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Lol they would have to be performing at the same level for that. Rose has consistently outperformed her and nothing suggest Marybeth is a threat. If anything Rose is consistently gaining momentum


True...but we all know the challenges Rose faces moving forward. I hope she gets there.

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blake says literally a lot

I noticed this too. :haha:


Good, let's get them over with now.

This makes sense, but wish they were spread out with acts I do like :haha:


I just have my doubts whether the 60 year old will like the song. She was good tho.

Awww I see. I hope both can get into the final.


I admire Kat's ability to cure insomnia a lot

omgg. :haha:

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YASSSS! Kat is sounding much better live than the studio. Wasn't sure of the song choice, but she is very good with strong, pretty melodies, and this song has that. The whole staging and her dress was very "country" but whatever. Also, if I'm being honest, the "challenge" level for that song wasn't high. Marybeth and Kat redeem the songs that were ruined by their originators at the AMAs, so well done!

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