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SYTYCD Rankdown 3.0


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Allison Holker (Season 2)







Favorite Season 2 Performances: None.


Favorite All-Star Performances:


Season 7: "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind," "Hallelujah," "Fix You"

Season 8: "I Know It's Over"

Season 9: "Possibly Maybe"

Season 14: "The Other Side"


Allison Holker. The most overrated SYTYCD contestant of all-time. 


Allison is very clearly a talented dancer and has considerably grown in her talent from her time as a young dancer on Season 2 to the All-Star that appears before us on the show now. But that maturation does not change the fact that based on her time as a contestant, Allison is just another one of the run-of-the-mill Contemporary girls to have been cast for the show. The only difference is that Allison is the first of the true Contemporary competition kids to be cast for the show. Allison had the benefit of being on the show before nearly everybody else. This really worked in her favor to be honest, as people remember her more fondly for nostalgic reasons than they do for having some kick-ass run on the show. 


Because let's be real. Her time on the show during Season 2 is completely dreadful. Her first Salsa? Horrible. Her first Hip-Hop? Horrible. West Coast Swing? Horrible. Her first three weeks on the show were horrendous. Allison had her first okay week when she danced the Argentine tango with Ivan on the fourth week of the competition. Even then, this dance is okay at best and ranks at the bottom of Argentine Tango routines performed on SYTYCD. Then Allison danced "Why." The single most overrated routine on the history of the show. I know that people remember the routine fondly for being one of the earliest versions of the SYTYCD Contemporary prototype routines and for the unlikely duo of Ivan and Allison coming together for a good moment. But the routine is maybe the most basic Contemporary routine ever on the show? There are just far better Contemporary routines. On Top 10 Night, Allison actually performed her best routine of the season - "Ethna." Super weird, but a very underrated routine that shows off her skills in the genre far more than "Why" does tbh. That Broadway routine is horrible though. Allison pairs up with Ivan one final time on Top 8 Night for an even more mediocre Argentine Tango attempt than their first, and a good Hip-Hop routine. Allison was eliminated that night, which was the right call to make at the time. She also has a collection of solos that consist of her thrashing around uncontrollably. Season 2 Allison is not the best version of Allison that we would come to watch. Based on her time as a contestant only, she should have been eliminated long ago.


But Allison luckily formed close relationships with both Jeff Thacker and Mia Michaels that led to her return as an All-Star on Season 7. I think her return as an All-Star this season is what caused her to become so overrated for no reason really? Allison always found herself in the super emotional Contemporary routines that the judges drool over and talk about ad nauseam as if these routines had changed the world. And don't get me wrong, Allison was a noticeably improved performer and dancer by this time. Plus, she had a daughter that helped her to mature and this most definitely aided her in become a more mature performer. Over the years, Allison really has delivered some incredible All-Star performances. "Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind" and "Possibly Maybe" are two of my personal favorites and two of the greatest routines in the history of the show imo. Allison has talent. But Allison is overrated, and I cannot understand why people will try to claim her as the greatest SYTYCD contestant of all-time given how weak-mediocre her initial run on the show proved to be. But people just gift her that title for dancing a few good Contemporary routines as an All-Star? Yeah. No thanks. 


Allison has also had a fabulous career outside of the world of SYTYCD, appearing in music videos, choreographing for artists, dancing in commercials, and as a professional dancer on Dancing with the Stars. I will not address her time on DWTS because I do not want to bring that negativity into this Rankdown. LOL. Allison has a beautiful family and is clearly a very sweet human being. I think she is talented. I just think she is super overrated and has been so based on her ability to dance one style and one style only. 


While I did not want her to go before Melanie, I am not upset about Allison leaving because we all know I am not a fan. Sorry Wally. 

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1 minute ago, *Amanda said:

In the past, rankers have cut those they like just to ensure they get a good write-up. :haha: 


While I'm sure that's true, I'm choosing to interpret this as some elaborate mind game designed to trick me into cutting Melanie early

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2 minutes ago, FrogLenzen said:


While I'm sure that's true, I'm choosing to interpret this as some elaborate mind game designed to trick me into cutting Melanie early



Honestly surprised Dee & Elliott didn't have a plan in place to get her cut the second her immunity expired. :haha: 

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Travis Wall (Season 2)






Favorite Performances


Season 2: "The Plaza of Execution," "Calling You," "W'Happy Mama," "Gyrate"


Favorite Choreographed Performances


Season 5: "If It Kills Me"

Season 6: "Your Ex-Lover is Dead," "Machine Gun"

Season 7: "Fix You," "How It Ends"

Season 10: "Can't Help Falling In Love," "Medicine," "Wicked Game," "Spiegel Im Spiegel"

Season 11: "The Leaving Song," "Wave," "Adagio for TRON"

Season 12: "Beautiful Friends," "Your Day Will Come," "Do Not Hang Your Head"

Season 13: "The Mirror"

Season 14: "Change Is Everything," "Pop Hd," "Shadows," "Both Sides Now"

Season 15: "Glass Heart Concerto," "Snowing," "Get Happy," "It Takes A Lot to Know A Man," "Gun"


Travis Wall is the most oversaturated SYTYCD contestant of all-time. While Allison might be the most overrated contestant on IDF, Travis Wall takes the proverbial cake for being the most overrated human being ever by SYTYCD producers + judges. SYTYCD has become less about how the journey of the contestant, and more about how well the contestant can dance the Travis Wall routine they are given. Even luckier for the contestant if they get his routine on Week One, which allows the judges to ignore how truly terrible they are for a few months in order to take them to the final. AKA Melanie Moore. AKA Taylor Sieve. AKA Ricky Ubeda. AKA Jessica Richens. The list goes on and on. SYTYCD is more about Travis Wall than it is about the actual contestants any more, and his own smugness makes him pretty intolerable to watch.


That being said, Travis has clearly become a much more talented version of the young guy that competed and placed second to the far superior Benji Schwimmer on Season 2. Travis had an okay run as a contestant, with his peak moment being the also very overrated "Calling You." Travis was actually at his best dancing with Heidi, and he managed to squeeze out some good routines after he reached the Top 10. The entire first half of the competition can be ignored, except for Martha's half of their Krump routine. Even back then, Travis was treated like some Wonder Kid. He is somehow responsible for inventing dance and creating puppies simultaneously. Therefore, watching him lose to Benji is an awesome moment because he really did not compare. Donyelle deserved to rank higher than him as well. Anyways.


Being runner-up did not hurt him whatsoever though. Travis would return to the show and become the most prolific choreographer on the show. And while the producers constantly blow smoke up his ass, and he has had his fair sure of overrated routines + duds, Travis really has a significant number of outstanding routines to his name. Some of them are the greatest routines the show has ever seen. While I cannot stand him noir the treatment of him, Travis really has come such a long way. Multiple Emmy nominations. Emmy wins. Choreographing for major names in the industry. Dancing with major names in the industry. Creating Shaping Sound. Touring with Shaping Sound. Scoring a television show based on his dance company. Plus a ton more. Travis is really a massive name in the world of commercial dance. He has come a long way.


While I did not want him to go before Evan, I am not upset about Travis leaving because we all know I am not a fan. Sorry Wally.

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1 minute ago, *Wallace said:

Thanks for the apologies there, Deee. :(  :hug: 


If there is anything you know, it's that I dislike Melanie more than anybody. So trust me when I say that it was a complete misjudgment on my part that Allison would leave. LOL.

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1 minute ago, Deeee said:


If there is anything you know, it's that I dislike Melanie more than anybody. So trust me when I say that it was a complete misjudgment on my part that Allison would leave. LOL.

Ahh yeah I know and do believe you on that. :( sooo #bless for preferring Allison over Melanie, at least.  I do wish your plan had worked but you know better for next time if Melanie makes it this far. :haha: 

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