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SYTYCD Rankdown 3.0


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Also, before the next round someone needs to give me a crash course in embedding an image into a post because I'm WHAT? SICKENING FORUM ILLITERATE

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The Allison Holker immunity incites rage, but only because she had no place being a pro on DWTS, her run in Season 2 was actually good to watch. :haha:

This is a SYTYCD game, not a DWTS game. :bleh: :haha:


Allison Holker is the most horribly overrated contestant ever. The end.

Not Billy Bell and Mariah Russell :ermm:

Looks like I made the right choices then. :haha:


Fun fact:

None of these dancers will win :teehee:

LMAOO this is clear as freaking day. :dead::haha:


Most of these people were either gonna be easy early targets for some or big threats that will be petty cut or tanked in rankings. :haha:

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Derek nominating all of our favorites in the first round :teehee:



To be fair, I nominated her for you to cut because Dee was annoying me that day.

I think I remember this? :dead:


One of your favorite dancers too. You did that to a principal dancer for Beyoncé. On Beyoncé’s Internet. :)

This is Elliott. He's so petty that he even targets his own favorites, if they are favorites of certain people. :haha:

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my choices were flawless so :bobo:

They are. :wub:


Mine too. :*


well as reveling as watching Wallace's catch ups is... I am going to bed.



Good night, Diana! :hug:


You know me so well. :wub:

Mhmmm, even when you nominated all of my faves in the DWTS game, including Brandy by mistake and therefore I cut her. :bleh:

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