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Forum Reboot on Sunday!

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Is the Redux Emporium gone for good? :'(


:( all that is gone now, but you can start new threads, would they be better in the Off Topic or Entertainment?

I had thought there would still be one Game forum combined




I believe any posts that are missing will stay gone, but any new posts we've made will stay.


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Oh, I thought that board would still stick around. :(

me too, but Tom said new forums can be made after the reboot so that could be the first one requested. they are just trying to purge non active forums to get ready

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will entertainment be put back into categories like one for music one for tv etc?


I doubt it, I think they are going for minimal, but after the reboot you can request that in the comments forum and see what happens

Will our post count stay the same?

:unsure: I don't know, our accounts will migrate but the settings might be reset, I'll ask about post count tomorrow. I haven't been excited about my post count since I hit 10k :lol:


I'm just grateful they kept the board o:)

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Will we have new themes? :icecream:


I wondered that too a dark theme would be nice as an option

Our post count better not reset. I worked hard to be third overall. :dead:

write your post count if you need to keep track :shifty:







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