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SYTYCD Rankdown 3.0

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Lmao Elliott's comments on Dareian. Yeah he's super forgettable but I remember not liking him at all during Season 9. :haha:


It wasn’t an age joke. It was a “Wally doesn’t use internet” joke. :*

I know what it was. :*


On a message board....


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super heartbreaking side note 💔 I’m in shock. 😢 

"It's a rankdown, I get it. Like, I respect it. But at the same time, like, even if everybody's favorite gets cut, like, yeah, people are gonna be petty, which is terrible but, like, inevitable?" - Va

Melanie Moore and overstaying her welcome?

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Jamie Bayard
IPB Image

Jamie was a swing dancer that was eliminated during the first week in Season 4. I wanted to like him, because he was the same style as Benji and Lacey who had a lot of success on the show in the two seasons prior, but he definitely didn't have the same stage presence as the two of them. His first and only routine was a Nappytabs hip-hop with his partner, Rayven Armijo (who I also eliminated and basically copied her write-up for this). The routine was to Estelle & Kayne West's "American Boy" and the two of them went first that night, kicking off the season. It was clear they were destined to be fodder and, sure enough, they landed in the Bottom 3 the next night. Jamie danced a Samba solo but it wasn't enough to save her next to Will Wingfield and Matt Dorame and he was eliminated.

Save: Stanley Glover
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What is this Mia week you speak of that I’ve blocked out of my mind? :unsure:

I love Mia Michaels very much but the S9 Mia episode was, IMO, the worst performance episode of the series.

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Bailey Muñoz (S16)
Benjamin Castro (S16)
Casey Askew (S11)
Derek Piquette (S12)
Heidi Groskreutz (S2)
Jordan Nata'e Wandick (S13)
Leon "Kida" Burns (S13)
Madison Jordan (S16)
Sophie Pittman (S16)
Tate McRae (S13)
Tucker Knox (S10)
Zack Everhart, Jr. (S11)
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Derek Piquette
IPB Image

Derek was a contemporary dancer that SOMEHOW made it to the Top 8 in Season 12's Stage vs. Street format. Wait, I know how he made it. He was friends with Maddie Ziegler and she kept posting for people to vote for him (remember this season had a Twitter Save) so they did, but truly, Derek was one of the most mediocre white male contemporary dancers the show has ever had and how he made it to the Top 8 during an otherwise decent season is beyond me.

The worst part is he actually got good routines, but he was always SO boring in them and his partners always outshone him. In Week 1, he and Moises danced a Stacey Tookey contemporary routine with Gaby. She was great and they were both in the bottom, but the judges cut Darion instead. In Week 2, he danced a Ray Leeper Jazz routine to Michael Bublé with Ariana Crowder. Again, she was decent and he was just there. Week 3 was more of the same in ANOTHER Stacey Tookey contemporary with Alexia and Jaja. The girls were good and he faded into the background.

During Week 4, he injured himself so JJ danced her Tango with Leonardo and honestly, that was the best part about his run because at least he didn't drag JJ down and we got to see her shine in an amazing ballroom routine. He was automatically in the bottom the next week but was somehow saved after his Dave Scott hip-hop with Megz to Fifth Harmony's "Worth It" (I cringe just remembering how bad he was in this routine and how good Megz was). His finale routine (bless) was a Jazz with Kayla Radomski as an all-star. I don't even like Kayla and I still thought she deserved better than him because she and this routine were great.

All-in-all, he danced outside of his style ONCE and was still somehow terrible boring every week, but because Season 12 had that dreaded Twitter Save and Maddie Ziegler kept tweeting for people to vote for him, we were stuck with him week after week. Honestly, I don't even care what Derek's been doing since the show. I know he's gotten engaged and is still dancing and was even on World of Dance Season 3, but truly, who cares? I just never want to see him on my TV screen again.

Save Jordan Nata'e Wandick
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Zack Everhart, Jr.

IPB Image

I cut a tap dancer, Wallace will be so proud of me. :giggle: Oh Zack. You and Valerie are some of the most least deserving finalists ever. Basic basic basic. plus you are trash. I am 100 percent sure you were reveled to be a horrible racist and a terrible human being during the last rankdown so for that alone, GOODBYE. I don't like trash and I hate racists especially little white boys like you. Sorry not sorry. I know that is harsh but it's facts and tea. I guess racists are still be rewarding in our country shocking no one because he is all over world of dance and SYTYCD according to his Instagram/Twitter page that I used to try to find a picture. He's just not a good person and a very overrated dancer so goodbye now.


Saving: Sophie Pittman

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Not really. Most of the forum hates the mediocre white male contemporary dancer trio (Derek/Casey/Tucker) and Zack Everhart is a major Republican so he's an easy nomination/cut.
Heidi's also a huge MAGAer. Benji and Lacey she is not.
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WHO THE HELL WAS I SUPPOSE TO SAVE LOL THAT WHOLE LIST IS TRASH? I just went with the one I found pretty to look at. :)
I actually assumed Bailey, Tate (who danced with Kathryn :rofl:) and Benjamin would be easy saves. :haha:


Save Bailey

Cut Benjamin

Just let it be noted that I didn't nominate Karen Hauer the first chance I got. :* Edited by jstxanothrxstory
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