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2019 Dancing with the Stars Rankdown

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you cut Zendaya with a Kardashian right there, we have beef already.

I just wanted to provide an update regarding my situation. They are wheeling me off to surgery in about 30 minutes.😅I’m kind of scared but I know things will be okay. Wish me luck. Love you all.❤️


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1 hour ago, aliasocfan said:

If Nicole fans want a specific dance to get a shoutout in the write up, please let me know. 

All of them! :wub: 


Or well either of her Jives, Argentine Tango or Paso Doble. 


1 hour ago, .Rei said:

dorothy gale what GIF


our faces when Amanda shocks us all by putting Meryl vs Laurie :haha:



THAT would be te biggest thing to ever have been shook. :haha: 


1 hour ago, Elliott said:

None of them.


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41 minutes ago, Elliott said:

She went from being third two rankdowns in a row to this. :dead:


38 minutes ago, totes4totes said:

Third! Twice! How!

Well Paige is someone that is really well liked amongst the forum, and no one really dislikes her or would petty rank her at the end - so that always worked to her advantage.


36 minutes ago, .Rei said:

Well that’s definitely a tragic result 

Nearly all of these battle rounds have been tragic though. :dead: 

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3 hours ago, Elliott said:

My ranking at her of 20 last year was pettiness since I knew she was popular. 😘

Lol we all know how bad your luck is in Rankdowns when your Top 2 of Milo & Meryl fail to make the Top 10 with your #20 Paige making it to Top 3. :dead: 


Okay, well your first ranking of her wasn't petty.

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19 minutes ago, *Amanda said:

Don't remind me. :broken:


And I doubt she'll ever make Top 20 again, so her making Top 10 was all I wanted last time. :( 

With how this year's game is going, you're probably right. :ph34rwave: But best of luck to her! :hug: 


I do feel bad about that as I did think she was going to make it really high, with so many stans being in the game. :blushingwave:

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Nicole Scherzinger

nicole scherzinger fox GIF by RealityTVGIFs

I am really tired so this will be a meh write up. She was paired up with the devil reincarnate known as Derek Hough. She competed and won season 10 of Dancing with the Stars. Much more importantly, she was 2nd place in the rankdown last year. Yay for her. Because of her extensive dance background, she did very well in the competition. (We won't mention other professional dancers who were severely let down by their pro. No we will not). I have it on good authority her stand out routines were her jives, argentine tango and paso doble. All 3 of those dances earned her a perfect score. Her lowest score in the competition was for her quickstep. That was a 23. Her total overall average of scores was 27.5. Impressive! Didn't do her much good this time around. 

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