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Taylor Swift


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Taylor was nominated for 6 Billboard Music Awards!


• Top Billboard 200 Album - Lover

• Top Artist

• Top Female Artist

• Billboard Chart Achievement Award (fan-voted)

• Top Billboard 200 Artist

• Top Song Sales


These awards are based on the eligibility period of March 2019 - March 2020, so folklore wasn’t taken into consideration for this year’s awards.

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It’s probably because the eligibility period only included Lover and not folklore. Lover is a good album but I think it kind of fell under the radar faster than her other albums and didn’t perform to her usual standards. Then it got overshadowed by folklore so I think people just kind forgot about it. I think next year when folklore is taken into account she’ll definitely win some awards.

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Signed CDs are available again. Since this is like the third time they’re offering them, I finally caved and ordered one lol It came out to $31 including shipping which I think is a pretty good price for an artist of her level. There’s no knowing when signed stuff will be available again and while I have the money I guess I’ll buy one. Maybe I can sell/donate my unsigned copy if I need space.


I’m really happy to finally have something signed by one of my favorite artists!

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