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SYTYCD Rankdown 3.0


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3 hours ago, *Amanda said:

Agreed with this. But that would require them to shorten the obnoxiously long audition & academy process and we all know that's not gonna happen. :rolleyes: 

Ughh yeah this. It's annoying how long the audition/academy week process is while the live shows are so short and rushed. :/ 

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3 hours ago, FrogLenzen said:

I don't know, Dmitry was partnered with Aleksandra at one point sooooo....

Well if that isn't the main reason he should go.......


2 hours ago, Elliott said:

Edson is the hottest of the remaining options, so I'd vote to save him. 😘

I thought we were saving the contestants as dances, not on hotness. :unsure: I missed this memo.

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26 minutes ago, Elliott said:

I would cut Dmitry of these nominations. I just wanted to sass Wally. :giggle: 

You would. 😢 


26 minutes ago, Elliott said:

I'm so annoyed that smilie isn't in New IDF. :/

Ughhh same. That was my favorite smiley to use towards you. :broken: 


23 minutes ago, FrogLenzen said:

is @*Wallace using old emoji code ironically or is this that thing where he doesn't understand computers

Don't you start :/ But no, I use that :ermm: ironically and for IDF to bring it back.

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Dmitry Chaplin

Dmitry was a ballroom dancer during the show’s second season. He was eliminated at the Top 10, but not before dancing with several of the female dancers that season. His first two weeks he danced a hip-hop and Samba with Joy Spears. They were safe the first week but in the Bottom 3 the second week and Joy went home.

In the third week, he danced a Waltz with Wally’s favourite dancer Aleksandra :wub: Unfortunately, they were in the Bottom 3 after that and the judges didn’t recognize Aleksandra’s brilliant solo and sent her home. 

For the next two weeks he danced with Hip-hop dancer Ashlee Nino. The two of them danced a Contemporary and a Pop routine. They were in the Bottom 3 after the Contemporary but safe after the Pop Routine and sailed into the Top 10.


Once he made the Top 10, he danced with Donyelle. They danced a Lindy Hop and Samba that were pretty good. In fact, I liked most of Dmitry’s routines but it was clear he was fodder in that Top 10, so the next night he was in the Bottom 4 again and sent home after his fourth trip there.


Dmitry has gone on to choreograph lots of routines on the show, including Chelsie and Joshua’s Tango in Season 4. He’s also been a pro on DWTS, with his most memorable appearance being Season 9, when he placed 2nd with Mya. 


I’m glad Dmitry found success after the show, since I liked him during the season even if he stumbled along the way. I truly only chose to eliminate him because he was my least favourite of the remaining four but I do like him, but this placement is a good one for him even if I like some of the people left less than him.


Save: Edson Juarez

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