style… There are moments when you see me all emotional, and Gabi smiling and showing all 32 of her teeth."




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