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2019 Dancing with the Stars Rankdown


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One of my favorite random early boots :wub::dead:

I love it. :wub::haha:


About 8 more hours left for...almost everyone lol.

I'm here to make them cuts if no one else does. :*


Clearly we did a good job nominating celebs no one cares about. :dead:




3 out of 4 from Elliott. :dead:

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Gavin DeGraw


IPB Image


Gavin DeGraw is a singer who sang the theme for One Tree Hill and competed in season 14 of Dancing With the Stars. He was paired with reigning champion Karina Smirnoff but he was nowhere near as good as J.R. Martinez. In my opinion, he was very mediocre and overscored throughout the season, with his highest score being 24 for his Most Memorable Year Rumba (let's be honest, Most Memorable Year Week is really Let's Overscore Mediocrity Week) and his lowest score being 19 for his Latin Night Samba. I remember being really frustrated that he lasted as long as he did and escaped the bottom two the week Roshon & Chelsie and Sherri & Val were in the bottom two. While he seems like a nice guy, he's just not interesting enough for me to justify saving so bye Gavin! Great singer, poor dancer.


Saving Michael Sam.

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One of the judges can have my cut. Got some bad news today and not really in the right frame of mind presently.

So sorry to hear about this, Sola. :( :hug:


A judge can decide between Debi Mazar and Heather Mills

Saving Heather, cutting Debi.

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Debi Mazar

IPB Image

Of the two nominees left, I preferred Heather Mills on the show so therefore I’m cutting Debi Mazar. Debi Mazar is an actress who was on the super large cast in Season 9. She was partnered with Maks. Ah Debi pretty much disappointed me because I thought she would be this feisty bright bold personality on the show but she seemed more timid and in her head with the dancing and routines. I also wish she could have dished it back and give it to Maks since those tends to be my favorite partnerships of his (like Laila, Mel, Erin), but we never saw that with Debi and Maks, so that was disappointing. Debi lasted 3 weeks - dancing a Salsa, a Tango and a Samba. Her Tango was her best dance and the only one I remember actively liking but her Samba was #yikes so I get why she was eliminated after that. I do really like Debi on Younger, and most familiar with her on that show, so there’s that at least but that’s not enough to save her. :(


I’ll post my favorite dance of hers, her Tango. I can’t find it on Youtube so a DailyMotion link will work: https://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2a7pnx.


Saving: Heather Mills

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IPB Image

01. Rachel Hunter
02. Tia Carrere
03. Albert Reed
04. Priscilla Presley
05. Misty May-Treanor
06. Belinda Carlisle
07. Natalie Coughlin
08. Niecy Nash
09. Audrina Partridge
10. Kristin Cavallari
11. Redfoo
12. Chaka Khan
13. Amber Rose
14. Charo
15. Barbara Corcoran
16. Jamie Anderson
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