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Just finished my first full listen, she did an amazing job with this album. Even some of the songs on the original that I wasn't crazy about sounded a lot better here. The second half of Red always got a bit sleepy for me but her more mature vocals and updated/fuller sounding production really elevated many of those tracks.


As for the vault songs I thought Message In A Bottle and The Very First Night were really good. Obviously 10min All Too Well is a masterpiece and Run with Ed was good too. Was really looking forward to her solo versions of Better Man and Babe but while good I think I still prefer LBT and Sugarland's version.


The only songs on the album I wasn't crazy about were 22 and WANEGBT which for me just didn't sound as good as their original versions. Also the Phoebe Bridgers and Chris Stapleton duets were just ok on first listen.


Im sure at least some of this will change as it was a lot to take in on one listen lol

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