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SYTYCD Rankdown 3.0

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super heartbreaking side note ūüíĒ I‚Äôm in shock. ūüėʬ†

"It's a rankdown, I get it. Like, I respect it. But at the same time, like, even if everybody's favorite gets cut, like, yeah, people are gonna be petty, which is terrible but, like, inevitable?" - Va

Melanie Moore and overstaying her welcome?

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Noelle Marsh (Season 6, Top 10)


Noelle was a Contemporary dancer on the show's sixth season. In the showcase, she danced a Mandy Moore contemporary to "Viva La Vida" with Kathryn, Billy Bell, and Victor Smalley. That song was super overplayed at the time so the routine felt fairly uninspired, especially since Billy left the competition the next week and Noelle was injured. She would be partnered with Russell, but he would dance a Foxtrot with Melanie LaPatin the first week.

In Week 2, she danced a hip-hop with Russell and she was definitely the weaker link. She was in the Bottom 4, but was saved over Bianca which was probably the right decision at the time. In Week 3, her and Russell danced an Afro Jazz in the pimp spot. I wasn't really a fan of it, but the judges really liked it so they were safe the next week. The week after they danced another Foxtrot. Honestly, I totally forgot this one happened because I only remember the one that Russell danced with Melanie but, whatever, they were safe and would danced a Samba and Contemporary in the Top 12.

This was the only week I actually liked their routines, but I thought by that point, Noelle had overstayed her welcome but, because they had decent routines, they sailed into the Top 10. The following week, her and Ryan DiLello would danced a hip-hop and a Smooth Waltz together. They both ended up in the bottom, but it was clear that Noelle or Mollee was going home that week and, sure enough, she did. Honestly, I never really latched on to Noelle as a dancer, but possibly because she was injured the first week and she was up against Kathryn/Ellenore/Ashleigh who all had better routines than her. Either way, now she's living in LA and still dancing, although she seems to be modelling too which, good for her. I forgot that she's actually super gorgeous even if I didn't like her dances all that much.

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I love Noelle! I wonder how she might have done with a different partner. Noelle won Season 2 of Nigel Lythgoe's choreography competition show, Every Single Step. I thought she outdanced all the contemporary girls her season whenever they had group routines, particularly the second Wade Robson one (Top 16 or something). But yeah she had too many unmemorable duets too early in the season and never built momentum. I thought she was a goner against Bianca in the bottom 2 but I guess the judges are bound to agree with me every now and then. I thought she was a fairly unique soloist for a brunette contemporary girl too.

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1 minute ago, jstxanothrxstory said:

Scratch that, apparently the admins changed it in their settings now! :w00tbounce:

Good. It would've been annyoing to have to do that every time, considering how many games I run on here. :dead:


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The gender balance is currently 55 female eliminees and 58 male eliminees.
So, just to keep us even:

  1. Melody Lacayanga
  2. Martha Nichols
  3. Anya Garnis
  4. Shauna Noland
  5. Jessica ‚ÄúJessi‚ÄĚ Peralta
  6. Chelsie Hightower
  7. Chelsea Traille
  8. Cristina Santana
  9. Amelia Lowe
  10. Alexia Meyer
  11. Marissa Milele
  12. Slavik Pustovoytov
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6 minutes ago, *Wallace said:

lol..... but not suprised.


Elliott really gonna try to make Amanda go out of her impartial host role.


For the first time... the¬†host gets to pick someone during the bring back round¬†ūüíÄ

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Bleeding Love is a terrible routine. There, I said it.


Chelsie Hightower came to us in season four, where she impressed the judges with her - according to them - versatility. Even if she wasn't really that versatile in that season, but go off, judges. She also ushered in the new shtick of a blonde female ballroom Utah teenager, which has been Nigel's favourite type of contestant to overrate year after year, season after season - even if they're shy of matching one of those adjectives. (Mollee Grey? Lindsay Arnold? Witney Carson? Jenna Johnson? Literally every ballroom female in season 11? Jensen Arnold?) Anyway, in a season where they were trying to pretend like Joshua and Katee were deserving of making it past the semi-finals, the judges kept lauding Chelsie Hightower as if she was the next best thing ever. Yeah, it's a no from me.


For her run in season four, Chelsie was partnered alongside Mark Kanemura, who I've also made no secret of not really being a big fan of either. Her run consisted of an amazing...ly bland contemporary to Beautiful, a decent Argentine Tango to Mi Confesión (but, again, she's a ballroom dancer, so not surprised), literally one of the most god-awful and overrated routines ever to Bleeding Love (a BBB girl from Utah dancing to Leona Lewis? Keep it.)  that the judges acted like it reinvented hip-hop, a basic jazz to Kiss Kiss and another boring Foxtrot to It's my Life (though I don't blame Chelsie for this, I don't just don't like Foxtrots in general). Fun fact: From Top 14 until her elimination at the Top 6, Chelsie danced a ballroom routine every week. What kind of Denys Drozdryuk rigga morris!? Their final week together saw them doing a salsa and a Broadway, both of which I thought were pretty mediocre.


In the top ten, Chelsie caused Gev to get eliminated was partnered with Gev. Together, they did a Sonya Tayeh contemporary routine and then a jive, her third consecutive week of dancing a ballroom and fourth of the season. For Top 8 week, she was partnered with Joshua Allen and I'm pretty sure I spent the entire night gagging. They did an Argentine Tango and a disco - neither of which I cared for, obviously, but I guess the tango was better since at least it was Chelsie's style. Her final week of the show saw Chelsie partnered with tWitch - they did a routine in her style, and a routine in his style. Since I like tWitch, I liked her hip-hop this week, but honestly, I spent that entire night wondering if we could just go from a Top 6 to just a Top 2 of Courtney Galiano and tWitch Boss. She was eliminated this week, apparently shockingly, though I thought it was a long-overdue elimination. But I still would've put her in the finale over Katee Shean because lol.


Post-SYTYCD, Chelsie went onto DWTS as pretty much every ballroom dancer from this show does. I never really cared for her on that show either, outside of Romeo... but that was mostly because of Tom Bergeron's Master P shade. I have no idea what she's doing nowadays.


Anyway, Chelsie is a popular dancer on here, as evidenced by her making the Top 20 in last year's rankdown, placing in the Master Top 40 and always overstaying her welcome in the previous years' BCE games (of which I need to revive this year's). I've never been a fan, and since someone wanted to nominate all bunch of mine and Andrew's faves this cycle, this cut's completely petty and was very easy for me to do.

SAVE: Slavik Pustovoytov

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