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Round 1: don't like either groups' harmonies...fourth impact OUTSOLD!!

RLY1- let's be honest jess ATE those other girls...also, could barely understand them..

UR1- "bruhv" was cringey...really underused jed tho...the rap end was good


Round 2:

UR2- who tf let caius open and have the solos...they lit-rally said "don't let the singers sing"

RLY2- jess and virginia are carrying this group, some of the other girls have never heard of the word "harmonizing"


Round 3: noah fence, but these pocs ain't it...

RLY3- can the other girls just not sing plz??

UR3- reece is trying so hard to give this group a personality, bless him


Round 4: this really established who the leads are

RLY4- it's weird how the judges never mentioned jess being a "solo artist" (a positive), she steals the spotlight immediately

UR4- reece/jed outsold!




tbh, jess/virginia won that and the other 4 girls were just with them...oop


the boys sounded better in their top 8 group line audition thing than on any of the songs they did tonight...and harrison said he wanted to be backing the group but damn let him sing one thing...!

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I loved Really Like You throughout the show and all of their performances were great. :wub: They crushed the boys like whoa. I was fearing that they boys were going to win but the girls certainly deserved the win. :yes:


But as I said before, Jess is a total star with so much star power. :wub: She reminds of Perrie Edwards sometimes.


Wishing both groups the best of luck in the future!


Dalton's performance was the only thing that mattered. :*

His performance was really good. :yes:

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I’m glad the girl group won. It will be interesting to see where they go from here. I think they should have used Kellie Marie more. But maybe because they used her song, didn’t want to seen as favouritism. But then they definitely showed favourites with the vocals. I think for the boys, Reece was by far the better singer and only one who stood out.

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I'm proud of the girls and am excited! However, I'm sad because I think the boys could be huge too. There's a market for both. Simon really needs to sign them both and give them good music and promo.

that's what I was thinking, there is room for a guy band, if he should give them a chance too

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