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Quick news and notes of past Voice contestants.


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The battles ended last night on La Voz.

Julio Cesar Castillo (S3) and Karen Galera (S16) both won their battles!


Karen Galera vs. Diana Chiriboga - Good As Hell


Julio Cesar Castillo vs. Ninfa Molina - Miedo


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8 minutes ago, Dany said:




A Huge Multiple day music steaming festival. There is very little info on the website at the moment of this post. It Start April 2nd. 


I recongnise Alisan Porter S10, Ari Tibi S18, Jessica Childress S4, Sawyer Fredericks S8


Also Sam DeRosa (Songland S1) Zealyn(Angie Miller Idol S12)

Other notable names:

Clark Beckham (AI14)

Emily Kinney (Beth Greene from The Walking Dead)

Johnny Gates (Voice Season 12)

Lucy Clearwater (she was on the shortlist for this season it seems...)

Luke Wade (Voice Season 7)

Vincint (The Four Season 1 - forgot that show existed tbh)


Separate shoutout to Colbie Caillat for simply being Colbie Caillat :wub:

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Two notes about my S15 favorite, Kameron Marlowe:


1.) He is currently averaging 1M+ Spotify streams monthly despite only having two songs available. This is mostly due to his first single, Giving You Up, going viral across the country playlists.




2.) He is now signed to a new company called The Artist Management Group. It looks like it was created only a year ago, but the AMG represents Chris Young and Brad Paisley, so I'm seeing some sweet gigs for Kameron in the near future. Oh, and Kameron was supposed to open for Lynyrd Skynyrd last month before all of this COVID-19 madness started.







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Brennley Brown S12 has done a Instagram Live Rooftop concert for us and her neighbor. 


It's recorded on her instagram https://www.instagram.com/brennleybrown/


It's nice since the neighbor all clap and loved her.


It was much longer in multiple part but unfortunatly she didn't save / make the whole session availible just the two last song.. 


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I'm pretty confuse on when and where this is happening but many Voice Alumni Fav are doing live this week.


Also don't forget the Uncancelled music festival


Sawyer Fredericks – 9 pm ET April 6 
Luke Wade – 7 pm ET April 7 
Alisan Porter – 6 pm ET April 9 


And maybe more 



For stage it you have to buy a minumum of 50 Notes at 5$ then you can pay as you can the minimum is 1 notes so 10¢ I don't know if there is an upper limits.  During the show start you can tip the artist whatever amount you have. You can also beg with hitch a ride so somebody else that feel generous will pay for your tickets. 


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So it seem Kat has already done the show today. I only cought the very end of a stream on her Insta and it seem they doing it at the same time every day with different artist so 3:30PM ET It's at different time each artist so very hard to follow


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