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SYTYCD Rankdown 3.0


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For this cycle, each of you will have your own nomination requirement to follow. The number you each chose was matched to a different nomination rule using the randomizer, and this is how it matched up:

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1. Derek - Must nominate all female dancers
2. Rei - Must nominate all dancers who made the top half of their season
3. Andrew - must nominate from even-numbered seasons
4. Wally - Must nominate all male dancers
5. Diana - Must nominate all Contemporary/Jazz dancers
6. Elliott - Must nominate 6 Ballroom dancers and 6 Hip-Hop dancers
7. Dee - Must nominate from odd-numbered seasons


1. When it is their turn, a ranker will nominate 12 dancers.
2. The other 6 rankers will cut 1 dancer and save 1 dancer on a first come, first serve basis.
3. THERE IS ABSOLUTELY NO EDITING OF YOUR INITIAL CUT/SAVE POST. If you need to change it, quote it in a new post.
4. You cannot nominate any dancers with public immunity or any dancers who were saved in the round immediately before yours.
5. You have 24 hours to make your cut and save. Please ask for an extension if you need one. If you do not ask for an extension, you receive a strike and the nominator will get to make the cut in your place.


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Diana will be kicking off the cycle with her nominations!
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LMAOO I got to nominate all men. :dead: I'm one of those that try to even out the genders when I try to..... so lol, oh well. This should be fun. :haha:


Diana having to nominate all contemporary/jazz dancers. :dead:


Me having to nominate all hip-hop/ballroom dancers. :broken:

LMAOOO Diana is so effed. :dead:


Sorry Diana. :haha:


I'm sure she can find some boring Contemporary males to nominate. :giggle:

I feel like they mostly got cut. :haha:

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