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SYTYCD Rankdown 3.0

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super heartbreaking side note 💔 I’m in shock. 😢 

"It's a rankdown, I get it. Like, I respect it. But at the same time, like, even if everybody's favorite gets cut, like, yeah, people are gonna be petty, which is terrible but, like, inevitable?" - Va

Melanie Moore and overstaying her welcome?

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Lol @ that screenshot of Anna Kendrick!


Hey everyone, I'm Derek. I really appreciate you guys letting me crash the party. I'm a long-time SYTYCD IDF lurker since Season 4. If you want to stalk me, my Instagram handle is also FrogLenzen.


I've seen every season of SYTYCD US (including kids) many many many times. I rewatch the series probably at least once a year. Also seen UK, AU, and CA seasons many times. I won't say who my US favorites are, but I will admit that I am a contemporary dancer so I have some bias toward that genre (I know... so basic). Melissa Mitro is probably my favorite internationally.


Besides SYTYCD, I follow DWTS, Idol, Project Runway, Drag Race, Top Chef. Was a huuuuuge fan of ANTM. SYTYCD is by far my biggest obsession of the bunch, second place is close between Drag Race and ANTM.


Since this is IDF, I'll share my most important Idol opinion: Haley Reinhart was sent from heaven to save the Idol franchise and America BLEW IT

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I like Haley. I just don’t like the way IDF deities her. :*

Oooh yeah I totally understand that. :haha:


I have 5/7 teams in and a part of a 6th one, but I'm waiting on that person to change their picks because of course there was some crossover in the choices. :dead:

Surprised that hasn't happened more often. Or maybe it has and others have changed their picks quickly. :haha:

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