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Taylor Swift

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Justice For Cruel Summer and Miss American & the Heartbreak Prince 

Two new albums while she’s re-recording her first four? The way that You Need to Calm Down went from being a gay rights bop in 2019 to her work ethic in 2020.

Breaking records with this one        

17 hours ago, *Amanda said:

Just gonna leave her performance and acceptance speech here. ❤️ 



She deserved it. also 2 more until 13. perhaps they will actually sive her SOTY. the fact that she never won it is just wrong. I get it this year given whats been going on th song that won, but she def should have gotten SOTY in the past. 

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I agree. It’s astounding that she is one of the most acclaimed songwriters of all time, yet she has never won SOTY. She’s also never won ROTY either, despite having several hits.


I think someday she’ll get SOTY but I’m not sure if evermore will give her that. If she submits willow, yeah it’s a great song, but it wasn’t really a hit or anything. I don’t think the lyrics are as strong as cardigan was. 

By the way, she now joins the ranks of Paul Simon, Stevie Wonder, and Frank Sinatra as having the most AOTY wins. 

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Yeah, I agree about it being crazy that she’s never won SOTY when she’s continually praised for her songwriting.


IIRC any new tracks she releases for her re-recorded albums are eligible for Grammys, and Fearless has 6 new tracks. I wonder if she’d submit one of those for SOTY instead of Willow.

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19 minutes ago, *Amanda said:

Amazing :wub: 

It really is!

I can't wait for Friday - good thing that I am not working and I can stay up all night until its release! 

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