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Who sang You Are the Reason better?


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I wish you had made it a poll option! That would've been interesting to see.


So far, though, here's how it stands:











I really didn't like Reagan on her season, but I just listened back to that performance to compare it to Marybeth's. I thought Marybeth was really good, but Reagan redeemed herself with her performance. Too bad it was far too late to reverse the damage Adam did to her with the whole Robegate controversy. (And the "dislike" bar clearly reflects people's feelings towards Adam/Reagan than it does the quality of the performance - around 1000 likes and 200 dislikes.)


It was an objectively good performance. So was Marybeth's. But I pick Reagan. Never thought I'd say that. :haha:


I agree that people should really go listen to Kodi Lee's version from AGT. I usually don't like that show, but his version is beautiful. Definitely my overall favorite.



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