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2019 Dancing with the Stars Rankdown

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1 hour ago, Elliott said:

Nick Lachey & Misha Barton top two or bust tbh 

With joe Amabile coming in 3rd. :/


1 hour ago, *Chris said:

This would make Wally so happy ❤️ 

Eh I don't really care since lots of big names/favorites are going already. :lmao:And I fully expect some trainwrecks making the Top 20 now. :haha:


1 hour ago, Elliott said:

Until the next DWTS rankdown that features the All Stars as separate entities and I get Kelly Monaco (S1) and Kelly Monaco (S15) as the top two. ❤️

My next battle pairing confirmed. :wub: 


1 hour ago, Solaris said:



:haha:  I should have brought Billy ray back :(

NO. (!)


1 hour ago, .Rei said:

The call-out was more general than just to you as everybody is just throwing big names at the moment for the sake of being petty instead of considering the talent of the contestants. All battles have been pretty bad and none of the contestans tthat got cut deserved to leave at this point (except for Victoria’s battle). But I will stop the call-outs considering I’m not even a ranker in this Rankdown :haha: 

she doesnt even go here mean girls GIF



Oh well it's fun to comment and watch the trainwreckness occur, lol.

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you cut Zendaya with a Kardashian right there, we have beef already.

I just wanted to provide an update regarding my situation. They are wheeling me off to surgery in about 30 minutes.😅I’m kind of scared but I know things will be okay. Wish me luck. Love you all.❤️


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9 minutes ago, Deeee said:

If Hannah leaves, I will go for a fodder battle. If Hannah stays, I will take out a big name.

This just makes me want Hannah to stay even more.



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41 minutes ago, *Diana said:

I'd say leave my favorites alone but we both know that isn't happening.

Lmaooo same.... and my favorites are going anyway. :lmao: 


16 minutes ago, totes4totes said:

all international make the top 20 after everybody just takes out domestic faves. 



3 minutes ago, 1234567890 said:

So basically what everyone else has been doing so far sans me? :dead:

Lmaoo so true. :dead: (And in the future Amanda since she always targets the fodder.)

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