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Two new albums while she’s re-recording her first four? The way that You Need to Calm Down went from being a gay rights bop in 2019 to her work ethic in 2020.

Justice For Cruel Summer and Miss American & the Heartbreak Prince 

This makes me so happy!  The snippet of Love Story sounds SO good. ❤️       

In celebration of her birthday, she released a remix of willow and a jewelry collection. She’ll also be appearing on Jimmy Kimmel tomorrow night and doing an interview with Zane Lowe that will drop Tuesday. 

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After listening through a few times evermore is a good album but doesn't have the impact for me that folklore had. Both albums play through very similarly for me which makes sense as they're sister albums. I find both fairly front loaded but the highs of evermore aren't quite as high as its older sister. The 1, Cardigan, Exile, My Tears Ricochet and August is an incredible stretch of songs and for me evermore just doesn't match that. I will say though that evermore's more uptempo feel throughout, especially in the latter part of the album gives it more replay value for me as folklore's second half gets a little sleepy at times. In fact if you took the first halves of each and made them into one that would be a hell of an album lol. Anyway another strong effort from Taylor that will probably grow on me with time. Here's my initial ranking:



1. willow
2. no body no crime
3. tis the damn season
4. gold rush
5. tolerate
6. cowboy like me
7. evermore
8. ivy
9. happiness
10. champagne problems
11. marjorie
12. long story short
13. coney Island
14. closure
15. dorothea




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4 hours ago, FunkyFrankie said:

Lover is still my favourite :wub:


today’s her birthday?! I know it’s in December, just don’t know the date. Lol

Yes! One of the many reasons she has 13 as her lucky number.

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I’m really impressed with Taylor Swift’s talent and work ethic. She does great with so many genres of music and released three great albums in one year. That is something to be very proud of. She writes very catchy songs and the stories and the meanings behind are always fun to learn. People have said before that she is just as good as a songwriter as Bruce Springsteen and Paul McCartney. I agree completely with that. Her voice and the songs she writes and sings has really improved.

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