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2019 Dancing with the Stars Rankdown


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19 hours ago, Elliott said:

spice world spiceworld bus jump GIF

Iconic special effect ❤️ 

MY FAVORITE. :dead: 


10 hours ago, vee_ said:

One group in KPOP has like 15 members :dead: Like... how do you even remember/follow each of them :dead:


I forgot about 2NE1 ❤️ I am okay with them joining 🤣



10 hours ago, Elliott said:

The only K-POP groups I’m familiar with are 2NE1 and BABYMETAL. :haha: 

BlackPink too - or is that their name? 


9 hours ago, Elliott said:

Their only song that made it to North America was I Am The Best. I just posted the songs I recognized because I'm not that familiar with their song titles. :haha: 

Same. I really like that song.

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8 hours ago, Elliott said:

All of her rankings are in the Top 10. :omg: 

INSANE. SO amazing for Mel and proves how loved she is. 😮 


8 hours ago, rpryor03 said:

I don't think any Rankdown has ever seen a repeat winner.

Sure hasn't happened. 😮 SO impressive.


8 hours ago, *Lily said:

She actually two-peated I CANNOT :dead: I thought my #14 could have maybe been enough there but not the case. Kristi is truly the goat :wub:


I was also rooting for Mel to take it there but amazing placement for her.

I CAN'T either. :dead: 


8 hours ago, 1234567890 said:

We played another year of this rankdown just to get the same winner from last year.

mr rogers clown GIF



8 hours ago, Elliott said:

Kristi's average placement for the three rankdowns is 4.33. She's placed 11th, 1st and 1st.


Iconic. :dead: 

And the one year I ranked her at #1 - she gets freaking 11th. I can't. :lmao: 


8 hours ago, *Lily said:

So many of those writeups starting with “I’m not expecting her to win again/I expect her to get tanked” :dead: :dead: :dead:

I SERIOUSLY wasn't. :dead: I thought my ~tanking at 8th would have done damage but she was still the Wildcards #1 choice. :lmao: Oh and Meryl was #2 - Lol I felt like my rankings were so different from the wildcards. :lmao: 

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8 hours ago, Elliott said:

Me seeing Kristi Yamaguchi win twice in a row but Parvati Shallow can't even make a Top 10 in either of her rankdowns:

computer rage GIF

SO unfair. 😢 


8 hours ago, Elliott said:




Staff Halloween Costumes GIF by Halloween

We are all fools. :dead: 


8 hours ago, Alex95 said:

As I always add when I go, Kristi was DOMINATING at the beginning and I thought it would be another runaway for her and I couldn't believe it :lmao:. Mel B and (believe it or not) Alexandra were in the running for a bit. Then some of the anti-International votes came in and Alexandra fell hard. Then Lily and Anne's came in and Kristi fell a bit as Mel B creeped up. Victoria and the public's rankings came in last and that got Mel B even closer to the win, but she just missed it obviously.

SOOOO INSANE. :omg: And I absolutely love how Alexandra was in within a chance of winning - before all of the anti-International votes came in. :haha: 


Another amazing DWTS rankdown Alex. It was a lot of fun to watch and be a wildcard. I felt A LOT less game pressure which was a relief - and lol most of my biggest faves made it to the end because of it. :haha: 

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8 hours ago, 1234567890 said:

I blame the wildcards. I don't know why but I do.

angry fist shake GIF

DON'T BLAME ME. I was the only wildcard to tank Kristi + I gave Mel a much higher ranking than here. :dead: 


8 hours ago, Alex95 said:

And with that, that's another Rankdown for the books! Congratulations Kristi Yamaguchi and her fans on winning again! And congrats to Mel B and her fans on being runner-up!


Thank you to all my rankers! @1234567890 @Solaris @aliasocfan @*Chris @*Amanda @Elliott @Deeee @*Lily @Stephhyy (who joined us later) and @Ariel1989 (who unfortunately had to leave us early). You all remained kind and graceful during the game and gave us, quite possibly, the greatest endgame in Rankdown History full of many legends.


And thank you to my wildcards @*Diana @*Wallace @Steven_ @rpryor03 and @totes4totes. I'm glad you were all still able to play along to an extent and contribute. It's unfortunate I can't put everyone in the main game without it being too crazy, but I think this was a really fun way to still include as many people as possible.


And thanks to everyone for following along and commenting! #NoShade but the DWTS Rankdowns are always my favorite to host. Once again, this was a lot of fun!



Thanks for the game Alex! And yeah the DWTS Rankdowns are always my personal favorites. It's one of those fun and competitive games that doesn't ever stress me out or exhaust me or make me want to quit. :lmao: 


8 hours ago, *Chris said:

Thank you @Alex95 for another great rankdown! I really loved the Wildcard twist, and love how you try to incorporate everyone that applied. Looking forward to the next one 😄 



8 hours ago, 1234567890 said:




8 hours ago, Elliott said:

But he wasn’t a ranker this year.  😘

But why is my Zendaya cut still being brought up after all these years? 🙂 


8 hours ago, Solaris said:



My complete dominance of the final ranking last years DWTS final ranking.  And everyone saying ugh I wish I could rank Nicole in the bottom 3.  :haha:



Sola's dominance! :wub: Making all of those deals for Nicole without me knowing. :dead: 


8 hours ago, Alex95 said:

2 placement difference. Kristi had a total of 62 and Mel had a total of 64. If Dee moved Mel up a spot and Victoria moved Kristi down a spot, it would be a tie and it would go to the public vote which would crown Mel the winner.


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8 hours ago, 1234567890 said:

THANK YOU, @Alex95. You are always an amazing host with great twists and always try to make everyone feel inclusive. You are the original Rankdown King and the way these have taken over are due to you. I love that the drama here was light-hearted and all in good fun. I always like that about this rankdown series. I am ready with baited breathe for the next one (who knows if I will even be here anymore) but if I am...


Amazing host. Great rankers. Good-ish wildcards. I AM NOT BITTER. An amazing Top 20. I just wished the wherewithal to tank Kristi and not Laurie. :dead:

This is perfectly said.  :clap: I feel like DWTS rankdowns have the perfect amount of drama where it's light hearted and doesn't get too exhausting/tiresome. :yes:  AND STOP. You will still be here.


8 hours ago, Elliott said:

Wally’s 5,000 catch up posts :wub: 



8 hours ago, 1234567890 said:

Next time she won't get nowhere neat close. :dead: Or she will win again. :dead:

We say this now but watch her win a 3rd time. :dead: 


8 hours ago, Alex95 said:

The Sandra Diaz-Twine of Rankdowns :wub:



8 hours ago, Elliott said:

She'll get cut in the first cycle, only to be a buy back and make the final vote again. :dead: 

EXACTLY  - just like in Version 1.0. :lmao: 


7 hours ago, *Amanda said:

Kristi actually pulled off the 2-peat. :dead: 


The biggest threat was actually her the whole time but n one thought to tank her hard enough to keep her from winning. :dead: 

YEP. :dead: We all failed to see it until we got to like the Top 7 portion of the game. :lmao:  


6 hours ago, JC said:


i love both Mel and Kristi but Kristi has the edge for me and I didn’t even know she won in the second season. Going for the threepeat next year I would die


all the messages about loving Kristi but knowing she wasn’t going to win had my dying. Also huge Kristi fans like Wally ranking her much lower than usual and Kristi still winning is iconic. Victoria ranking her higher and not tanking her causing the Mel loss is most iconic prolly bc she thought there was no way Kristi would repeat lolol

Lmaooo yesss that was the reason why I ranked her much lower than I did. Otherwise I probably would have given her #5 or something. :haha: Lol poor Victoria on that part. :ph34rwave: 

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5 minutes ago, 1234567890 said:

In a COVID-19 world. You iconic.

Your husband. 🙂

Yeah it’s pretty bad - The world is going crazy and Im praying that goodness in humanity overcomes the evil in society.


I hope everyone is safe and healthy.


my husband is not amused lol. He says he’d care more if you had a penis.

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