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Laine Hardy Fan Thread

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Laine posted that he’s tested positive for COVID-19.  

ooooh love this, such a beautiful voice

looks like we’re getting closer!



Then the surprise guest walked on stage – season 17 winner Laine Hardy, who sang his forthcoming debut single for Hollywood Records, "Ground I Grew Up On." Later, in a private conversation, Hardy told Billboard, "That was the first time I've ever performed that song acoustically by myself in front of people. When I was on tour, I played it. I had it on my set list." Billboard also asked Hardy about his new hometown, and he said, "I arrived in Nashville on June 14, 2019. I stayed there for about two, three months writing every single day of the week. I'd get up at nine in the morning. I'd go to write songs at 11. And we would write a song until it was finished. I like being in Nashville, but I need to go home every now and then and rebuild my mental creativity. It really helps. I came back to Nashville and wrote an amazing song." And what was Hardy's biggest takeaway from his year on Idol? "The biggest thing I learned was to have endurance and patience. It made me think outside the box all the time. You've just got to never give up and keep on going, even when you're low or in a bad part of your life. That means it's about to skyrocket."



Hopefully that means the single's coming out soon.

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10 hours ago, Drew said:

Reminder: Fan threads are for fans. Not a difficult concept. 👽

I am a fan... Since 2018 when he was my early season 16 fave! lol


I just want that debut album like yesterday? Surprised no one else is as fed up with waiting as me.  :/ 

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