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Crystal Bowersox Fan Thread

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It is the first song "trains go by" on the album Back in Time.   I didn't even catch it the first few listens.  It's very funky and upbeat and I can barely understand what she is saying.  Th

Awesome, thanks! I had a feeling she would be involved in the election somehow

I wonder if she ever finished the socks 😄

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13 hours ago, v-streamer said:

She should have won, hands down


I agree with that 🙂


44 minutes ago, MyystikSpiral said:

Absolutely.  I would have been Ok with her being the much more successful runner up, though. 😜


Can't wait for the new album!



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7 hours ago, MyystikSpiral said:

That is kind of scary traveling nowadays.   I kept wondering if the album cover is on this page, some of these look professionally done.


Watching the masked singer,  Idol AND the voice.  Kelly and John are really good

really scary to travel now panicsmiley.gif

could be an album pic, she has some good ones


watching both, MS is so much fun, :yes: Kelly and John are great coaches

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2 hours ago, MyystikSpiral said:

Do you think she still will do it?  I wonder if the crowds will still show up?



argh, I don't know now, things are escalating so fast OMG_Sign_Smiley.gif 

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16 hours ago, MyystikSpiral said:

I know, I was reading Italy was where we are a few days ago

it's a nightmare, Italy is like a ghost town, we are next sun39.gif

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looks like Crystal is still going to gigs, her tour page is still there 


hopeful that those are small venues and she doesn't hug all her fans

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