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SYTYCD Rankdown 3.0


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Kevin Hunte was a hip-hop dancer from season six. His first routine, and his only good one, was a hip-hop with Legacy and eventual champion Russell (you know, the guy who beat Jakob and Kathryn :wub:) to Beggin'. After that, he was partnered with K*ren H*uer for the remaining four weeks of his run. Together, they did a Cha Cha to Glee's cover of Push It that was sh*t, a hip-hop to Ice Cream Paint Job that y'all still keeping trying to make out to be a good routine, a hustle to Come to Me that was sh*t and finally a Broadway to If My Friends Could See Me Now that was sh*t. For the two weeks of the season that America voted, they were in the bottom three, and Kevin finally left after the second week being there after robbing Peter. Karen, unfortunately, robbed Pauline and Channing in the process. Choices. What has Kevin been doing since the show? I honestly don't know, and don't care. Good riddance.

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Brittany Cherry was a ballroom dancer from season ten, so naturally she was an early judge favourite since they've been trying for a female ballroom winner non-stop since season nine. At least most of them have been good, with one glaring exception. But I digress. Brittany was initially partnered alongside future Dancing With the Stars champions Jenna Johnson-Chmerkovskiy & Alan Bersten, and Veronica Mars cast member Paul Karmiryan for a ballroom routine. It was to a Little Mix song, so it slayed. After the showcase, she was with BluPrint Hector and individual voting came into play. Their first routine was an African Jazz to Drumming Circle. Brittany landed in the bottom three for this, and was promptly eliminated at the start of the next show ahead of her Broadway to It's Oh So Quiet. Brittany had potential, but she was up against Makenzie Dustman and Mariah Spears, so her leaving was the right decision. Since the show, she was a part of the troupe of Dancing With the Stars and starred alongside Paul Karmiryan in the video for Ed Sheeran's Thinking Out Loud music video, as well as dancing that routine live on his accompanying tour. Not too shabby for a first boot, but season ten did have a pretty legit cast.

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Unless I miscounted...


Dancers with 3 saves so far:

Evan K.
Jordan C.

Will T.

Jordan NW (eliminated)
Kida (eliminated)
Madison (eliminated)
Marissa (eliminated)
Stephanie (eliminated)


Dancers with 4 saves:

Robert G.


Dancers with 5 saves:



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22 minutes ago, *Diana said:

I didn't feel like these noms were that bad? outside of Travis and maybe Russell but i figured those are easy saves none of these contestants are huge names.

They weren’t..  Nick and Logan are the ones I like the most from this group. 

I just find hilarious how everybody is against Cristina at this point :haha:

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