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AI 18 Spoiler Discussion Thread

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it looks like they already filmed the grace/lauren vote - they aired a commercial of a split screen of them standing in their house lol

You can say the exact same thing for the entire Top 11 though... in the end they made the decision to come on this show and are aware of the potential outcomes.

Good for Phillip Phillips, though.  ABC has pretty much ignored the alums from FOX, only bringing back Carrie and Adam to perform.  They did have Lauren Daigle on, but fans don't associate her with Id

Idol also posted a "Which American Idol Are You?" Instagram filter...



It doesn't feature WGWG's except Laine and Scotty...



I know it is a stupid filter but the fact that they included Gabby and Justin Guarini and not Maddie or Kris... :thumbsdown:

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To be fair, they didn’t make that filter. Someone else made it. :haha:

Oh? Why does it have a copyright for Idol thingy? Makes it look official! :lol:



If it was fan made then that's one thing. I won't worry myself over it either way though. :wave:

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some posts are being moved to the General Discussion Thread


please use that to discuss past contestants/seasons to keep this for the upcoming season as much as possible 🌻

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6 minutes ago, frederick said:

I'm so excited for Nick Merico! He ended up not being able to go to Hollywood Week last year (something happened) which is why we didn't see him once again after his audition.

He said it was for a personal family reason that he couldn't disclose.

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1 hour ago, Shireen said:

Have they finally scrapped auditions? Haven't seen a single audition episode since season 10.

No? They still show auditions and have for years... Both on FOX and ABC. 

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I hope Layla Spring, Nick Merico, Chloe Channel, Molly Mae, Travis Finlay, Margie Mays, Hollywood Anderson, and Genevieve Linkowski all make the Top 40 this year. They were all so good from the seasons that they auditioned for American Idol in the past and this season they probably have really improved and have shown so much growth. I would still be happy though if at least half of them make the Top 40 this season, but then I hope that some of them still make the Top 20. Margie Mays, Layla Spring, and Nick Merico I really hope make the Top 20 if it's Top 20 and not Top 24.

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On 1/16/2020 at 2:23 PM, Elliott said:

Head to head duets?


What in The Voice fresh hell nonsense is this? :ermm:

:lmao: was just gonna say they are going the voice route, but the battle rounds are my least favorite thing about the voice

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aulani confirmed: 

Aliana Jester (insta @alianajesterofficial) t40

Amber Fiedler (insta @amberfiedler) t40

Demi Rae Moreno (insta @demiraemoreno) t40

Faith Becnel (insta @faithbecnel) t40

Francisco Martin (insta @franciscomartinmusic) promo/t40

Genavieve Linkowski (insta @singer4jesus) t40

Jordan Jones (insta @whoisjordanjones) t40

Julia Gargano (insta @julia.gargano) t40

Just Sam (insta @justsam.co) t40

Lauren Spencer-Smith (insta @laurenspencersmith) t40

Makayla Phillips (insta @makaylaphillipsmusic) t40 

Olivia Ximines (insta @oliviaximines) t40

Sophia Wackerman (insta @sophiawackerman) t40


most likely in, but not aulani confirmed:

DeWayne Crocker (insta @singdewayne) t40? was at an airport

Kyle Tanguay (insta @kyletanguay) t40? was on a plane

Louis Knight (insta @louisknightmusic) promo

Margie Mays (insta @margiemaysmusic) t40? was at a hotel gym


weren't on mj's list but found them through mutuals maybe:

Oskar Owens (insta @oskar_owens) t40? was with amber

Yosevin Tiodora (insta @yosevintiodora) t40? was on a plane


most likely out (posting from home day before and during monday):

adam curry

anna carmela

daniel la rota

erin kirby

evan kuriga

isabel osorio

jimmy levy

jonny west

kat lopez

kris james

madison paige

mike champion

riah butler

sarah isen

sasha hurtado

stephen sylvester

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