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SYTYCD Rankdown 3.0

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super heartbreaking side note 💔 I’m in shock. 😢 

"It's a rankdown, I get it. Like, I respect it. But at the same time, like, even if everybody's favorite gets cut, like, yeah, people are gonna be petty, which is terrible but, like, inevitable?" - Va

Melanie Moore and overstaying her welcome?

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I'm going to enjoy you two agreeing while it lasts because we all know that will change when we get to season 15. :giggle:
Is that when the disables start that can only be used on people whose name starts with a Jensen and ends with an Arnold?
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Tucker Knox

IPB Image

Tucker was the bland contemporary guy from season 10 who made it too far into the competition. Even though season 10 had one of the best cast ever, the contemporary guys chosen were really underwhelming and the most interesting one (Carlos) was cut early on. Tucker was definitely one of the worst guy of the season and during his entire journey he only had one memorable routine with Medicine. The rest of his routines were either bad or he was outdance by his partners (Jenna, Courtney). He was finally eliminated during top 8 after robbing more deserving males (Carlos, BluPrint, Alan) but at least he left after one of his better routines that was somehow memorable after Courtney made a comeback and shared her story of being diagnosed with MS :'( . After the show he got married with the guy on the pic above(kudos for him) and he's still dancing.

Saving Madison's Boyfriend Madison

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Tate McRae (Season 13)

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Legs. Tate McRae is a child dancing prodigy. One of the biggest names and faces of the dance world under the age of 18, the talent is apparent in this one. Tate knows all of the right people, has all of the skills and talents, and has the professional experience to be a huge star when she becomes an adult. That is why Tate seemed like the very obvious front runner from the very start of the season. There was no convincing me that anybody would surpass her in the competition. Tate has a serious leg up on the competition, and could seemingly dance circles around most of the contestants. With Kathryn as her mentor and partner, Tate winning seemed like a foregone conclusion.

Except Kida proved to be a true match for her and maybe the more charismatic and interesting dancer of the two. I just blame that on the format of the season forcing Tate into dancing a ton of Contemporary routines that sort of bled into one another. That is not to say the routines were bad at all, just often the Contemporary routines that SYTYCD favors. Melodramatic, slow, etc. Tate did one too many leg extensions for my taste. However, that is not to say Tate has a weak collection of routines on the show. I think she has a phenomenal compilation of duets, solos, and group performances. Even though I hate the kid season, Tate produced a ton of really wonderful work. Most notably, her “Footprints” Contemporary routines with Kathryn. A true highlight of the season.

I am a firm believer in cutting the kids first because there is just a different level of performance ability and routine strength that is expected of them. At least Tate can say she is far better than the dancers from Season 26!

SAVING: Kida Burns (Season 13)
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Back, by unpopular demand, it’s Andrew and his all female nominations! :flowers:

Susie Garcia
Caitlin Kinney
Mollee Gray
Ryan Ramirez
Miranda Maleski
Janelle Issis
Bridget Whitman
Brooklyn Fullmer
Jourdan Epstein
Alexia Meyer
Marissa Milele
Taylor Sieve
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Taylor Sieve is one of the worst contestants to make the finale. Taylor Sieve is also the worst contestant to place third in a season. Taylor Sieve was never in the bottom three, despite dancing Bun Up the Dance and Bodak Yellow. In a cast of only ten people, Taylor somehow managed to rob 60% of the cast. It's incredible, in all honesty. Taylor Sieve was also notably romantically involved with the equally bad Lex Ishimoto during the season, which led to the judges pushing them together all season long because they wanted them to be the first dating top two. Good thing Queen Koine ruined that. Despite one of the few basic white girls that IDF hates, Taylor Sieve somehow managed to get the two highest rated routines of all time in IDF history (RIP those threads), as she was in the mini-group number Still I Rise in her season, and was SOMEHOW selected as an All Star the following season to perform It Takes a Lot to Know a Man. Honestly, that routine was great almost exclusively because of Darius, but I guess we can let Taylor have that one thing. Anyway, this is 100 words about Taylor Sieve, so that means I can leave this thread comfortably knowing she's eliminated from this rankdown.


SAVE: Mollee Grey

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