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Which amazing singer will win?


Which unique artist will win?  

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  1. 1. Winner of season 17 The Voice

    • Hello Sunday
    • Will Breman
    • Shane Q
    • Kat Hammock

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I mean all four of them have had good performances but not all of the ones you listed have had consistently amazing performances. While Will is my favorite and had some awesome performances, he has yet to have a real moment (not counting his audition which definitely was a big moment). I’d love for Will to win but honestly with his genre and performances being polarizing it’s sadly a long shot.


Kat, my second fav, could win, if she really sings songs that suit her from now on.


I’m not a fan of Shane, but I can see why you like him. His voice is actually good. I just can’t into his performances cause his nerves are affecting him too much. I don’t think he’s going to make the finale because of that, but you never know




As for Hello Sunday, they could win if they nail every performance and don’t get saddled with terrible melodies that hinder their abilities.







Also where’s Katie or Hoot, the most likely winners?

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