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1. Katie - Yes

2. Rose - Great

3. Ricky - He's always really solid, but he never seems to have a "momemt."

4. Marybeth - Her best performance, but the audience won't know the song, and it doesn't go anywhere.

5. Joana - She stepped up her game this week too.

6. Jake - Mediocre and not particularly interesting.

7. Kat - A little better than last week, but still quite a few pitchy moments.

8. Hello Sunday - I feel like they sucked the life out of that song. Also, lots of screeching, which I could do without.


10. Shane - LMAO. VFTW so we can have more laughs next week.


Many of them sound better live than their studios. Probably the best live show of the season, so far, except for Shane.

we stan this t4 :wub:

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Ricky/Rose/Katie should be in the finale. Like, if they aren't ima be not shocked but still dissapointed.

Same to all of this. I feel like one will miss out cause that happens with this show.... but hoping they can all make it there.


Well that was a pretty good episode see you all for the results show tomorrow.

You really are leaving before the last performance. :dead::haha:

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